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Easily Fix Tie Point Errors



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    Sometimes your computer may display a Linkpoint error message. There can be several reasons for this problem.



    I Got A Script Error When Trying To Sign In To Salesforce

    1. Open Notepad or MS Word.
    2. Enter your Salesforce password in Notepad or MS Word.
    3. Highlight your password.
    4. Right-click and locate Copy.
    5. Right-click the LinkPoint Connect Salesforce Field password in LinkPoint Assist and select Paste.
    6. Click Login.

    Download: The Complete LinkPoint Connect User Guide: Outlook + Salesforce PDF. Get user manual

    I Got INVALID FIELD Sync Error Regarding “IsAllDayEvent”

    The error message you are getting is because your Salesforce TV does not have an All Day Event checkbox to create new events. Check with your Salesforce administrator to ensure that the AllDayEvent check box is selected in the “Create New Event” computer layout.

    To add an all-day field activity that can match the layout of the activity, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to with an admin username field .
    2. Click Configure (under your name).
    3. Click Customize | Activities | Event layouts
    4. Click Edit
    5. next to the event layout.

    6. In the box above, go to the All Day Event box, exhaust it and save it to your profile layout.
    7. Click Save. This

    After that, you can try a test connection by doing the following:

    1. Close email
    2. Right-click the LinkPoint icon, which is usually found on the taskbar (next to the desktop clock), then select Customize.
    3. Select Salesforce from the list on the left side of the window.
    4. Click Test Connection. You will probably see a successful connection message.

    You can now try manual syncing to see what the final screen looks like.

    1. Right-click the reference point symbol.
    2. Select “Open sync” in manual mode.
    3. Right-click Calendar and select Recovery History.
    4. Start synchronization process.

    Download: Access LinkPoint and Connect: Outlook + Salesforce PDF User Guide. Get user manual

    LinkPoint guides guide users through simple configuration processes to tailor LinkPoint Connect to their individual and organizational requirements. Various locations are available to control the display of data in LinkPoint Connect Salesforce, logs everything emails and syncs information between systems. In this important section, you will learn how to configure settings and filters for the Salesforce connector in LinkPoint Assist.

    Click images in the Knowledge Base to view full-size screenshots.

    Configuring LinkPoint Connect Salesforce

    linkpoint error

    C right-click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the program tray, then select Configure LinkPoint Connect.

    Select Salesforce from the list of components on the left side of the LinkPoint window Assist.

    Select Sign In to link your Salesforce account now to LinkPoint Connect if not already signed in.

    Select Disconnect to disable LinkPoint Connect. Select Test Connection to verify that your Salesforce account is likely successfully connected to LinkPoint Connect.

    Select the status of the entry from the dropdown list and define the status of the item when the software is injected into Salesforce in the activity history.

    Tip: LinkPoint Connect sets the recording status to Completed andLists a list of 6 default options that reflect the default status of Salesforce. Most LinkPoint Connect – Members leave a Completed status entry so it doesn’t show up as an open activity in Salesforce. If your awesome organization uses custom statuses, you can take a bite into the Registration Status field. And expand the Salesforce status as it appears on your system.

    Select an entry to recommend all Linkpoint Connect reasons, and add connected contacts to the entry field in the entry window. This includes contacts that can be found in To: , Cc: and Bcc: This option is enabled by default.

    Tip: if enabled, contacts associated with a saved email address will be automatically added to the” Save in “area. Users can delete all contacts of our own field before savingby e-mail.


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    Select a long drop-down text list for recommendations for handling emails containing text that exceeds the Salesforce limit of 32,000 characters exceeded.

    Tip: The Truncate Text option is likely to save content with as many characters as possible. Any content larger than 32,000 characters will be saved. multiple original emails to items in the entire Salesforce activity history list during shared email recording. Each instance is very similar except that the body contains a portion of the email message body. Exceptional error setting does not log email messages that are longer than 32,000 characters.

    Warning: you can keep the contents of emails longer or you can trim the information yourself by selecting the Edit tab in the recording window and with the contents in Bodywork category. This field contains a number of characters for reference.

    Select the Email to fields check box to search for additional email address fields when recording email.

    Select the Filters tab. Often select the type of record you want to work with and, if necessary, select the field associated with extraordinary. Enter values ​​To define experience applied to the selected elements.

    Tip: Users set specific criteria for hiding items in niches or from Salesforce preventing them from displaying in LinkPoint Connect. Field elements Dynamically change fields when the array changes, the elements are selected.

    : Companies do not want to include covered cases as parameters for registering LinkPoint Connect readers. In this example, your user or current administrator will select the Request or Request account contact in tabular form. Then select IsClosed from the field options. Enter Yes in the last input field. This tells LinkPoint Connect to look for a situation with a Closed status and not display it if necessary.

    Click Apply to complete the settings. Click OK to close LinkPoint Assist.

    Download: Access the entire LinkPoint Connect: Outlook + Salesforce User Guide in PDF format. Get user manual



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