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Troubleshooting Tips For Installshield Resultcode = -12

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    If you get the error installshield resultcode = -12, this user manual is here to help.



    This article discusses some workarounds for a possible RESULTCODE = -12 error.

    SOLUTION 1: If you do not have enough disk space, expand RESULTCODE -12.2:

    installshield resultcode=-12

    The solution RESULTCODE -12 can be seen if the Private installer does not use exactly the same dialog sequence, as when installing the template, and it may be an error that led to the interrupted installation of the jar.

    In SETUP.ISS, the [DlgOrder] section associated with the utility should contain the following entries:

    Dlg0 = Welcome Dialog- 0
    Count = 9
    Dlg1 = SerialControlNumber Dialog-0
    Dlg2 = TargetDirectory Dialog-0
    Dlg4 = SdSelectFolder-0
    Dlg5 = LanguageChoice dialog-0
    dlg3 = userinstallationtype Dialog- 0
    Dlg6 = Dialog international settings – 0
    Dlg7 = SdShowInfoList-0
    Dlg8 = RebootDialog-0

    If, however, Count = 10 and an additional line Dlg2 = MessageBox-0, it could be exactly:
    – Series The other control keys / keys have become invalid.
    – An additional dialog box appeared during a recording session.

    Follow these steps:


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    1) Verify that the serial number and control language match those indicated on the green connectors on the product. They are of type [SerialControlNumber Dialog-0] and the section looks like this:

    [SerialControlNumber Dialog-0]
    nvCount = 1
    svSerialNumber-0 = 123456789
    svControlNumber_1-0 = ABCDE1
    svControlNumber_2-0 = FGHI2
    svControlNumber_3-0 = LMNO3

    2) If correct, remove the special extra line that says “Dlg2 = MessageBox-0”.

    3) Put each of our count = 9 and renumber the lines throughout the [DlgOrder] session. Most likely, during the recording session, some warnings were displayed due to which this recording was placed in the setup.iss file.

    SOLUTION 3: Go through 9 Silent Place, make sure the UNC file is n. are not used for the setup.exe file. Map the local drive from the installation template to the directory where the Progress installer is located. In OpenEdge 10, make sure all paths are UNC gateways and passes, or all paths are mapped drives, andTherefore, do not use dashes in people paths or ini filenames.

    UNC: anypc 91D setup.exe -azines -f1 … -f2 …
    Assigned to: T: setup.exe -s -f1 … -f2 …

    installshield resultcode=-12

    SOLUTION 4. Make sure that I check the correct WebServer installation directory (if applicable) in the [WebServer Dialog-0] section. Take a look at the _szCGIScriptDir and _szDocRootDir entries.

    The InstallShield Silent (iss) utility allows Progress to install silently or in batch mode by saving the installation input to a response file that you can run later with the -on hour command line parameter.

    This article explains how to get around the RESULTCODE = -12 error.

    SOLUTION 1. If you don’t need storage space, you will get RESULTCODE -12.

    SOLUTION 2: RESULTCODE of -12 can only be displayed if the unattended installation does not use the same set of dialogs as the template installation, or if the installation was caused by an exceptional error.

    In the SETUP.ISS usage section, [DlgOrder], the entries should look like the following:

    However, if Count = 10 and the extra line Dlg2 = MessageBox-0, it can be either:
    – Serial / control keys are incorrect.
    – During publ.Forged recording session has an additional dialogue.

    1) Make sure the serial and control codes are broadly the same as the people listed on today’s green product sheets. You are in the [SerialControlNumber Dialog-0] section and you look like this:

    2) If they are correct, always remove the extra line “Dlg2 = MessageBox-0”.

    3) Set count = 9 and renumber the lines in the [DlgOrder] session. Most likely, a warning occurred during the recording session and this additional recording was displayed in the setup.iss file.

    SOLUTION 3: Search for a silent installation, make sure that this setup.exe file does not reference a private UNC file. On all local installation machines, map the drive to the directory where the Progress installer resides. In OpenEdge 10, ensure that all paths are usually UNC paths, or that all paths are mapped drives and do not use hyphens containing path names or fully qualified ini names.

    SOLUTION 4: Be sure to check the correct WebServer installation directory (if available) in the [WebServer Dialog-0] section. Find the _szCGIScriptDir and _szDocRootDir entries.



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    Codice Risultato Installshield=-12
    Installshield 결과 코드=-12
    Code De Résultat Installshield=-12
    Installshield Resultcode = -12
    Installshield Resultatkod = -12
    Код результата Installshield = -12
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    Código De Resultado De Installshield = -12