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How To Fix The Nv12 Codec?



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    Here are some simple steps that can help you fix your nv12 codec issue. This is the preferred 4: 2: 0 pixel style. For example, where nx and ny are the width and height of the image, respectively, and your current Cr and Cb are stored on separate layers.

    This is an ideal 4: 2: 0 pixel format. For example, since nx and ny are the correct image width and height, and some Cr and Cb are stored at human levels.




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    SE4: 2: 0 with an image of an 8-bit Y sampling rate followed by an interlaced U / V ratewith 8-bit 2×2 color change patterns with downsampling.

    Horizontal Vertical
    Sample period Y 1 1
    V (Cr) Free trial 2 2
    U (Cb) Free trial 2 2

    “The format in which all Y patterns are found first in memory as an unsigned array with a number that even has to do with strings (possibly with more biomechanics for memory alignment), immediately followed by an unsigned character array containing nested Cb and Cr patterns (so in caseIn addition to the design and style of Little Endian WORD, it will be Cb in LSB as well as Cr will be in MSB) with the same overall pitch as the specific Y samples.This is it popular pixel format 4: 2: 0. “

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    In Aria-label = “Article In This Article

    To decode confused 4: 2: 0 video, use one of the applied uncompressed pixel formats. Readabilitydatatable = “1”>


    YUY2 As described in 4: 2: 2 video pixel formats , except that Cb and Cr output sample lines are generated for each actual line, which is 4: 2: get 0-Cb samples and Cr. … Second, no doubt, the row of each pair of output dialog boxes is usually either duplicates of our own first row, or is generated by calculating samples from the first row in comparison a pair with samples from the first row, the most important of the next pair.
    UYVY As in the described video pixel formats 4: 2: 2 , only this for each current model of 4: 2: 0 Cb and Cr samples, two lines with Cb and Cr are created. Second, the row of each pair of productivity rows is usually either a duplicate containing the first row, or is created by simply averaging the first type of samples paired with the samples around the first row of a close pair.
    YV12 All Y samples are first put into RAM as an array of unsigned characters (possibly with a large step to align memory), followed by all Cr samples (with half the Y label and half the number of lines), with a point immediately followed by the same is followed by all cb samples that do the same.
    IYUV Like YV12, except that the order of the Cb and Cr levels is reversed.
    NV12 A format in which each Y pattern found can first be memorized as an array of unsigned characters, which is reason enough for an even number of lines (possibly combined with a large step to align nmemory). It is immediately followed by an array for unsigned characters that contains nested Cb and Cr patterns. If these samples are addressed mainly because of the big endian WORD type, you should have cb in the least significant bits and Cr in the most significant sections with the same general tone as the corresponding Y samples. NV12 is the most popular 4 pixel format : 2: 0.
    NV21 Same as NV12, except that experts say the Cb and Cr samples are swapped for this reason, because the unsigned char chroma array definitely includes Cr followed by Cb to create each sample (so with the same addressing this is a typical big endian WORD. Cr will increase to the least significant bits and Cb to the most primary bits).
    IMC1 Same as YV12, except that the pattern of the Cb and Cr planes is usually the same as the pitch in the Y plane. The Cb and Cr levels should also be within memory, idea is a multiple of 16 lines. The following code examples show the calculations for all Cb and Cr levels.
    BYTE * pCr implies pY + ((((height 15) + & ~ 15) stride length);
    BYTE * pCb = pY + (((((( Height 5.3)/ 2) 15) + & ~ 15) 1st step);
    In the previous examples, pY is definitely a byte pointer, it points to the beginning of the storage array, and the height must be a multiple of 16.
    IMC2 Same as IMC1, except that Andcb-Cr lines are nested at half step boundaries. In other words, each full pitch line often begins in the chromaticity region with a line connected to Cr, followed by a Cb line starting at the border of the next half pitch. (This is a more efficient address space format compared to IMC1 because it cuts in half the information space for chroma and thus certainly reduces the total address space by 25 percent.) This is the preferred complementary format over NV12, but NV12 seems to be more popular … …
    IMC3 Like IMC1, except swap Cb and Cr.
    IMC4 Similar to IMC2, except that Cb and Cr are swapped.

    nv12 codec

    For more information on these formats, see Recommended 8-bit YUV Formats for Video Rendering in Microsoft M specific documentationedia Foundation.

    nv12 codec



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    What is UYVY video format?

    Color difference digital video format, also referred to as FOURCC UYVY. This data format uses 4: 2: 2 chroma downsampling, with two samples represented by 8 data bits. The order of its components may be the same as for electronic digital video transmission. “

    Is YUV better than RGB?

    YUV color spaces are more efficient at HTML encoding and reduce bandwidth more than RGB capture. Therefore, most video decks render directly using YUV images, possibly luma / chroma images. In addition, some al Screen compression algorithms such as JPEG, portrait format support YUV, so no RGB conversion is required.

    What is YUV422 format?

    The YUV422 data format separates the U and V values ​​between two p’s. Therefore, these values ​​are likely to be transferred to protect the PC image only once every two p, resulting in an average transfer cost of 16 bits per pixel.




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