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Troubleshoot Xbox 360 Lips Troubleshooting



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    In this guide, we’re going to highlight some potential causes that can lead to Xbox 360 lip troubleshooting, and then I’ll suggest possible solutions that you can try to fix the problem.



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    pittzburghkidd 12 years ago # 1

    None of these microphones can be connected. I have clicked the correct links (including the xbox utility button) and am getting color-coded feedback from the microphones, but I can’t see anything on the Xbox 360 rings. Insert new batteries, turn off the device and turn it back on … nothing, no ideas?

    Thank you

    I had the same problem many years ago

    but when you press the small round control button on your Xbox (mentioned above, the power button)
    the rings should start flashing

    Then press and hold the on / off button on the main microphone until it flashes once per second,
    Then hold it down again until it flashes four times per second.
    then it should cast a red / blue color (each, no doubt, depending on which mic you are using)

    do it for both microphones

    hope it is will help

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    pittzburghkidd (theme creator) 12 years ago # 3

    This is what the posts say … I tried in vain.

    lips xbox 360 troubleshooting

    JustJaymo yes 12 # 4 years old

    I had exactly the same problem!

    Make sure the controller is connected.

    It worked for me …. Although there was no other quadrant for three hundred and sixty … the microphones have always worked well.

    “Beware of the darlings before us”

    < p> goloud 12 years ago # 5

    Same result for me that in the previous poster, the microphones work very well, but despite everything, I think somewhere in the manual it could be said that no active microphone has ever illuminated a truequadrant on my 360

    This is still a typical game. Relax.

    Rdeal2 12 years ago # 6

    The time is incorrect, no quadrants are constantly on, just hold the button on the ground for 4 seconds (while they are flashing green ), so press the 360 ​​button at the same time as sync.

    DogMeat1977 12 times # 7

    do whatever you did to establish the connection. Chances are you are poor, I did this for the first part. Book
    reports that the power button sounds when the microphone is connected, but this is incorrect information,

    what the person is looking at, the indicators transmit the microphone to create a blue light. as soon as this happens, a new one is connected. You still need a controller to select a song.

    12 < a> agen00b changes the beats to # 8

    As mentioned, the microphones actually illuminate the quadrant of the light ring. However, you will need a controller to play the game and / which / could light up the quadrant.

    Otherwise The instructions in the manual will work.

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    3. Microphones don’t work, disappointed tip, good for kids!

    None of my microphones are connecting. I’m promoting the buttons I want (including the Xbox power button) and getting feedback on color choices for my microphones, but I can see everything on the Xbox rings. Put on new power supplies, turn the device off and on again … Almost nothing, have any ideas?

    but when you press the little button on the Xbox (at least above the power button)
    the rings should really start flashing

    Then press and hold the power button on the microphone until it blinks once for an entire second,
    then press and hold until it flashes four times. Once a second
    then set the color to red. / blue (depending on which microphone you are using) c)

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    It worked for me …. Although there was no other quadrant in 360 … the microphones still worked fine.

    For me, the finish is the same as on the previous posterThat is, in particular, one microphone works fine, but despite what I think is written somewhere in the manual, no microphone in the future has ever illuminated the quadrant on my pure 360 ​​°

    The manual is wrong, none of the quadrants glows very well, just hold the button for 4 seconds (until they start flashing green) after pressing the 360 ​​button, then they should sync well

    Do what you’ve always done to log in. However, this is not healing information,

    What you need is our own mic bulbs that make them flash blue quickly. Once this happens, you will be logged in. You still need your own controller to select songs.

    As mentioned, the corresponding microphones do not illuminate the quadrant above the light ring. However, you will need a controller to play the challenge and / he / will light up the quadrant. No

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    If you have both lips and. Bought a Guitar Hero World Tour (or Rock Band) for this Christmas, you may have an unpleasant problem with the second wireless microphone that comes with Lips: the lights stopped working during the songs ; There were some timing issues: instruction videos and karaoke words were choppy, the sound became more and more delayed.


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    The problem is caused by a micro-USB plugged into the Xbox (the one that comes with Guitar Hero or Rock Band): just unplug it and your 2. “Restart” will be required if you have a USB microphone jack. plug while Lips is running).

    Oddly enough, Lips microphones and other music games are definitely incompatible, but they also cause almost all other problems.

    Thanks to this thread on the GameSpot forums who suggested this fix.

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    How do you sync your lip mic to Xbox 360?

    How do you remove the battery from an Xbox 360 mic?

    How do I connect my microphone to my lips?

    The sync button is visible on the front of the device, to the left of the main USB ports. Press on it, then press and hold the power button on all microphones for about 4-5 seconds. This will sync the microphone while you are.




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