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Asus Winbond BIOS Fix Suggestions

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    In this guide, we are going to identify some possible causes that can lead to asus winbond BIOS, and then I will give several possible solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.


    Thanks for all your information. Highlight both the updated video tutorial and the hands-on techno music, unfortunately I have to say
    I am suffering from disabling it now (I have watched your video clips too many times.) And I am still creating double zero problems, there are no references here …

    I am stuck with zero code due to cold start “00” (coincidentally my suggestion is “zero” so I can look up (.) (.) All the time )
    but my friends and I think my Rampage V Extreme could be worse, just reprogramming the SPI flash for the chip, PLZzzzzz proves I’m wrong …

    What happened about two months ago, I received my motherboard and configured it, keep this in mind and changed the BIOS type (no voltage or whatever),
    only standard spaces, enable / disable unused ports and peripherals, etc.). The BIOS was damaged (we don’t know how) and both report that the chips were in version 503,
    So I thought maybe I should use the copy function 1 to 2 (good or bad), pelajari cara menjalankan bisnis dropship tanpa perang harga dan slow nthe practice is free. Right after I tried this, I knew that “Reboot” was “00” in all new code
    I tried Flash Back, but still after all my troubleshooting steps and tips and tricks, here I am still struggling with this code.

    Question to you LiveOrDie, after losing S / N, did you get them for sure? I have Mobo-S / N, but usually I have a Mac address or UUID,

    Are they even important for a successful startup? And if you have any suggestions or help, feel free to scream. Thanks !!!

    The rest is just information I got and tried:
    I bought EZP2010, downloaded all BIOS versions from ASUS website and combined all possible courses for BIOS flashing, I mentioned more than 63 combinations
    but I’ve probably tried over 100 of them and also spent at least 20 hours fixing them.

    List of things I’ve tried: (short
    -Cmos removed, battery removed, power off,
    -All components (graphics card / memory) removed, leave the ATX power cable connected to the motherboard / motherboard
    – Recently installed: processor, video card, memory, Motherboard.
    -Safe Switch, Slow Mode, LN2 On / Off, Pci-E (1-4), Bios Chip Failover (bought three w25q128bv, only one on ebay)
    -FlashBack to all BIOS versions 503, 603, 706, 802, 901, 1001, 1103, 1201, 1302 (meetings of versions 706 and 1201 have been removed from the ASUS website, I still have them, if someone needs them, they were probably classified as dangerous but somehow)
    -All BIOS versions that flash W25Q128BV without S / N, with UEFITool only
    -All BIOS versions that flash W25Q128BV with FAKE S / N using only FD44Editor (Motherboard S / N patch used: MT7EAM0BX033715)

    What I have not personally tried:
    -All BIOS versions that flash W25Q128BV with Real S / N.

    Further notes to husband or wife: try
    Out of frustration, DO NOT insert the W25Q128BV chip the other way around thinking it might work (my handle didn’t fall off when removed).
    Back up any custom data you have before trying to modify – run LiveOrDie scripts to extract your Mac address and UUID if possible!
    UEFITool is not needed if you are using FD44Editor, UEFITool is neededo first delete only 2KB of CAP files to see the basic description (s) Gbe (MAC address) – BIOS image, FD44Editor already does this for you.
    By FD44Editor: “CodeRush” Tutorial –…Kann unbekannt_150008


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    Brand SST
    Enter ==> ==> 49LF004B 33-4C-NHE
    Housing design ==> PLCC-32 (2×7 and 2×9 pins = 32 pins)

    Manufacturer ==> WINBOND (stylized “W”)
    Enter ==> 25X80VAIZ
    Case version ==> DIP-8 (2×4 pins = 8 pins)

    biosflash Aug 26, 2021 Sorry 06:00

    No, but I would say it is SOP-8 soldered to my board.

    Sat 25 Aug 10:27 pm

    Hello 2021, please, do you know the capabilities of the BIOS chip in SONY Vaio VPCCW2S1E (Bios: American Megatrends R0110Y7)?

    Henk Aug 2, 2021 02:48 AM

    Does your BIOS company know which processor is installed in the HP Eliteone 600 5g?

    biosflash February 28, 2021 06:32 AM

    @Carlos Rafael Guerra Montero

    Carlos Rafael Guerra Montero February 28, 03:52 am

    Q number 2021 for chips used to install Asus H81M-E

    biosflash Feb 9, 2019 5:21 PM

    @Bjorn Hendriks
    This is just minor production Winbond code.

    Bjorn Hendrix February 9, 2019 5:12 pm

    I suffer from Winbond AND w25q64fvaig there are 3 numbers, of which 1544 what do they mean

    biosflash Aug 23, 2018 Shende
    I 11:31 am

    asus winbond bios

    @harsh has WINBOND 25X80VAIZ in stock in PDIP-8 package.

    hard Shende Aug 23, 2018 07:40 am

    I need a 25X80VAIZ chip

    Jahanzaib 11 Oct 14:22

    Hello e, 2017, I would like to convert my BIOS PWB chip to Donar card. It always bothered me that both sides are the same seven feet, can’t wait to find out how to set it up correctly. Or can you create any page ?? Please help

    samuel zeze 28.Jun.2017 16:29

    I want to know what type of BIOS chip is used on another computer, as well as how to use the BIOS chip, which is quickly detected on each computer. a computer.

    biosflash 16.May.2016 15:02

    @David scott
    Unfortunately I don’t have 39sf070 or compatible.

    David Scott 16.May 13:21

    I am looking for 2016 in the bios sst chip marked according to the instruction 39sf070-4c 09462. on the label pheonix d686 98. came from the motherboard marked gcb60 -bx will help you dave c scott

    guilherme antonio martins October 26, 2015 12:27 pm
    asus winbond bios

    sou programador de bios, Preciso muito deste saite.

    gabriel Sep 8, 2015 7:34 PM

    I have a panasonic vaio svf14 with a winbond w25q64fvssig processor that I need to reflash after a buggy BIOS update. To really find out if you have this guy on a chip and how much his software will cost you Sending and shipping everything to Mexico

    mahendra kotia 2.Jul.2015 11:20

    very helpful to me. Thanks a lot ..

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