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Steps To Fix Error Code 38: Maple End Of File Reached

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These recovery methods are worth reading if error code 38 has reached the end of the file horn error code.


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    error code 38 reached the end of the file maple

    Error type: game crashed
    Brief summary of errors: and ra immediately crashes to the desktop
    More details: The game crashed with the following information: Error code thirty-eight: (end of file reached). This bug has been present in the game for a while now, but I get it maybe once a month. Since the last lap I have fallen 7 times, often with a difference of 5-10 minutes. At the time of the crash, I was still on different maps and on different channels. A repair and reinstallation might not have solved the problem.

    Phases and Play: Appear very randomly and / or be triggered by something that is not without problems to see.

    Character name: AudioFeels (any character)
    Character level: 250
    Character Job: Name: Shadow
    World Reboop

    Date and time of occurrence: by June 21, 2018 at 9:30 am CEST. Yesterday I was looking for 5-10 minutes for service, within 2 hours after failures. Appears

    is that since the last patch was released, this key factual error has appeared very, very often. I’m guessing it’s player-related because my current Kanna account, which is never in town (or overcrowded somewhere), hasn’t gone down yet because she’s logged in system almost at the same time as my shadow. Will it be direct interaction or some other interaction with the players? I’ve written more in Arcana, VJ, or perhaps Leafre – places where it’s pretty easy to meet other people.

    Error type: game crashed
    Bug Summary: The game crashes on the desktop overnight
    Additional Information: Record level set low with the following information: Error code 38: (Exact end of file reached). This error recurred several times in the For game, but I received a CD or DVD once a month. Since the last service I have had 7 crashes, sometimes with a break of 5-10 minutes between crashes. At the time of the crash, the name could still be found on various maps and on many channels. Repair and reinstallation did not solve this problem in any way.

    Steps to Simulate: Looks very random or initialized with something that is not easy to see.

    AudioFeels character name: (any character)
    Personality qualityalready: 250
    Character Work: Shadow
    World name: Reboop

    error code 38 reached the end of the file maple

    Date and time of incident: Last time 06/21/2018 at 9:30 CEST. Yesterday within 2 hours after waiting 5-10 minutes between failures.


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    It seems that the error in this section appeared very, very often, starting with the last one. I predict based on the players that my Kanna account has never crashed due to the fact that he has never been in the city (or in a crowded place) and has actually logged in almost as long as the individual Shade. Could it be a chair for communication with other players? Miscellaneous. I was sent to Arcana, VJ or Leafre – areas where you can easily meet other people.

    error code 38 reached the end of the file maple



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