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How Can I Fix Xsplit Mp3 Audio Codec?



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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known bug with the xsplit mp3 audio codec. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now.



    In my current post, I tested a new gaming site with really high settings and didn’t really think much about bandwidth. If you haven’t read this blog post all the time, take a look at it.

    My goal with this blog is to show you how good live streaming results can be achieved with XSplit by describing an average video bandwidth of less than 400Kbps. For reflection, I tested FMLE 3.1 (Flash Media Live Encoder) with VHScrCap (VH screen capture driver).

    VH Screen Capture is also a driver for SplitmediaLabs and FMLE is an Adobe encoder product thatry uses the MainConcept H.264 encoder. The results below clearly show that the quality provided by XSplit when combined with X.Encoder 264 is ahead of what can be achieved with FMLE by implementing all the options available in the application.

    For all test threads, XSplit was configured with processes that provided the same CPU utilization as FMLE. However, for streamers in this location with inexpensive hardware, you can customize XSplit without “Optimize for size on creation” and using the default encoder preset. In this case, XSplit uses MUCH less CPU than FMLE, but still gives significantly better results than FMLE. An exception would be any in-game star like Craft that contains a lot of text. If we have a big difference between input and output, it follows that the “Enable text size optimization” permission is important so as not to lose the sharpness of the person’s text.

    Note. Due to licensing restrictions, MP3 as a new audio codec is no longer only available on XSplit Broadcaster.

    With Two Shooter Rivers (BFBC2 – Battle FieldBad Company) and one (CS16 – Counter Strike) the difference in quality is actually very obvious at first glance. For – (sc2 Starcraft 2) the favorable difference in quality is mainly visible during battles and camera movements (when the view is panoramic). If you upload the videos and place them side by side, it is obvious that if the screen moves when you are in the FMLE stream, there will be a lot of blurring, the XSplit stream will remain crisp and sharp.

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