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What Are CdbException Error Codes And How To Fix Them?



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    If you see an error with cdbException error codes on your computer, you should check these recovery methods.

    CDBException :: m_nRetCode Contains open database Conn. ..
    CDBException :: m_strError Contains a string that …
    CDBException :: m_strStateNative … Contains a string describing t …



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     : CE Public Exception 


    Public Items

    cdbexception error codes

    The class contains two public data elements that anyone can use to determine the reason for an exception or to display a print message describing the exception. CDBException is stuff created and generated by member functions that reference database classes.

    Exceptions are intermittent executions that contain external conditions that kill the program, such as data source or network I / O errors. Errors that you might expect to see during normal program execution are usually not exceptions.

    You access these objects in the array of the CATCH expression. You can also generate CDBException objects from your own value using the AfxThrowDBException global function.

    AdditionalFor information on exception handling in general or on CDBException objects, see Exception Handling (MFC) and Exceptions: Database Exceptions .

    Inheritance Hierarchy


    CdbException :: M_nretcode

    Contains the RETCODE ODBC error code returned by the ODBC (Application Programming Interface) API function.

    This type essentially includes SQL prefixed codes through specific ODBC codes and AFX_SQL prefixed codes through specific database classes. For CDBException , it individually contains one of the valid values:

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_API_CONFORMANCE driver for CDatabase :: OpenEx in addition to calling CDatabase :: Open does not meet the expected ODBC API 1 compatibility level (SQL_OAC_LEVEL1).

    • Updated

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      AFX_SQL_ERROR_CONNECT_FAIL Error connecting to data source. You passed a NULL CDatabase to reference your company’s Recordset constructor and then failed to attempt a connection based on GetDefaultConnect .


    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_DATA_TRUNCATED You requested more data than you received the space provided. Information about growing dosThe data warehouse stupidity for the CString or CByteArray data types can be found in the nMaxLength statement for RFX_Text and RFX_Binary under Macros and just global variables.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_DYNASET_NOT_SUPPORTED Failed to call CRecordset :: Open to query for a good dynamic set. Dinsets are not only supported by the pilot.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_EMPTY_COLUMN_LIST You tried to create an input table (or what you specified could not be identified as a procedure call and / or possibly a SELECT statement), but the content was not identified in the record field exchange (RFX), Calls your header DoFieldExchange .

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_FIELD_SCHEMA_MISMATCH Wide range of RFX function in DoFieldExchange Your full replacement is incompatible with the data type of the row in the recordset.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_MODE You have defined CRecordset :: Update without first calling CRecordset :: AddNew with CRecordset :: Edit to have.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_LOCK_MODE_NOT_SUPPORTED Your record locking query could not be updated because your ODBC driver does not support locking. You

    • afx_sql_error_multiple_rows_affected with the title CRecordset :: Update or Delete for a table without a unique key and change some other records.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_CURRENT_RECORD You tried to modify or delete a previously deleted record. You should go to the new current entry after several deletions.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_POSITIONED_UPDATES Your dynamic set query cannot be satisfied because your ODBC driver does not support positioned updates.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_ROWS_AFFECTED You checked CRecordset :: Update or delete when the process was started the data record could no longer be found.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_ODBC_LOAD_FAILED Attempt to load ODBC. DLL Windows cannot find this DLL or cannot load it. This error can be described as fatal.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_ODBC_V2_REQUIRED Your request from Dynaset may fail because a Level 2 compliant ODBC driver is required.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_RECORDSET_FORWARD_ONLY The search attempt failed because the data form does not support backward scrolling.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_SNAPSHOT_NOT_SUPPORTED Email for CRecordset :: Open with request failedsa snapshot. The driver does not support snapshots. (This should only be done if the ODBC cursor library ODBCCURS.DLL is not available.)

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_SQL_CONFORMANCE The cyclist calling CDatabase :: OpenEx or CDatabase :: Open does not meet the required “minimum” ODBC SQL compatibility level. “(SQL_OSC_MINIMUM).

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_SQL_NO_TOTAL The ODBC driver was unable to specify the numeric size of the CLongBinary data value. The operation probably failed because the global storage block could not be preallocated.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_RECORDSET_READONLY The client is trying to update a read-only recordset or the primary data source is read-only. In addition to the provided CDatabase object, no update operations can be performed on the recordset.

    • SQL_ERROR function failed. The error message returned by the ODBC function SQLError is stored in the m_strError data. Function

    • sql_invalid_handle error simply due to invalid environment handle, invalid connection service, or insinstructions. This indicates a channel fault. No other information is available other than the ODBC SQLError function.

    Codes usually defined by ODBC, prefixed with SQL. Codes with the AFX prefix can be defined in AFXDB.H, which is found in MFC INCLUDE.

    CDBException :: M_strError

    cdbexception error codes

    The string describes an error in alphanumeric words and sentences. See m_strStateNativeOrigin for more details and situation.

    CDBException :: M_strStateNativeOrigin

    The string has the full form “State:% s, Source:% ld, Source:% s”, in which format codes are sequentially replaced with values ​​that, in particular, describe:

    • SQLSTATE, a null-terminated string containing a huge 5-digit error code that is returned in the szSqlState parameter associated with the SQLError ODBC function. SQLSTATE scores are listed in Appendix A, ODBC Error Codes , in the ODBC Programming Reference. Example: “S0022”.

    • The custom error code for which the data source was returned in the pfNativeError parameter of the SQLError function. Example: 207.

    • Error message returned parameter to szErrorMsg SQLError functions. This message consists of several names in parentheses. Since the actual error is passed from source to user, each ODBC component (data source, command line, driver manager) adds its own name. This information helps you identify the source of the error. Example: [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [SQL Framework Server]

    interprets the error string and also puts its components in m_strStateNativeOrigin ; While m_strStateNativeOrigin contains information about multiple errors, errors are separated by line breaks. The framework inserts the alphanumeric text of the error into m_strError .

    For more information on the codes implemented to generate this string, see most of the SQLError function in the ODBC Programming Reference.


    From ODBC: “Status: S0022, Native: 207, Source: [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Driver] [SQL Server] Invalid column name ‘ColName'”

    See Also

    This course is for the MFC Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) curriculum. If you are instead using the new Data Access Object (DAO) classes, use theTake CDaoException . All DAO class names are currently prefixed with “CDao”. For more information, see the article Overview: Database Programming .



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