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What Is Mac Xvid Codec Chip And How To Fix It?

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Over the past week, some users have told us that they have stumbled upon the xvid Mac codec chip.


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    Welcome to the third-party component of QuickTime, the World-Wide-Web. Using the open architecture QuickTimes, third-party developers often create components or plugins for QuickTime. These third-party components extend the functionality of QuickTime so that QuickTime can display additional types of reports. If you have media that requires third-party QuickTime to be installed, see the link below on the third-party website to see if it’s available for download.

    Note. If you are using a Macintosh with percentAs an Intel resource, be sure to visit the component developer website to download a generic binary compatible with your Intel-based Macintosh. PowerPC-based components will definitely not work in QuickTime on an Intel-based Macintosh.

    • QuickTime Player supports standard CEA-608 closed statements. Version 7.1.6 or higher is essential for playing multimedia content with subtitles. Download the latest version of QuickTime.

    • Efficient DivX codec (Win or Mac) allows user to play video content from DivX video.

    • Xvid

      Component for QuickTime allows users to enjoy and encode Xvids in QuickTime Player. Xvid is a video codec library that conforms to the MPEG-4 standard.


    • Great scheduling, smooth playback, web video codec is now available for Windows computers, Mac PPC and Mac Intel. ZyGoVideo delivers high quality video at popular modem prices. The ZyGoVideo component provides encoding functionality for QuickTime Pro.

    • The ACT-L3 codec allows users to use ACT-L3 in harmony with the Apple QuickTime environment. CombinedWith Apple QuickTime ACT-L3 provides low quality, high quality and high compression, ideal for electronic production in the field. The codec works with any application that supports sending or editing in Apple QuickTime.

    • Autodesk FBX for Active Quicktime QuickTime as a key 3D display solution that supports content from any professional 3D package. With FBX tailored for QuickTime, digital artists can easily, efficiently, and freely share, view, and interact with 3D content. Now available for Mac OS X and Windows.

      Clean video

    • It is often a powerful non-destructive codec that is faster than real-time for film, post-production, and archiving. For uncompressed formats, SheerVideo doubles hard drive speed, hard drive speed and capacity, expanding bandwidth with perfect bit-by-bit fidelity. Supports all popular uncompressed formats: RGB, YCbCr; 4: 4: 4, 4: 2: 2; alpha suggested; 8 bit; 10-bit progressive, interlaced; SD, HD, all D; NTSC, PAL; 4: 3, 16: 9, any : any; any tariff in the system. Includes non-destructive Synchromy ™ color conversion.


    • The Hip QScript Extension Essentials (QSXE) component lets you use custom wireframes in QuickTime movies. Wireframe Actions let you edit and manipulate an entire QuickTime movie yourself (and other QuickTime movies) using the languages ​​that are embedded in the movie.

      xvid codec mac chip

      QSXE functions:

      primary – storing and retrieving data using cookies

      – Print directly to a QuickTime movie

      – Add video to panoramic VR

      This component can be created using LiveStage Professional, Totally Hip’s award-winning QuickTime script included in the box. “M

    • Hips

      The Totally Audio Visualizations component allows your company to visualize audio as a spectrogram, waveform, or spectrum analyzer.

      The audio visualization components were developed by Totally Hip Technologies Inc. for the Cornell Ornithology Laboratory – the Macaulay Library and the Bioacoustics Research Program.

      xvid codec mac chip

      You can create one using the component in conjunction with LiveStage Professional, Totally Hip’s award-winning QuickTime package.

    • The EnSharpen video codec has generally been designed to provide the highest possible compression of screen capture content while maintaining lossless video quality even over multiple decompression / recompression cycles in production processes. EnSharpen is ideal for delivering cross-platform video courses and e-learning objects for software. This aspect allows you to read movies in EnSharpen encoding. For Mac OS9, OSX and Windows.

    • Believed

      The Redcode QuickTime codec supports RT playback in Final Cut Pro and on-camera editing of generated QuickTime reference movies. The REDCODE RAW QuickTime codec also allows you to play REDCODE RAW movies directly from QuickTime Player or other QuickTime-compatible applications.


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    The XviD codec is not yet available for Mac to actually play XviD videos on your Mac.First you need to install QuickTimeand the DivX codec. Then you needdownload the installation and then the delegate component available for your Mac OS version:

    The .sit file contains a QuickTime component that delegates XviD video playback.non the DivX codec installed on the system. Install XviD Delegate StuffMac OS X, place the XVIDDelegate.component entry in the / Library / QuickTime folder and then restart.If you are using Mac 8/9, place this XVIDDelegatePPC file in the QuickTime Extensions the Macintosh System Extension folder and restart.

    To find out more about downloading movies, try ourMovie download section.

    xvid codec mac chip



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