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Solution To Fix Macbook DVD Drive Issues



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    In the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered an error message while troubleshooting their Macbook DVD drive. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss them below. Use water or a suitable CD / DVD cleaner such as Klear Kloths, and do not touch shiny surfaces with your fingers. If you suspect that your CD or DVD is damaged, repair kits are available from many vendors. Try installing another CD of the same type in the new drive.



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    Read disc

    • If you see a meaningful “No supported disc available” message: The DVD player does not recognize video content recorded on some types of DVD-RW discs. Try burning our content to DVD-R instead. This message also appears if there is no CD in the DVD drive.

    • troubleshoot macbook dvd drive

      If the DVD is automatically ejected: If you insert a CD with a different region from which the DVD drive is returned, do not change the region when prompted or when reaching with the most region changes the disc will be ejected (see Changing the Region of YourDvd player “).

    • If you see the message “Not everything is allowed”: This message may appear when you try to use an unsupported DVD player function after the movie (or at this stage), or if the movie was originally recorded on a DVD -RW-DVD type that the DVD player does not recognize.

    • When the last “Skip Corrupted Area” message appears: The DVD is usually scratched.

    Watch movie a

    • troubleshoot macbook dvd drive

      If a movie starts playing: If a movie suddenly stops playing, let alone a disc error message, the problem can usually be a damaged disc, a specific connection to your audio devices, or. these are our sound settings.

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      If you cannot use the hint or trackpad on your mouse, or select menu items on the DVD: press the arrow keys related to your keyboard. Press Enter or Enter to select an item.

    Watch an informative movie

    • If changing the volume does not work in the DVD player: when you adjust the volume , the maximum volume is supported by the DVD player, but it is still too low, select Apple – menu  < / picture >> System Preferences, click Sound, then Sound Effects. Drag the alarm volume slider to decrease the volume.

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    • If your whole family can … Can’t hear the movie: If you are using your DVD player to play the movie, but none of them can hear the sound, check and adjust the settings your computer or MP3 device (see Adjusting the audio output).

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    Why won’t my Mac recognize my DVD drive?

    Your Mac may not have an optical drive. On your Mac, choose Apple menu> About This Mac. Click System Report, click Disc Burn, and check the drive information to make sure it is in use. If immediate title does not support CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs, Eye is not available.

    How do I fix my DVD drive on my MacBook Pro?

    Typically, to eject the same type of disc, press the eject button on the side of your MacBook. Insert the disc and eject it several times. There is a possibility that allergens or fluff inside the player is protecting the automatic ejection of the disc.

    How do you reset a DVD drive on a Mac?

    RESET OPTICAL READER Once touchedIf the device turns off, press and hold the mouse button and turn on the imac desktop again. Hold the mouse button until you reach the login window. You will most likely hear the optical drive perform one eject cycle.




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