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I Have A Problem With The Winamp Edcast Tutorial


You may have encountered an error that said the edcast tutorial was winamp. It turns out there are several steps you can take to fix this problem. We will do it shortly.


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    Edcast Winamp – Icecast or Shoutcast Plugin Tutorial Step 1 – Install Winamp. Download and install Winamp (if you haven’t installed it yet). Winamp is free to download. Step 2 – Install the Edcast DSP plugin and even lame_enc.dll. Download and install the Edcast Winamp plugin. Now this … Step 3 – Launch Winamp and the entire Edcast DSP plugin. Press Ctrl – P … More …



    The First Concrete Step Is Winamp

    edcast tutorial winamp

    Download and install Winamp (if you haven’t already installedwhether it is). Winamp is free to download.

    Step 2. Install Edcast DSP Plugin And Lame_enc.dll

    Download and download the Edcast plug-in for Winamp. This is a free Winamp plugin that can be used to stream over the Internet.

    edcast tutorial winamp

    Download the LAME MP3 encoding wordpress extension (lame_enc.dll) and place it in the Winamp folder. To do this, right-click the link and select Save Link As. Therefore, go to the “C: Program Files (x86) Winamp” folder before clicking the “Save” button.

    edcast tutorial winamp

    Link – right click and select “Save Link As” to download lame_enc.dll

    Step 3. Launch Winamp And Edcast DSP Plugin

    • Start Winamp
    • Press Ctrl – P (Ctrl and P hints together) – the configuration page will open.
    • (1) Click “DSP / Effect” to the left of the column. You may need to scroll down.
    • (2) Select the DSP “edcast v3” and a window will appear with the name “edcast”.

    Step 4. Configure The Encoder Again

    • (3) Click the Add Encoder button.
    • (4) Right click on the new encoder that will appear a little later.
    • (5) In the menu that appears, select “Configure”.

    Configure The Encoder For Viewing In The “Basic Settings” Section.

    • (6) Enter the selected baud rate. This must be equal to or less than the rate you purchased.
    • (7) Enter the appropriate sample rate. Enter 44100 for bitrates above 96 or 22050 for streams below 96.
    • (8) Number of channels: enter 2 if the rate is over 48, select 1 if the rate is less than 48.
    • (9) Select the “MP3 Lame” encoder.
    • (10) “Icecast2” for Icecast servers or “Shoutcast” for Shoutcast servers.
    • (11) Enter the hostname of your server.
    • (12) Enter the port number that most often connects to your server.
    • (13) Enter the DJ or Administrator password for your server.
    • (14) (Icecast2 only) Input mount point – this will probably be / stream by default for Icecast2 Fast Serv servers.
    • Access your station information in the YP Settings section. “Good”

  • Press 5 – Start Coding
    • (15) Activate the “Automatic reconnection” field.
    • (16) Select a night Specific encoder, then click the Connect button.
    • Ideally, you should see encoder reputation information in the Bit Rate column. If you are working correctly, a numeric value indicating the baud rate will be displayed.


    • If you cannot connect, go back to step 4 and check all server settings. You also need to make sure the song is playable in Winamp.
    • You can also stream audio directly from your sound card (or any other audio device on your PC). For this method, click the box with an “X” in the “Live Recording” section. Then you can click the sound of the device you want to receive sound from.

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