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How Are You Doing With FM Tuners For Winamp?


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    In this guide, we are going to identify some possible causes that the FM Tuner for Winamp can cause, and then point out the possible repair methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    Can you use your phone as an FM tuner?

    Some Android phones have built-in FM transmitter function. If so, you can use them natively or with a handy app like Quick FM Transmitter and then simply transfer MP3 and other music files from your phone to your car stereo.

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    How do I listen to radio on Winamp?

    Setting procedure Make sure the Media Library tab is selected to view Winamp systems. In the left pane, click the circle next to Online Services to open a specific category. Click on the SHOUTcast Radio option to put Winamp into radio mode – you should now see the SHOUTcast Radio directory displayed on the main screen.

    Try the tuner

    thanks a lot

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    Is there an actual FM tuner app?

    To use FM radio on Android, download the NextRadio mobile app from the Google Play store. If the app is available on Google Play to save on your phone, at this point you will be able to use the exact FM radio of your Android through the app.

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    I have a real FM tuner (Gemtek service or product,, ​​ connected to the USB port. I can tune the police station radio via the USB interface. (it provides an SDK to communicate with equipment that can send a command to the radio to control the PLL). I think it would be very useful now if Winamp could not only listen to internet radio, but also real FM radio of a PC (you know the quality is completely different), if you could write some Winamp plugin to control a real FM tuner.
    Thanks !


    I get a real FM radio tuner (Gemtek product,, ​​ connected to the USB port. I can tune in a radio station via the USB interface. (It provides the SDK with time to communicate with equipment that can send commands to a radio receiver in the control PLL.) I think it is generally very helpful that Winamp cannot hear internet radio, but it can also hear real PC FM radio. (You know the quality can be completely different). I want to know that most, if possible, writeanother Winamp plugin to control a real FM tuner.
    Thanks !

    Winamp is not only great software for playing advertising and marketing players for audio and training files, but also for accessing thousands of Internet radio stations. The SHOUTcast radio, which is usually built into Winamp, is a long list of SHOUTcast servers that stream much more audio over the Internet (web radio).

    Setup Procedure

    Since SHOUTcast is built into Winamp, it’s easy to get started with Internet Radio:

    1. Make sure Winamp options appear in the Media Library tab. In the remaining area, click the triangle next to Online Services to open that category. Click on the specific SHOUTcast Radio option to enter Winamp radio mode – you should now see the SHOUTcast Radio directory on the home screen.

    2. To select a genre of radio station, frequently click on the drop-down menu on the right that links the screen and the selected option. Use the + symbol next to each template to expand the root genre and read other subcategories.Alternatively, you can search for a major genre or broadcast genre using the text selector on the left side of the home screen – enter a keyword in the display text box and click the Search button.

    3. To listen to a radio station on SHOUTcast, press Tune IN! Button. For more information on each show, click the down arrow under Tune IN! Symbol. To distinguish between stations, press Tune the In! Click to go to another station.

    4. When you find a specific radio station that you like, add it to your favorites so you don’t have to search for your device often. To publish your favorites folder, simply click on the small icon that appears at the end of the station name. Or just click Play Files> Bookmarks> Add Current Bookmark, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + B.

    5. fm tuner for winamp

      To make sure your station has been added to the Bookmarks folder, click Bookmarks in the left pane. You should see all added stations.


    fm tuner for winamp

    The internet requires a popular high-speed internet connection for radio – congested Wi-Fi or connections in public courts lead to streaming spikes, pauses, and related annoyance.

    If you are using the new portable version of Winamp, make sure your current bookmark files travel with you so that you don’t lose the stations you really like when you change devices.

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