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Steps To Get Rid Of The Problem Infected With Win32.unknown.random.x

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Run the program
  • 3. Click "Scan Now" to find and remove any viruses on your computer
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    In this guide, we are going to identify some of the possible causes that could lead to a win32.unknown.random.x infection and then provide possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem.

    This is what to do before issuing a report and what you need to follow in terms of guidelines =

    Download and install Ccleaner: [color = # 000066> Ccleaner [/ b] For this basic version of CCleaner without the Yahoo toolbar, select the second or third download option as follows:
    Even if you have option 2 or 3, if you don’t want to install the Yahoo Toolbar:
    Uncheck the Add Yahoo! Toolbar checkbox. over 72 hours. ”
    2. You will definitely see a pop-up window. This advisory process will permanently delete files from your system.
    3. Then determine which items you want to clean.
    On the Windows tab: All clean entries in “Internet Explorer”. Opting out of cookies will cause you to re-enter your username and account information the next time you visit websites that users need to log in to.
    Clear all entries in the Windows Explorer section.
    Clear all entries in the “System” section.
    Clear all entries in the “Advanced” section.
    Take away everyone your family chooses
    on the “Applications” tab:
    О Clear everything (optional except cookies) under Firefox / Mozilla if users are using it.
    Clean everything in the Opera room when you use it.
    Clean up Sun Java with the Internet section.

    Remove anyone you want.
    4. Then just click the “Run Cleaner” button and it will be scanned to clean up your system. Click Finish.

    W98 / ME
    —————————————– – ———— ———
    for usersSpybot S&D
    Spybot [/ color] [/ b] [/ url]

    Install Spybot and DSO Exploit patch. Launch Spybot and select Update, Check for Updates, check the box next to each message, then select Download Updates. Then select “Find and Destroy”, “Find Issues” and when the scan is complete, “Fix the selected disappointments marked in red.” Finally, select “Immunize” and then click the “Immunize” button to block the installation of generic spyware.
    ———————————————– – ———–

    Step two: viruses / trojansAVG AntiSpyware
    for Windows [color = black> 2000 /] –
    Download Anti-Spyware avg from AVG AntiSpyware [/ color] [/ b] [/ url] < br> Sokh Download the file to your desktop, you will definitely find it. Double-click the AVG Anti-Spyware icon on your desktop to launch the installer.
    Installation requires a computer restart.

    Run AVG Anti-Spyware to update the definition files to the latest version.
    Buy the Refresh icon on your home screen
    Click “Start Update”. The update will start continuously, and a progress bar will continuously display the updates being installed.
    If you really have problems updating, you can use this link to update AVG Anti-Spyware manually –
    [color = # 000066> Avg]

    AVG Anti-Spyware Settings Spyware
    Select « Scanner “at the top of the screen, then select the” Settings “tab.
    On the Settings screen, click Recommended Action, then select Quarantine.
    In the “Reports” section
    Select “Create complaint automatically after each analysis”.
    EN-Select “Only if purchased threats are found”

    IMPORTANT: Do not open any other windows or programs during a regular ewido scan, as this may interfere with the decryption process.Desirableselect the Scanner icon, then the Scan tab, then Finish System Scan.
    AVG Anti-Spyware will start scanning from now on. Please be patient, this may take some time.
    When scanning, ewido lists all detected infections on the left.
    If it can be described as a complete scan, it is recommended to set quarantine. If not, click and set the recommended action here. Click the Apply All Actions button. AVG Anti-Spyware will probably display on the right “All actions completed”.
    Click “Save Report”, then click “Save Report As”. This creates an actual text file. Make sure you know where to find this file (for example, on your desktop).

    Close AVG Anti-Spyware.
    infected with win32.unknown.random.x

    Download this tool and save it to your desktop:

    rootchk.exe [/ color] [/ b] [/ url]

    run rootchk-exe. At this point, it will parse and create a log file. It’s conveniently located here – C: Rootlog TXT.


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    Copy the connection response back to the next

    Windows Update
    Unsecured and unpatched Windows XP installation buchildren launched within minutes after Trafone after the infection of the Internet connection. Because we ask you to add critical updates before providing support in most of our forums. Otherwise, we will both spoil our time.
    infected with win32.unknown.random.x

    The first step is to install Windows XP Service Pack 1a. Without an update, you are wide open to reinfection, and we are both constantly wasting our time.
    Click here: [color = # 000066> SP1 [/ b] If you received SP2, just check the security alert fixes

    Apply the update.

    Restart normally

    Publishing hack to this log

    directory! For example: c: hijackthis

    3 Start hijackthis. (alternative exe).

    Get the option “Run system scan and save report file” to complete the scan.
    HijackThis will understand your system and automatically create a notepad text file containing the HijackThis file after the scan completes.
    Open the craft log files in a text editor and click Edit -> Select All, then Edit -> Copy.
    In the browser window with highlighted In the Signal Body text box, click Edit -> Paste.

    4. When you are organized, create your theme here:

    Submit a burglary log with a tandem log from AVG Anti-Spyware and C: Rootlog TXT.

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    Заражено Win32.unknown.random.x
    Win32.unknown.random.x에 감염됨
    Infekterad Med Win32.unknown.random.x
    Infectado Con Win32.unknown.random.x
    Infectado Com Win32.unknown.random.x
    Infiziert Mit Win32.unknown.random.x
    Zainfekowany Win32.unknown.random.x
    Infecté Par Win32.unknown.random.x
    Infetto Da Win32.unknown.random.x