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How To Fix Windows Not Original Error Message For Windows 7


In this guide, we are going to identify some possible causes that may be causing the error messages, Windows is not genuine for Windows 7, and then I will list the possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.


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    The KB971033 update can be a starting point for solving your problem if users are using Windows 7. If someone receives the message This message from Windows is not true, it simply means that Windows has a new set of files. An update that can help you recognize your Windows operating system.

    A fake Windows problem is most commonly associated with common Windows errors that should occur while using the Windows operating system. According to user feedback, this disease often appears after installing certain updates, when a message related to the desktop appears in the lower right corner that you usually receive this message in Windows 7 7600/7601.



    error message windows is not genuine for windows 7

    This copy of Windows is not a real “OR” 2 fake windows “is a really nasty problem. This error occurs when you are not using a trusted copy of Windows or your license / product has expired.

    It’s also possible that a Windows update caused this issue. In all three of these cases, you usually get an error after booting your PC, your Windows is not working properly, and your computer’s desktop background has turned to a black screen. You cannot change the background however you want.

    If you have repeatedly tried to enter a specific product key or used a software / patch to crack Windows activation. But still Windows 7 error, but not real, or this copy of Windows is now not real build 7601/7600, well this guide is for you.

    Pay attention that this is just a tutorial for people who originally bought Windows but are still getting this type of error, or perhaps people who want to buy Windows but not at this point can buy.



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    How To Fix “This Copy Of Windows Is Fake” Error

    How do I permanently fix Windows 7 is not genuine?

    Click Start Compile and type cmd in the search box.Type SLMGR -REARM and press Enter.Restart your computer, and into You will see that the message “This Windows-related copy is fake” no longer appears.

    There are several ways to restore the shoulder joint in Windows 7 to its original state. Here you will see real ways to solve this crisis without using a crack like KMS Pico. This crack can activate Windows, but it is really harmful. This is against Microsoft, but politicians can also install malware on your computer.

    The following methods are consistent with best practices. If you use crack, we may fall victim to a system breach.

    To fix this error, you must have administrator rights if you have a standard account. Then reactivate the administrator account before proceeding.

    error message windows is not genuine for windows 7

    Step 1 Go to the start menu and find cmd. You get cmd.exe in this result Then search, then right click cmd.exe and then click “Run as administrator”. This will launch a command prompt with administrator rights.

    Step 2. At the open command prompt, enter the following command SLMGR -REARM.

    error message windows is not genuine for windows 7

    Make sure you enter the same command without errors and make sure some command requests are opened administratively, otherwise they won’t work.

    Step 3. After entering the command in the entire Command Prompt window, press the Enter key on your keyboard to run the command.
    Step 4. After clicking on it, a confirmation window will simply appear with the details of the command execution.

    Step 5. Now restart your computer. After restarting, this error will no longer appear, as was the case with Windows 7 Build 7601 or 7600. This copy of Windows is not original.

    Multiple Methods – Remove KB971003 To Make Windows 4 Real

    Typically, Windows Update is configured to automatically download and install updates that regularly replace the latest security, compatibility, and many other updates.

    Microsoft update versions combat fake operating system installations and fake license keys. Sometimes these false positives get updated and this real and original product key gets blocked and Windows 7 does not show the correct error.

    If your Windows 7 is no longer original after frequent update windows, follow these steps to resolve this error –

    1. Open Start, then Control Panel.
    2. At the bottom of Control Panel, click Windows Update.
    3. Now click Installed to view the updates. A list with installed Windows updates will open.
    4. Search for update KB971033 and uninstall it by double clicking on it. See
    5. is also for recently installed updates after which an error occurred. Also check for and uninstall these updates.

    Windows not loading after restart is no longer a serious error. However, a problem arises when six windows are refreshed again. So don’t forget to turn off Windows updates.

    Finally, Windows is not sure hthen you have a real problem with build 7601. You can continue to restart your computer to check if your copy of Windows is activated from Frequently, and you can set the background screen of your choice if you wish.

    Right click on the desktop and go to the Personalization section. Choose and use a desktop background.

    Note: – Microsoft has ended support for Windows on behalf of 7 and you are unlikely to see any new updates.

    Method 3 – License Key To Re-register

    Windows Update may revoke the original authorization key on your computer. This can happen after restoring or reinstalling Windows. In this case, you can save the product key or features again.

    If you purchased the original laptop license, you can find the product key on the corresponding subpage. When you find him, send him a message.

    Now, back to Windows and logs. Win + R opens keys together, I would say Run dialog box.

    When you see the activation window, selectEnter the option “Re-enter the product code”. Here you need to enter the key you recorded.

    If the previous option did not solve the problem, return to the Windows activation video window, select and “Activate Windows online now” following the instructions on the screen, and see if you do it in the new mode to activate the general license.

    If the online activation fails, simply click Show More Activation Options and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Don’t Use Third-party Cracks

    They come with a lot of tools and fixes to help fix this issue. But these options will seriously damage your computer. Any kind of patch, crack or activator not only harms your operating system, but can certainly install various types of malware as well.

    This could potentially lead to data theft, or your computer could be used to infect other laptops on your network.

    The adware has been registered with Windows 7. Spyware can subscribe to your keystrokes and search for the source Any attackers who got your username and favorites for your Internet accounts.

    Alternatively, you can find 64-bit Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1) on Amazon at a very affordable price using the original product key and DVD, which will allow you to install Windows 7 on computers with little or no booting, and you can get the launch key. on your computers.

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    How do I fix this computer is not genuine Windows?

    Please enter a valid product key.Reset the license information.Disable Plug and Play policy.Apply the appropriate write permissions.Uninstall update KB971033.Check your computer for malware.Reinstall Windows.

    How can I activate my genuine Windows 7?

    Click most of the Start button, right-click Computer, go to Properties and select Activate Windows Now.When Windows detects an Internet conversation, select Activate Windows Online Now.When prompted, enter your full Windows 7 product key, click Next and follow the instructions.




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