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How Do I Check A Mounted Aix Filesystem?


In the past few days, some readers have reported that the mounted aix filesystem has been checked.


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    As an alternative to -T available as remote as Romeo mentioned, you can teach df to look for specific filesystem projects (vfstype):

      df -T nfs; df-Tnfs3; df-Tnfs4; 

    … I have selected unique and supported NFS types on the web,rather than / etc / vfs using something like awk '$ 1! / nfs / '/ etc / vfs . This note nfs3 is exactly the same vfs_number as nfsv3 , so choose either one or the other.

    check mounted file system aix

    A wrapper for Nagios, checks if the provided FS is mounted. This assumes you are using NFS by default, but this can be checked for any type of FS:

    NFS, NFSv4, CIFS, JFS, JFS2, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, etc. (If FS is mounted more than once, it will issue a warning and report the number of most frequent connections).

    This script does not check fstab and it could be / etc / filesystem entries or other tabs because it is designed to use the lowest possible CPU time and is preferred on various types of operating systems.

    This is a natural scenario, but it recognizes editing any number of FS types and multiple scenarios being edited by the same FS.


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    Compatibility has been confirmed with the following operating system:
    IBM AIX v5.2 – v7.2
    RHEL v4.8 – v6.6, RHL v9
    Ubuntu v10.04-v18.04 LTS
    SuSe v11
    CentOS v6.5-10
    CygWin v2.0.4-v2.5.1 and BusyBox v1.22.1
    Oracle Solaris x86 v10-v11.3
    SCO V6 openserver.0.0
    SCO UnixWare v7.1.4 +, v7.1.4

    • Nagios 3.x
    • Nagios 4.XI

    Shell x

  • nagios script for Nagios, checks if FS that has spent $ 1 multiple times is mounted with mount type $ 2. no
    if parameter is passed in $ 2, it defaults to NFS type.
    This script never checks fstab or / etc / filesystem for other instruction entries because it is designed to use as little CPU time as possible and to be used across different operating systems.

    It’s a simple scenario, but the idea is to recognize virtually any type of FS-related mount, and multiple instances that are undoubtedly mounted by the same FS.

    check mounted file system aix

    Compatibility tested with the following operating system:
    IBM AIX v5.2-v7.2
    RHEL v4.8-v6.6, RHL v9
    Ubuntu v10.04-v18.04 LTS
    SuSe v11
    CentOS v6.5-10
    CygWin v2.0.4-v2.5.1 and BusyBox v1.22.1
    Oracle Solaris x86 v10-v11.3
    SCO OpenServer v6.0.0
    SCO UnixWare v7.1.4 +, v7.1.4

    Hosted under GPLv3, free to use and modify, be sure to include sources and links where applicable. Author: Carlos Ijalba – 2016-2018

    OK – / exports is mounted and managed by NFS.
    CRITICAL e “/ export” is not mounted under “NFS”.
    ATTENTION – “/ exports” is mounted from several days to several weeks! (3)

    USE: [$ 1 from file system] | optional: [$ 2 – type (default NFS)]

    OK – $ 1 turns into $ 2.
    CRITICAL (empty) $ 1 is not set below $ 2.
    ATTENTION – $ 1 is mounted only a few times! (Number of assemblies)

    Examples: / developer / logs / cifs developer check_mount./ora12c sh nfs4 check_mount./db2 sh ext3 / CICS jfs2 The

    After reporting the Nagios status, the script displays the name and version of the script, which is absolutely useful for keeping track of versions of Nagios services and scripts called by the service / command.

    check mounted file system aix



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    How do you check if a filesystem is mounted in AIX?

    Ensure that the required shared file systems are mounted and where they are located on the cluster nodes on the two-node C-SPOC platform. At startup, AIX attempts to pay for all file systems listed in / etc / filesystems using the check = true attribute by issuing the special fsck command.

    How can I tell if a file system is mounted?

    Check / proc / monte. If you are looking for a specific file system name and path that you want to mount (perhaps even a specific line given all the parameters in it), you can determine exactly how the filesystem is mounted.

    How check NFS mount point in AIX?

    At the host’s root server prompt, type mkdir / mnt / (or mount point) to create a new directory to be implemented as a mount point and press Enter. Type ping and press Enter to make sure you are just pinging.




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