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You Have A Problem With Mysql Xbmc Error 1049

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This user manual will help you if you are facing xbmc mysql error 1049.


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    2017-12-07, 03:39(This post has been last edited: 07/12/2017 04:03 AM by Karellen.)

    Hi guys …

    I am trying to install Kodi (17.6) from scratch, then install a MySQL server and configure it with a Raspberry Pi 3 using Raspbian Soft, also from scratch.

    I installed Raspbian and then set up a MySQL server according to my instructions here. Then I installed Kodi on your Windows 10 computer, launched it to create a new user data folder, then closed it and added the advancedsettings.xml file with the following copy, is the static IP address on the Raspberry Pi:


    When I restart Kodi it crashes and stops responding. I see the following error in kodi.log: “ERROR: Could not open database: MyMusic60 [1049] (Unknown repository ‘MyMusic60’)”. MySQL server, on which “Browsing databases; »Displays the following databases:

    MariaDB [(none)]> Show Databases;
    + ——————– +
    | Database |
    + ——————– +
    | MyMusic60 |
    | information chart |
    | mysql |
    | performance_schema |
    + ——————– +
    4 lines in the program (0.00 sec.)

    I deleted your log because I personally do not allow updating the logs on the forum. Make sure

    Please enable debugging in Preferences> System Preferences> Logging, restartthe Kodi launch eventually reproduced the problem.

    1. Find a website with a pastebin brand. Two examples: or
    2. Paste the contents of the kodi.log file
    3. Click Insert, New, or New
    4. If the screen is undoubtedly refreshed after pasting, copy the entire address in the address bar above and paste it into a new message from your conversation

    I’m not a MySQL / MariaDB expert, but I would say try one slot to erase the MyMusic60 schema, then you should restart Kodi with debug enabled so you can try to create a shared database. Depending on how you do it, download the log as described above.

    2018-08-31, 22:41(This article was last modified: 4/9/2018 10:12 PM Mainly Shield. 146810.)

    I had the same problem that another subscriber reported in this post. Using advancedsettings.xml in my Kodi user data folder, it takes a long time to load. Since I was unable to find a cleaner, I decided to delete the suggested video database (using Mariadb’s reset function My NAS) to start over and imagine what will happen.

    So, I started Kodi in Type, Debug, hoping that this will create a new database.

    Can’t open database: MyVideos107 [1049]
    Cannot open database: MyVideos106 [1049]

    Can’t open system: MyVideos75 [1049]

    After stopping this (very long) process, Kodi finally managed to start and live in Phpmyadmin. I saw that a new MyVideos107 database was created (empty but searchable). Since then, the above error messages should no longer appear in the log.

    xbmc mysql error 1049

    But Kodi browsing and home browsing are still extremely stable, only when using advancedsettings.xml. Freezes Kodi to give 5-10 seconds every time I go from screen to screen. If I delete the XML file, Kodi works fine.

    Regardless of the method (Windows PC, Android devices), I will solve the problem right away.

    Apparently you have set up your database incorrectly, possibly a server with insufficient privileges for the “kodi” surfing database. You

    By the way, you don’t need to use this tag at this time.The video database racks in the advancedsettings.xml file.
    Kodi uses the standard myvideos prefix for this and adds a package number.

    22: 06: 55.642 T: 8920 INFO: MYSQL: connected to version 5.5.5-10.0.34-MariaDB
    22: 06: 55.658 T: 8920 Impossible error: open database: kodi_video107 [1049] (Unknown database 'kodi_video107')

    I got as much as my post and lied about how it turned out that Cody finally manages to get in after a long time. Once launched, it is actually very slow. If I delete this advanced settings file everything works fine.

    31.08.2018, 23:57(This delivery was last modified: 08/31/2018 11:59 PM by Klojum.)

    (2018-08-31, 23:37) shield.146810 Posted: Once launched, it can be very slow. If I delete the advanced settings file everything works fine.

    Obviously, for this latest job, Kodi only works with traditional database files.

    xbmc mysql error 1049

    When you run MariaDB SQL on a server with a Raspberry Pi, you rarely win the speed competition. Most SD cards have good read speeds I and, fortunately, low write speeds. I tried this on Raspberry 3B + pi and Raspbian running on a treadmill from an external SSD via USB. The gigabit port also helps a little. But remember that it can never compare to a definitely “normal” PC with an SSD with the right SATA speed and a true gigabit connection.

    (2018-08-31, 11:37 pm) shield.146810 Posted: User kodi has all permissions in phpmyadmin.


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    23: 25: 40,651 T: 5116 DEBUG: Start mysql transaction
    23: 25: 50.T: 5116 957 DEBUG: Mysql executes transaction
    The absence of an error between these two lines should not indicate that all SQL queries required for the transaction should have been processed without error, let alone that you should now have a MyVideos107 database.

    I use several clients: Kodi PC, Galaxy monthly bill, Shield TV, everything related to Gigabit Ethernet, all companies have the same problem. Used against each other to work smoothly without slow surfing and slow international calls. I have no idea what has happened since then, but I have to make sure there is something wrong.

    Just like writing: Is there now a searchable MyVideos107 database on SQL Server?
    Submit one new kodi.log file.

    Maybe there is an example of your company’s worn out RPi database SD card that is slowing things down.
    Try a new different SD card and completely install Raspbian + MySQL / MariaDB on it.
    You can also try checking the overall network speed with the RPi3 database printer. Is it 11 pm now?

    2018-09-04,(This statement was last modified on 5/9/2018 11:41 PM, just Shield.146810.)

    Quote: 20: 57: 26.135 T: 1864 INFO: MYSQL: linked to version 5.5.5-10.0.34-MariaDB20: 57: 26.174 T: 1864 NOTE. Database version MyVideos107

    xbmc mysql error 1049

    I am not using Raspberry, only PCs and Windows, Android devices, all of which face the same problem when using the Advancedsettings file: It takes a while to launch Kodi and view it. Cody freezes. In the upper left corner, CPU and memory reads normally associated with debug mode stop updating for 8 seconds. From the starting line 600 of the private log, you can see what happens when I goI walk from one screen to another (video library file area). I noticed the following message (not sure if this is related to the problem):

    Quote: ERROR: XFILE :: CDirectory :: GetDirectory – Error while getting

    Since my current problem is no longer the same as the original topic (error 1049 is gone), I suggest posting this issue on a different thread. Thanks for the comments received.



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