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What Are The Reasons For Error 1320 Tax Cuts And How To Fix It?



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    Hope that if you encounter Taxcut error 1320 on your system, this article will help you fix it.



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    I had the same issues as the previous reviewer – I was able to redeem the code, but it could be installed effectively on my Windows machine. In addition, my numerous attempts to install it and obtain the software resulted in “reaching my limit” and being unable to choose to download or even try to install the software.

    Looks like the original Amazon_HRBlock_Deluxe-State- DLB. exe is a 16-bit application, incompatible with current, not (and properly tested) 64-bit Windows 10 systems (most common systems).

    H&R turned out to be in the client’s blocking ability and they provided a link to any valid install file (other than the erroneous d ‘origin install file) that It was then installed, activated and registered.

    error 1320 taxcut

    Hopefully H&R is now blocking new installers for the correct Windows Installer file so other marketers can avoid this issue.

    I was able to activate the promo code, but did not install it on my Windows 10 computer. I called the support service, and the agent could not solve the problem using this number after spending more than an hour in the ring. It looks like this is a bug preventing installation:

    16 bits not used by applications
    Program or function ” ?? C: Users xxx AppData Local Temp Amazon_HRBlock_Deluxe-State-DLB.exe “cannot account for incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows or due to runtime errors. Contact your new software vendor to inquire is a 64-bit version available for Windows.

    I thought I would get a big physical CD like before. Instead, I have a piece of paper with an activation code.

    Good – I got the instructions on paper and installed them on all my fully refreshed Windows 10 PCs without any problems.

    Bad – Not soAs convenient as installing CD-ROMs in the past; I am computer savvy enough to manually open the setup wizard file, etc.

    Refreshed after estimated time.

    I have been using this product for many years and am very satisfied with it. But for the 2020 tax year, the download / install assistant turned out to be terrible. One visit lasted 3-4 hours waiting and only one “support” person was confused and spent another hour still not understanding your current error code which I was getting and then usually hanging up. Today, an automatic answering system asks irrelevant questions, this time finally putting me in line with a representative who then hangs up for everyone. Terrible support !! Terrible support !!!

    I also just bought, received the card in the mail. The web link cannot be loaded in any internet browser. I have seen many people with the same problem but no solution. I found out … I disabled AVG’s own antivirus, the link worked and I was able to download and install certain code. Hope everyone who has this aboutrunning antivirus, will be able to download it. It didn’t work for me and it just put me on the software line where I paused it for 60 minutes … HR block support sucks …

    The name speaks for itself …

    error 1320 taxcut

    I have been using some software for the past few years and have never had a problem with it. I decided to try the Black Friday sale this year. Got the card, went to the url AND the server was not found (even if hosted on AWS). I don’t know exactly what to do next.

    Pride, oh where did you take me? I read all people’s testimonials about unsolvable installation problems and decided that they would not have my technical savvy. I have been using this program since its introduction in TaxCut. And these comments have been around since December. Of course, the fix had to be reverted. Maybe some problems were to be expected and removing my personal antivirus or other workaround would fix that. Nope. Nada. I have not purchased the software package. Bought a dead parrot. (And some laptop with 64-bit verthis Windows 10 is fast and powerful enough to run a certain program.) I can’t imagine your test environment. It should be a collection of Commodores, former ATs, and shoeboxes.

    I was unable to download using Microsoft Edge browser. I waited 55 minutes on the HR hotline and was politely advised to, may I add, get the Google Chrome browser. By the way, I also managed to download it. Not launched yet, the program will still use it.
    It would be nice if Block included the information in the package so that we don’t have to wait an hour on the phone. Where has the customer service specialist gone?


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    In some cases, I mean the paper key that is mailed to the version. I used to use the DOWNLOAD transcription on PC and I always managed to get it to work, but the paper key they sent me tells me that this is the wrong version (after reading the instructions in the whole log of the phone number of the HR unit system just asks you to search on support site and then hangs up.Awakened by this terrifying new path that HR Block is taking. I hope this is not the future of this software.



    Speed up your computer today with this simple download.




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    Erreur 1320 Coupe D’impôt
    Erro 1320 Taxcut
    오류 1320 세금 공제
    Fehler 1320 Steuersenkung
    Fel 1320 Taxcut
    Ошибка 1320 Taxcut
    Errore 1320 Taxcut
    Error 1320 Reducción De Impuestos
    Fout 1320 Belastingverlaging