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How Can I Fix The Best Free Malware Scanning Problems Of 2011?


Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered a known bug in the best free malware scanner of 2011. This problem can arise for several reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.


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    Anti-malware software has become significantly more expensive over the past few years. But believe it or not, there are still ways to protect your laptop for free. In this article, I’ll probably list 10 free utilities that you can use to prevent malware infection or to clean up the clutter after infecting a beautiful PC.

    1: AVG Anti-Virus Edition Costs 2011

    I’ve been using free antivirus AVG for a few years now, and while it’s not perfect, it seems to be just as good as any anti-malware adware. AVG’s free format offers basic virus or spyware protection, but the company also offers morea more comprehensive security suite called AVG Internet Security 2011. This suite offers the same anti-malware protection as the free version, but also offers real-time Internet protection. search and social networks.

    2: Comodo Antivirus

    best free malware scanner 2011

    Comodo Antivirus takes a different approach to error protection than most other antivirus products. Comodo is based on the idea that it would be foolish to run code without first proving it’s harmless. Therefore, Comodo implements a standard disclaimer until the executable is proven to be trustworthy. To prevent the software from becoming too chatty, Comodo runs unknown code and a sandbox in which its behavior can be tested without the risk of the executable harming the system.

    3: PC Tools Free PC 2011

    best free malware scanner 2011

    PC Tools Free Antivirus 2011 is another basic antivirus / anti-spyware program that’s really designed to keep Windows desktops safe from various types of malware. In addition to basic diagnostic functions, Tools pc includesIt is a Search Defender email that alerts you to dangerous websites (or phishing sites) before you click on them. The software also includes File a Guard, which monitors the file system and prevents malware infection attempts in real time. Avast

    4: Free Virus Protection

    Like AVG, Avast sells comprehensive security suites, but makes its base Antivirus-Pro-Anti-Spyware product free for home users. Although I’ve never used Avast Free Antivirus , lately I’ve seen a lot of discussion board posts from people saying that Avast offers better protection than a range of commercial ad-compatible products

    5. Free Internet Security

    Although originally designed as almost any adware detection product, Lavasoft Ad-Aware has evolved into a full-featured anti-malware product. Free internet security with advertisements is a new real-time protection against spionic software, rootkits, etc. It also includes a utility called The Neutralizer, which you can use to clean up an already infected PC.

    6. HijackThis

    HijackThis is one of my favorite anti-malware tools, but it’s not for the faint of heart. HijackThis is designed to flag important file and registry settings that can often be infected by viruses. The thing that makes HijackThis difficult to use is literally that it makes no distinction between toxic and legitimate posts. As a result, most people can harm your computer even more if they don’t know everything about what you are doing. However, I believe the HijackThis utility is a must.

    7: Microsoft Essentials


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    Microsoft Security provides users with free virus protection with relatively recent computer software called Microsoft Security Essentials . Microsoft security is based on the same ForeFront science as enterprise-class antivirus software. The difference is that Microsoft Security Essentials is only available for privateindividuals, organizations and businesses with less than 10 Windows desktops.

    8: Defender

    Microsoft Windows Defender is a free anti-spyware utility for Windows. It is not complete, although it protects Windows surprisingly well if you create it before infection occurs.

    best free malware scanner 2011

    Windows Defender is included with Windows and Windows Vista, but you can also download an app for Windows XP . If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, Windows Defender is disabled by default. You can activate Windows Defender by typing the word Defender in the Windows search box and double-clicking the Windows Defender option. When you do this, Windows will tell you that Windows Defender is turned off and give you the option to do so.

    9: Malicious Software Removal Tool

    While the malware removal tool is far from a universal antivirus, it does an excellent job of detecting and detecting the most common viruses. The Malicious Software Removal Tool works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2003. Microsoft has released an update to update this tool on the second Tuesday. k every month.

    10: Trojan Horses To Remove McAfee

    McAfee makes commercial antivirus products but also offers free spore removal tools. In particular, it provides tools to remove Sasser, Bagle, Zafi, Mydoom, Lovsan / Balster, Klez and Bugbear. You can download all relevant tools here .



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