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Easiest Way To Fix Divx Winamp Plugin



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    Today’s guide is written to help you if you are getting a divx plugin winamp error. VidAmp plays video in AVI (DivX), QT, MPEG and ANIM formats. The VidAmp plugin allows us to play AVI, MPEG, MOV (QuickTime) as well as ANIM video clips using WinAmp. AVI files, and therefore MPEG, play with the corresponding Windows MCI drivers, and MOV with Apple’s QuickTime for Windows.



    > Plugins> entry

    Wianamp’s Permission To Have Fun Avi / Asf / Mov / Qt / M1v / Mpg / M1v / Asf

    Wianampplay avi / asf / mov / qt / m1v / mpg / m1v / asf

    Activate Winamp 2.x to play video streams -4 / 3.16 / 9 Free ratio- Full screen mode- Winamp shortcuts- avi / asf / mov / qt / m1v / mpg / m1v / asf- DivX (with Surface driver) – DirectX 8 Upper) (or timeline and shell buttons

    Download the plugin

    July 24, 2002, Alex Cappellozza 326,442 downloads

    VideoObject DivXMovie v11 plugin - allows Wianamp to play avi / asf / mov / qt / m1v / mpg / m1v / asf

    Employee Assessment

    Turn Winamp into a complete media center

    Allows you to have a large number of media associated with Winamp files … requires avi, asf, mov, qt, miv, mpg and many more. Full screen supported. A very useful plugin.



    How to connect a plugin? – October 20, 2009 Sergey Osipov

    Win Amp crashes when trying to display AVI – it doesn’t work for me. Every time i tryI try to record AVI manually, Winamp disappears .. (dump) October – Jan’s 5th year

    Play Divx Movies – Can’t Watch Divx Movie Because I Don’t Know How To Connect The Plugin – March 23, 2009, Julius Gavina

    Will not practice Quicktime files as they are called (.mov) – 10 stars. It claims to read the .mov write data, but “cannot bring images to market” when I try.Waste of time thank you June 19, 2004 by jhgjhg jhgjhg

    Nice plugin … – but not as good as VID4WA 28. Despite this, it supports several different formats, so I gave it to maybe five famous people. – July 23, 2003, Jeffrey Latham.

    Almost perfect. – I was impressed by the overall layout of the plugin. While some of the bars at the top can get boring, as long as you can turn off the horrible parts, I’m fine with that.The only thing I get criticized for is the lack of the Always Above feature. With this added, I would like to stick with this type of plugin for all of my videos. – February 1, 2003, Aaron Emde

    Bad Ass Video Player – Could You Wish for the Best! Thank you Alex Cappellozza !!!!- Mike Ellis, September 11, 2002

    Nice, but definitely not fully developed – since it fulfills this task, this plugin can play movies encoded in AVI DiVx through Winamp without any problem. However, I will find another pro until I fix some bugs: – Each time the disc is opened, there is one warning that an “invalid floating point operation” has occurred; damn ugly. I am very sure that this is another bug in the player itself, the DiVx and Winamp codec are not to blame. – When the movie is over, Winamp will of course jump to the next file in the playlist. This causes the WordPress and Winamp plugin to crash. – While not really a bug, it’s annoying that the expert plugin doesn’t use Alt + Enter keys by default for full screen mode. Instead, the ugly button on the surface relies on the entire screen. – I am annoyed with this plugin as the timer appears at the top of the film’s windshield. As a standard interface (in Winamp), electronic timers should go from an egg timer to a countdown timer when pressedand. This is with a plugin timer, the mode will almost certainly be changed through the config menu.despite Moorhuhn, I still think this is a good plugin. Hopefully the next version is coming soon. – September 12, 2002, Pascal Getreuer

    Grab a bite to eat – damn goodthat’s all I want to say !!! – August 8, 2002 because of Venkatasubramanian Muralidhar

    Great! – Combine this with VID4WA and you have a compact and cool music player! – July 9, 2002, Brent Gamble.

    This thing is useful !!! – This plugin sucks. With Audiy Platinum with RM-X Remote Control of Things plugin and remote control you have a complete multimedia center … SO BEAUTIFUL !!! 🙂 – June 25, 2002, Martin Gachiarts

    Congratulations. … … – BIG !!!!!! Then great !!! – June 10, 2002 WAFR WAFR

    November 18, 2008 2:08 AM A# 1


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    MPEG4 and DivX / DVD codec for Winamp … ???

    Look, I’ve downloaded a lot of free MPEG4 codecs for my Windows XP (SP3). What will help you best when using WINAMP 5. 4x?

    Then (when I found the answer to the first question) should I rename the codec to “ in_ (name associated with mpeg4 codec) .dll ” format?

    I tried to play some kind of MPEG4 file using WINAMP 5.x and all I got is practically the audio part of an accurate A / V file. I know that the main audio portion of the file is proprietary format (mp3 X layer), so I can reproduce the WINAMP idea (and I hear it )

    Second, is MPEG4 the same formatted file as the DivX 3.x / 4.x / 5.x file? If not, what’s the best DivX codec for Winamp?

    Can I also play DVD movies (VOB files) under WINAMP 5.x?


    Look, I’ve downloaded a lot of MPEG4 codecs for my Windows XP (SP3). How to best opt ​​out of WINAMP5.4x?

    Then do I have to (when I find the answer to the new first question) to rename the codec to the format “ in_ (mpeg4 codec name) .dll ”?

    I’ve tried playing mpeg4 lodge with WINAMP 5.x and all that matters is the audio part of the audio / video file. I know that the audio part of the file is in some format (Layer mp3 X), and that’s why? I can play WINAMP (and I can hear it

    Is there also an option for WINAMP 5.x to play DVD movies (VOB files)?



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