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Solved: Suggestions To Fix Event ID 7004 Smtp

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    Hope this user guide helps you when you see event id 7004 smtp. This event is cleared when the Exchange server sends an SMTP command to the remote server and receives an invalid response. The virtual server ID indicates which confidential SMTP server issued the command. The remote host or hostess provides the fully qualified domain name on the remote server that responded to this command.



    event ID 7004
    Source MSExchangeTransport
    Description This is a kind of SMTP error log for virtual web server ID 1, connection . The remote station replied with “” to keep SMTP control on “” with ““. The full order distributed was ““. This will most likely result in a connection failure.
    Event Information This tip can be used in some newsgroups:
    ———– — – – ——————————————– — – – ————
    If you can help, go to the Small Business Advanced SMTP Connection Properties tab,Activate “Send HELO instead of EHLO”. Reload SMTP and see if it worksdifference. “

    “The Exchange SMTP Virtual Server is trying to deliver your own message.s_coates_ [email protected], but there is no such mailbox on the web Email-Mail-Domain.
    If you do not send signals to this receiver openly, there are several types of PrAccess to the server or only to one of the mail clients connected to the corresponding exchangeThe server does this without your knowledge.
    You should scan server clients and get viruses with latest virus endingfinishing file.
    IP address dissolves into, whichever is specifiedMail exchanger for email with the domain that is your Exchange serverCorrectly find all the IP addresses of the mail exchanger for “

    “if you have no problem sending and receiving emails with peopleYou know, then I wouldn’t worry. This is spam trying to get you. ThoseMessages can bebe an integral part of Exchange. This allows mail servers to trackregulations. For example, anyone who breaks the rules will receive responses similar to the ones you provided.You usually don’t watch these posts. You have a verification level on yourExchange. When you’re mostly done troubleshooting, discard some or all of theminimum. “
    ——————————————– – – ————————- ———————— – ———

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