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How To Fix Unexpected 41.3 Size Error In Tray 1



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    Here are some easy ways to fix Unexpected Size Error due to Tray 1 Error 41.3. Display: 41.3 UNEXPECTED SIZE IN TRAY 1 Description: You have configured Tray 2 for a different paper size than required for the print job. NOTE. This error can be caused by a multiple data issue. Open and close the nicotine cartridge door to clear the error message.



    error 41.3 unexpected size in tray 1

    Finally figured out this problem. Now you need to go to your computer, right-click the icon for your printer, for me this is the HP Series 2800 All-in-One, then click printer properties, then click settings for device and change the paper size for slot 6 to Letter. …

    error 41.3 unexpected size in tray 1

    I don’t know why HP printers can’t set this up on their own later. If you don’t, it will remain in A4 size, see your photo below. Good luck !.

    • Code: 41,3
    • Advertising: UNEXPECTED 41.3 FORMAT IN TRAY 1
    • Description: You have configured Tray 3 for a different paper size than required for your print job. NOTE. This error can be caused by a problem withmultiple incentives. Open and close the mouthpiece door to clear the error message. If the error persists and the tray is indeed configured correctly, clean the first tray pickup roller (or you can replace it with this one).
    • Remedy: Reload the correct paper source in the tray. If the other tray contains the correct weight, the product prompts you to press the OK button to use the other tray.
    • Code: 41,3
    • Advertising: UNEXPECTED SIZE 41.3 IN TRAY
    • Description: You configured the tray to use a different paper size than our own print job requires. NOTE. This error can certainly be caused by a multi-fuel issue. Open and close the cartridge door to clear the error message. If the problem persists and the tray installs quickly, clean the purchased roller in Tray 1 (or you may need to replace the roller).
    • Remedy: 1. Load the correct size of paper in the tray. 2. Make sure most sizes areThe papers specified in the software, some printer drivers, and the control panel are the same. 3. Press the OK button and navigate to TRAY SIZE = . Adjust the type in the tray according to the height required for printing. 4. If the error persists, most of the product will turn off and then turn back on. 5. If the message persists, contact an HP-authorized agency or support provider.
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    The Reason Has To Do With Error Code 41. UNEXPECTED PAPER SIZE 3


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    The printer detected a different media size than expected. This happens, for example, when two or more sheets of paper stick together in the printer, or when each of our trays is not positioned correctly.

    Solution For Error Code 41.3 UNEXPECTED PAPER SIZE

    1. Load the correct amount of media into the correct tray. 2. Make sure the media in the tray is normally under the front, and lift up the locking tabs. 3. If you are printing from Tray 1, make sure the correct paper size is selected in the Mastery panel. 4. If you are printing from Tray 2, 3, or 4, make sure that many of the paper size settings (length guide, width guide and prompts, size selector) have been set correctly on the paper tray. Make sure the asset is under the corner tabs. 5. After following the above steps, press GO. The faulty page can be automatically reprinted if Jam Clear is enabled. (Or you can press JOB CANCEL to delete the job from printer memory.) For 4050, 4000, or even 4100 series models, the paper feed unit may be of poor quality. The paper feed / writing could also slip off in the event of a wireless home alarm. Ex Engine printers are causing this error as well as a faulty PIU (Paper Feed Unit).



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    Why does my printer keep saying unexpected paper size?

    The extra time it takes to get my sheet of paper makes the new product “believe” that a ring of paper pulled out of tray one or two is actually longer than it can be. Depending on the additional number of days it took to load the laundry, the product may become stuck and / or have an unexpected sizing error.

    Why does my HP printer say load tray 1?

    If the main printer asks for booth 1 to be loaded, it means that the size or type of paper requested by the print job does not necessarily match what the print service suspects in each of our trays.

    How do I fix unexpected paper size in tray 2?

    Solutions: Eliminate blocked media marketing. Verify that the report bucket (s) are configured correctly using the product control panel or, if necessary, the Embedded Web Server. For example, if you loaded Legal size paper in Tray 2, make sure Tray 2 is Legal.




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    Errore 41.3 Dimensioni Impreviste Nel Vassoio 1
    Fehler 41.3 Unerwartetes Format In Fach 1
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