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Steps To Start PowerPoint 2010 In Safe Mode



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    In this guide, we are going to describe some of the possible causes that might cause PowerPoint 2010 to start in Safe Mode, and then I will suggest some possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem. While holding down each CTRL key, double-click Application Engineering. Click Yes when a window appears asking if you want to run the software in Safe Mode.



    In the app Microsoft Office has a built-in Safe Mode feature. It helps when a person cannot use Office normally. Word may appear every time you open it, or it may crash when you open a small file. You can run the application in Safe Mode and there is a good chance it will work fine.

    What is Office Safe Mode?

    When you start an Office application in safe mode, it populates without add-ins or extensions, and without customizing the toolbar or command bar. Received documents, which normally open immediately, will not open. Auto correction and many other functions do not work and settings cannot be saved.

    If Office crashes every time you open it, it is most likely the result of an error in the add-in, but it could also be the result of a problem with your settings. Safe Mode loads without most of the features that could get you in trouble.

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    This is different from Windows Safe Mode; Windows Safe Mode will restart all your Windows operations without any third party drivers or other startup software that could cause problems. This is a similar idea, but only for Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    Start Safe Mode with keyboard shortcut

    To open any Office application in safe mode, hold down the Ctrl key while launching a shortcut to a specific program.

    To start Word in Safe Mode, for example, you will need to find the Word shortcut in the Start menu, on the precious taskbar, or on the desktop. Press and hold the Ctrl key and in some cases click it once (if it’s in your snack list or taskbar) or double-click that method (if it’s on your desktop).

    You see a great message: “You hold down the CTRL key. Would you like to start [Application] in Safe Mode? €.

    You can let go of the keyboardI search for Ctrl when this message box appears. Click OK to run the application in safe mode.

    Run command in safe mode with argument

    You can also start Office applications in all safe modes by starting them with the / safe option.

    For example, you can do this in the Run dialog box. Press Windows + R to unlock, then enter one of the following commands:

    • Word: winword / safe
    • Excel: excel / secure
    • PowerPoint: / secure
    • Outlook: powerpnt outlook / safe
    • Publisher: mspub / safe
    • Visio: visio / secure


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    Press Enter or OK and the applications will start in safe mode.

    If you need to regularly open an Office application in Safe Mode, you can create a progressive scan desktop shortcut for the Office application and add / safe at the end of a specific target field in the shortcuts area. ... Then this shortcut would always launch applications in safe mode.

    How to exit safe mode

    To exit safe mode Ima, you really should close the Office application and / or start it normally.

    If Office loads correctly in Safe Mode but crashes due to normal policy, the issue is most likely due to a shopping cart add-in. You can view them under File> Options> Add-Ins in Office 2016. You may need to uninstall one or more Office Add-ins, reinstall them, and continue to fail to update.

    If Office still hangs in Safe Mode, files may be corrupted. You can reinstall and uninstall Office on your computer.

    starting powerpoint 2010 in safe mode

    PowerPoint and other Office XP applications may automatically launch in Office Safe Mode when it detects obstacles with add-ins or other Office files, your computer's Windows registry, or templates. In this case, you will receive a message explaining the problem and asking if you want to remove a part of the program that could be classified as clearly erroneous.

    You can view a list of disabled items by selecting Help, About Microsoft PowerPoint, Disabled Itemsnents ". You can reactivate incompetent items through the same dialog.

    You can force PowerPoint to start in Office Safe Mode: hold down the Ctrl key while starting services by double-clicking the PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX file icon or icon. Press and hold the keyboard until the messaging device asks if you want to enter Safe Mode. Click Yes.

    You can also use the / safe option if you and your family are starting PowerPoint from the command line.

    If you start PowerPoint in this "trusted user-initiated mode", in fact, some of the following restrictions apply:

    • You cannot save models.
    • The office assistant does not appear immediately.
    • Toolbar and command bar settings are never loaded; Saved adjustments
    • Automatic fix list not loaded; The changes made will not be saved.
    • Recovered chords are not loaded automatically at startup
    • Smart tags are not loaded, cannot be saved
    • Parameters tocommand lines, some of which are larger than / a and / n, are ignored.
    • Additional inclusions and programs are not loaded automatically

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    starting powerpoint 2010 in safe mode



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    How do I boot up in Safe Mode?

    Press Windows logo key + I on your keyboard to open Settings.Select Update & Security> Recovery.In the Advanced Startup section, select Restart Now.After the computer restarts, on the Select an option screen, select Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup options> Restart.

    Why is PowerPoint in Safe Mode?

    When you start Office in Safe Mode, it loads unless you have add-ons or extensions, Alexa plug-ins, or command bar settings. The recovered PDF, which normally opens automatically, definitely won't open. Auto-correction and various other windows will not work and the settings cannot be restored.

    How do you get out of Safe Mode on PowerPoint?

    Select Active X Settings and uncheck Safe Mode. This will disable this feature in some Office programs.




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