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Steps To Fix Eio Error 81.018


You should read these recovery methods if error 81.018 eio appears on your computer.


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    requested December 6, 2004 10:41 am


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    HP LaserJet 9000N

    Sometimes the following error message appears on my HP Laserjet 9000N:

    81.018 eio error

    If this message is loaded, the printer will not print. I win, then turn it off and turn it upside down to make it work. The problem occurs more often. It is configured as a network printer and is used by 7 workstations.

    Does anyone know what might be happening and how to fix the problem at all? Many thanks!

    Hi Gafcic.
    Since it is connected to many workstations, the problem should already be diagnosed.
    is in place through a technician’s process. There are too many options for the future, why this should be done, and some should eliminate them. My best advice is to contact a technician who will do the job. Sorry I couldn’t help Rob anymore

    Posted by Stephen, found December 7, 2004 at 12:33 pm. Add a comment

    Assuming everything installed in EIO slot 1 doesn’t work.

    81.018 eio error

    Typically a JetDirect card is installed in this slot.

    Turn off the printer and remove anything in the eio slots (615 jet main board, hard drive, etc.). Turn on the printer and see if an error message appears. If you do not receive an error, go to Jetdirect and move (if you already have a hard drive) one at a time to another EIO location. You might have a bad real EIO slot or a clunky EIO device.
    If you get a message that the EIO slots are missing, you may need to replace this formatter. You can also try resetting the AMD firmware dimmer capacity on the formatter card. What have you got to lose

    By dekuda December 7, 2004 4:35 pm Add a comment

    81.018 eio error



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    81.018 Errore Eio
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    81.018 Eio 오류
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