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Easiest Way To Fix Creating Shortcut In Windows Mobile 5


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    You should check these troubleshooting methods if you get an error code regarding shortcut creation in Windows Mobile 5. g.Click and / or hold the stylus on the name of the request form exe file. Select Copy from the context menu. Navigate to the folder where the person wants to create the shortcut (usually Windows Start Menu Programs) and select Menu-Edit- “Paste shortcut”.



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    On Windows Mobile devices, the specific Today screen is usually the same as the Windows desktop on the computer. It displays information that you probably want to always refer to, including your career and appointments, the time and battery life of your device. Unfortunately, depending on what you do with the solution, it may take a few taps on the screen to get to the Today screen while you need to see it. To avoid this unique limitation, customize one of the buttons on your device to act as a shortcut to the Today screen.

    step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Pick almost any button from the list and dive into it. The buttons available depend on your specific device.

    Step 4

    Step “” 5

    Select from the dropdown menu, then just click”OK”. Press the button many have chosen to go straight to the Today screen.

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    • You can always customize the Windows Mobile Button Menu so that the hardware buttons do almost everything on your device correctly. To add a shortcut to the Today screen, try using the hardware buttons to launch Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player.

    With Microsoft ActiveSync or Win Traverse under Vista or Win7, you can “explore” these Windows Mobile devices from your computer. In File Explorer, click it next to the new application and select Create Shortcut. Cut the shortcut from this file and paste it into
    The Windows Start Menu Programs folder on someone’s device. Then you can rename all the shortcuts if you like.

    Moving and renaming a specific shortcut can be done directly in Windows Mobile, but creating the shortcut must be done on the desktop.