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If Wmic Alias Not Found, Is There A Problem?


Over the past few weeks, several of our users have informed us that the wmic get alias was not found.


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    I’m using Web 2.0 with about 300 devices that I build with Spiceworks to keep track of things. However, the situation is such that 5 of them may appear. This often means that a firewall associated with an authorization problem is preventing remote access. Please readSee the help section. “I tried WMIDiag but didn’t find anything to indicate that it shouldn’t work. P>
    wmic get alias not found

    When I run the wmic manual, which is usually listed in the troubleshooting guide, I don’t get the serial number and this

    As previously mentioned, this happens regardless of the guidelines for my approach to the system, and I end up trying to integrate them into some systems. I can easily isolate this in the computer and often the firewall is disabled.

    C: > wmic / user: TORONTO Michael / password: ******** / node: systemclosure reach serial number
    systemclosure – Alias ​​not found.

    C: > wmic / user: TORONTO Michael / password: ******** / node: TIC5X102 systemclosure get serial number
    systemclosure – Alias ​​not found.


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    I have a product that is Uses WMI to get the status of the server it is running on. Application allocation should be used as follows to get the amount of free memory available: Os

      wmic gets freePhysicalMemory 

    On a specific server in the cluster, we receive the following error message.

      os - alias not found 

    Anyone have any tips for fixing this link alias? I tested the command on many servers in the same cluster (and on my own PC) and it worked fine. There are usually other ways to get it, but the app does not provide an easy way to use them. The server is likely running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.Thanks !

    requested August 8, 2016 at 5:11 PM

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    Your WMI database appears to be broken, you need to follow the instructions in the article:

    wmic get alias not found

    to run the WMI diagnostic utility to help you confirm if this is indeed your problem, then fix it next to this guide:

    1. winmgmt / verifyrepository

      If the result is likely to be inconsistent, go to step 2

    2. winmgmt / salvagerrepository
    3. winmgmt / verifyrepository – to verify after a successful restore of the wmi repository.


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    If that doesn’t work – try rebuilding the WMI repository from scratch, follow these steps:

    1. Disable and stop the winmgmt portion of the service.
    2. Delete or rename C: Windows System32 wbem repository
    3. Activate and start this winmgmt service.
    4. Open CMD command prompt as administrator.
    5. At the CMD prompt, navigate to C: Windows System32 wbem
    6. Run our own following command:

      for / f% s in ('dir / b * .mof') do mofcomp Start = "7">

    7. Now% s

      for / f% s in ('dir / b en-us *. mfl') select mofcomp en-us % s

    1. Restart the server

    answered Aug 8, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    wmic get alias not found




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