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You Have A Sqldeveloper Error Issue



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    If you are experiencing sqldeveloper error, this guide may help you. This error usually means that one of the hosts, port, sid / service is the worst, or that there is a network problem.



    Hi guys! Has anyone encountered TNS IO error with “The network card could not complete all connections”? when you try to reconnect in SQL Developer or connect to a database using SQL * Plus Editor. If so, then you have come to the right place, because here on this blog, I will show you how to fix this error.

    So, without further ado, let’s fix your tricky TNS error.

    Step 1. Make Sure Your Entries Are Correct

    To resolve the “The network adapter system failed to connect” error, first make sure you entered the correct username and password, and the correct username, correct host, and port number. Although this has turned into small things, we cannot avoid it. After all, in other respects, little things are more important.

    [bctt tweet = “How to resolve the” Network adapter failed to connect “error in just a few steps” username = “RebellionRider”]

    You can check the listener for a valid hostname and port number. If the client has access to your server, the auditor is definitelyIt is run by the server process. In fact, if you don’t have access to the listener.ora directive, you can look at the tnsnames.ora file.

    In the request for the Listener.ora file, ensure that the host port entry in the listen tag matches a valid hostname and port number.

    And if you are indeed using the TNSnames.ora file to check the hostname and port number, find an entry that has the same concept as your SID, and then check the host and number input port in the particular tag used.

    Try logging in now. If all this solves your problem, you can skip our next step. But if the error “The network adapter cannot connect” was still there, don’t worry, just take the next step.

    Step 2. Are Your Audience Resting?

    If the problem persists and you haven’t fixed this nasty bug, chances are your listener isn’t working. To check if the Listener is running or not, just open a new command prompt with administrator privileges and type

    This command tells you the status of your phone. Obviously, if the output of this advisory command looks like In the image below, this is preventing your listener from starting. After that, you need to start the earphone.


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    This will grab the attention of your viewers and will probably solve your problem.

    Information Byte:
    If you are having trouble starting the listener, first try the “OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener” Windows service. To do this, open the run command and write services.msc, this will make your service panel responsive. Find the same person here and right click to launch it.

    That’s all you need. This should fix the “adapter cannot establish a connection” network error. May the force be with you. Have some fun.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For SQL Developers

    How do I fix IO Error in SQL Developer?


    Please note that I have changed the data for security reasons. However, the problem remains intact.

    I have installed Oracle 11g on a site server like I have another Oracle 11g database on the site server, say

    sqldeveloper error

    I usually used the login, username, password, and hostname entered in addition to the service name in Oracle SQL for and derp- I might have wanted to connect to the schema at, but failed at This gives me this message:


      - test failed: network card cannot establish a connection 


    • Port 1521 is not open for any of the servers when I use telnet.
    • My pipe is ready for a few.
    • I can access Oracle SQL Developer at
    • The Oracle client is installed on my Oracle + SQL Developer professional machine.
    • I have the ability to run a remote desktop onon both servers.

    What I Have Is Ready

    • google search
    • Stack Overflow
    • Stop and start lnrctl requires
    • At I have the status lsnrctl
    • . executed

      Connect to (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = IPC) (KEY = EXTPROC1521)))AUDITOR STATUS------------------------Also known as LISTENINGTNSLSNR Version for 64-bit Windows: Version - ProductionStart date 06.03.2014 13:37:22Working time 6 days approximately 0 hours. 53 minutes 4 secondsTrace level disabledSecurity ON: Local Operating System AuthenticationSNMP disabledListener settings file D:  oracle  product  11.2.0  dbhome_1  network  admin  listener.Log oralistener file d:  oracle  diag  tnslsnr  HERP-DEVDB  listener  alert  log.xmlEndpoint Listening Summary ...  (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = ipc) (PIPENAME = .  Pipe  EXTPROC1521ipc)))  (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp) (HTE = (PORT = 1521)))Brief description of services ...Service "CLRExtProc" has 1 instance (s).  Instance "CLRExtProc", status unknown, one or more managers for this service ...The "HERPDEVDBXDB" service has only one or more instances.  Herp instancedevdb, READY, status has one or more individual managers for this service ...The herpdevdb service has 8 instances.  The instance of herpdevdb, READY, status has 1 manager (s) for this service ...The completed request was successful 

    sqldeveloper error

      SID_LIST_LISTENER =  (SID_LIST =    (SID_DESC =      (SID_NAME = CLRExtProc)      (ORACLE_HOME = D:  oracle  product  11.2.0  dbhome_1)      (PROGRAM Extproc) = (ENVS corresponds to "EXTPROC_DLLS = ONLY: D:  oracle  product  11.2.0  dbhome_1  bin  oracr11.dll")    )  )LISTENING =  (DESCRIPTION_LIST =    (DESCRIPTION =      (ADDRESS = = (IPC Protocol) (KEY means EXTPROC1521))      (ADDRESS implies = (TCP protocol) (HOST = (PORT corresponds to 1521))    )  ) 

    At this point, I admit I’m ruining my head because I can’t find anything that stands out and tell myself why something that shouldn’t work.

    The only clue is when I check and move the lsnrctl status command. Pleasesee excerpt below:

      connect to (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HTE = (PORT = 1521)))LISTENING STATE------------------------Also known as LISTENINGTNSLSNR version for 64-bit Windows: Version - Date of manufactureStart 18-MAY-2014 02:19:01Accessible22 days 12 hours 23 minutes secRoute 18 on the upper levelSecurity ON: Local Operating System AuthenticationSNMP disabled--- Etc ---- 

    I scratch my head incredibly. Why does derp-db have to connect to while herp-devDB usually connect to EXTPROC1521? à How can I do this? Listener.ora and other files of these products between the two servers are almost identical, except of course for the instance names.HM.

    • EDIT1: I changed listener.ora to herp. This didn’t fix the problem.

    • EDIT2: I really can’t telnet to port 1521 in But can I connect it to SQL Developer? Which ?

    • EDIT3 I also cannot create on port 1521 via Telnet.
    • EDIT4 I am unable to ping the IP addresses of the two internet hosting servers.



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    Where is error in SQL Developer?

    Once created, add or replace Show Errors and use F5 instead of Ctrl + Enter. This will either run the entire script or ask Oracle to show us the errors for the session.

    Why my SQL Developer is not opening?

    I had a leadership problem too! You should go to: C: Users-your username- AppData Roaming sqldeveloper-version of your SQL developer – there is also a file named product. conf right here. Right click it and edit it with notepad in the document, edit your address in Java Home and register this tool.




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