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Debian Kernel Patch Patch Guide


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    Hopefully this guide will help you when you see the Debian kernel patching guide.

    There are many reasons why you might want to split the kernel. Ryzen users had to use our own NPT patch before joining the upstream. Maybe your IOMMU motherboard tapes are not working for you and you need the ACS patch. Whatever your incident, we’ve created a quick tutorial designed to make this process easier.

    Raising Permissions

    Many of these commands only work if you are aThe user is root. Once configured, you can select sudo . In this tutorial, we only go beyond those who can use su . If the command throws this permission error during tutorial type, let’s assume that extended permissions are required.

    Linux Build Dependencies


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    The first thing you need to do is get some dependencies in order to get the kernel. This can be done with a simple command.

     apt build-dep linux 

    Next, you need to determine which kernel you want to use. You can use the specific kernel that comes with Debian, or you can use the vanilla kernel from The Debian source code that uses it will provide you with many additional fixes that Debian deems necessary. The vanilla kernel leaves no extra stains. Each path you choose is explained in this guide.

    Download Debian Kernel

    How do I apply a kernel patch?

    Download the kernel source from in the source directory, copy the hottest kernel config with:Apply the patch due to:Compile the kernel with:Install web template modules with:Install the kernel image / linux / arch / i386 / boot / bzImage, which can be found wherever the bootloader wants.

    If you want to use vanilla kernel, you can skip this section and go to “Download Vanilla Kernel”.

    Getting any Debian Linux is very easy and can be done withjust one team.

     apt Linux resource 

    You will learn how to download, unpack, and apply various patches to the kernel.

    Load Vanilla Order Core

    How do I apply a patch in Linux?

    patch -p1

    to download the vanilla kernel, you will need to go to a browser, which will help There, you should definitely see that there is a major, fixed version, and a long-term version. It is recommended to use the main line or stall, as today they will have more buoyancy than the long-term branch. Whatever you choose, just click on the same type of [Tarball] and save it. Once you’re done, you’ll want to unzip it. This can be done with:

     tar -xvf linux-4.14.8.tar.Will xz 

    You want to add the version you just downloaded to the version number.


    Now that we’ve downloaded and extracted the kernel, it’s time to fix it. The first step is to navigate to the extracted directory

     cd /path/to/linux-4.14.8/ 

    Now that we are in the directory, it’s time to use the patch command.

     Patch -p1 

    After using this command, you should see exactly who successfully installedoval fix. Now you need to copy your kernel configuration.

     cp /boot/config-4.14.0-1-amd64 .config 

    Where is kernel in Debian?

    Where is literally the kernel config file? The official Debian kernel configuration file can be accessed in / boot, named after these kernel versions as /boot/config-2.6. 18-6-486 or / boot / config - $ (uname -r).

    You must replace the version number with the latest one in this directory. If you wrote the configuration from the Debian kernel, we need to remove the line, otherwise it will fail.


    Scroll down to the search file and delete the range shown below.


    Now that the copied configuration has also been removed from the certification string, we need to update it for the current kernel.

     create old config 

    debian kernel patch howto

    After you have used this command, you can type whack for any parameter, unless the audience specifically knows you need it. Now that everything is in place, it's time to compile. -J8

     make deb-pkg LOCALVERSION = -custom 

    You want to go back and replace -j8 with the number of threads on your own processor. the "LOCAL VERSION" option can be anything. This is for documentation purposes only. Your kernel should now compile. This may take some time depending on the equipment.

    Install A New Kernel

    debian kernel patch howto

    Your kernel should beis compiled and you should return to the command line. The last flight of stairs is the installation of a newly calculated core. This method puts packages next to the parent directory. With this in mind, most of us will have to go back before we proceed with the installation.

    CD ..dpkg -i * .deb

    This will install all the packages you just compiled. You can also install each package separately, as long as there are other packages in that website directory that you don’t want to download. For example, you may not want to install the dbg kernel package because it is quite large and is used for debugging purposes. After dpkg has finished installing the kernel, all you have to do is reboot using your custom kernel. You can check it with this command:

     uname -a 

    This shows which kernel is currently in use. If you need instructions on how to connect your GPU to vfio-pci, you can read our Debian manual

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    Debian Kernel Patch Howto
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