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Solutions For Wii Error 52221


You may encounter an error displaying wii error 52221. There are several ways to fix this problem, which we will talk about now.


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    Wii Error Code: 32002
    Short Description: Bad connection, mainly due to the channel of the wireless router or Nintendo server.
    Wii Error Code: 32003 Description: There is not enough internal memory in the area. Free up space or use a memory card.
    Wii Code: Error 32004
    Summary: No marriage due to high traffic or incompatible connection.
    Wii error code group: 50420, 50421, yours 50422 Wii Error Code Group: 51020, 51021, 51022
    Summary: Special troubleshooting required.
    Wii Error Code: 51030
    Short Description: Wireless network only within your business range The Wii console is not configured or is definitely not compatible with the Wii.
    Wii Error Code Group: 51031, The 51032
    Short Description: Only the wireless “network” within range of your Wii console is not configured or is not compatible with the Wii.
    Wii Error Group: Code 51040, 51041, 51042
    Overview: Troubleshooting is required for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector.
    Wii error code: 51130
    Short description: Your look. Going to the broadcast settings of the router to find out if it is installed on “G”, “B” or “Mixed.Mixed” usually works better, but check all three to see if it is better network connection to the Wii console.
    Wii error code 51330, Group: 513331, 51332
    Summary: Wii console cannot connect to access point Error
    Wii code group: 51340, 51341, 51342 Wii code error group: 51420, 51421, 51422
    Summary: The Wii console is not inside the connector for connecting to a wired router, also known as a modem. Wii error code group: 52020, 52021, connection 52022
    Summary: Problems with the router or modem. Wii
    – Error Code: 52030, 52032, Summary: 52031, This is more likely to be due to the wrong router tunnels or WEP key. Simply turning the router off and on again can help. Wii Code Group Error: 52040, 52041, 52042
    Description: The Wii console cannot connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB port.
    Wii group error code: 52120, 52121, 52122 – Summary: Turn off your router / modem, then turn it back on.
    Wii group error code: 52130, 52131, 52132 – Summary. This appears to be causing firewall issues Your primary wireless router.
    Wii Error Code 52140, Range: 52141, 52142
    Review. The Wii console cannot connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector.
    Wii Errors Group: Code 52220, 52221, 52222
    Short Description: Now there seems to be a problem with your router’s firewall.
    Wii code error group: 52230, 52231, 52232
    Summary: Your firewall is interfering with the Wii.
    Wii Error Code Group: 52240, 52241, 52242
    Overview: This error code often indicates that the Wii console was able to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, but cannot connect to the correct servers. …
    Wii Error Code 52420, Group: 52421, 52422, 52430, 52431, 52432, 52440, 52441, 52442
    Summary: The Wii console cannot connect to your proxy server. Wii error code group: 52520, 52521, 52522, 52530, 52531, 52532
    Summary: The Wii console cannot land on your proxy server because the deposit settings are incorrect (eg, additional username, password). Error
    wii -Code group: 52540, 52541, 52542
    Summary: The Wii console cannot connect to the proxy server because these account settings are incorrect (eg username and password).

    • Guest or public networks that require signing or agreeing to the Terms of Service are not compatible with the Wii.
    • If public use is Internet networking in a hostel, hotel, or similar location, contact your network administrator for assistance in connecting the Wii to the network.
    • This error indicated that the Wii console was allowed to connect to the network, but the software was unable to connect to the Nintendo servers.
    • This could indicate a problem with the network and the Internet connection in use, or the connection timed out.


    So You Can Do It

    1. Make sure all Internet connections are working and other manufacturers are actively using the Internet before proceeding.
    2. Turn on your router and custom loop modem, then try connecting your Wii console to the Internet again.
    3. Create a new separate internet connection file to make sure the Wii console is trying to connect to the correct wireless network and is undoubtedly getting strongwireless signal.
      • If you have not already done so, also check your Wi-Fi router to make sure you are entering the real password in the Wii console internet settings.
      • If you find that you are probably connecting to a “guest network”, your router (usually indicated by “-guest” at the end of the network name, or perhaps just the name of your ISP [eg “xfinitywifi”]), try instead use a non-guest version of the real network. For example, if you see “Mario” and “Guest Mario” while all Wii are looking for a wireless controller, try connecting to “Mario”.

    4. If the problem persists, enter a different DNS server in Internet settings on the Wii console and try again.
    5. Check for wireless interference that may cause low signal strength between the Wii console and cellular router and prevent the Wii console from accessing the Internet.
    6. Still unable to connect? Manually enter the network IP information in the Internet settings on that specific Wii console, then try again.

    Wrong Situation Solved

    wii 52221 error

    If the problem persists, please contact support.


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