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Easiest Way To Troubleshoot A Sample Mobile SIP Servlet



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    Here are some simple methods to help you solve the problem with the mobile SIP servlet samples.



    For those new to SIP, it can be difficult to figure out how to start on a positive note. One of the challenges is knowing what tools they are using and where to find the right libraries. This will show you how to quickly familiarize yourself with the basic functions of SIP. The sample Sip servlet is configured using basic SIP methods, which you can use to register a SIP phone and place a call between two SIP phones, and to understand some SIP game consoles. Output.

    Much of what is explained here will undoubtedly be based on the Mobicent Sip servlets getting the Java programming language. Yes

    There are many investments on the Internet that explain how to learn Java. This tutorial does not teach you the basics of Java. It is really meant forto help you get started with SIP using Java Servlets and Mobicent Sip.

    mobicent sip servlet examples

    If your business needs professional help to launch a SIP project beyond the scope of this guide, you can contact us here

    • Download MAVEN and install it on your system.
    • Download the latest Mobicents Sip servlet HERE, remember the installation instructions HERE.
    • Download and install Eclipse Java EE for Developers HERE.
    • Download the HelloSipWorld ringtones servlet HERE.

    STEP 1. Create A Custom Work Environment

    Using Eclipse is not required to use this tutorial. However, it can be useful for quickly modifying and deploying servlets.

    After downloading all the programs described above, do the following:

    • Start Eclipse
    • To help you, go to File -> New -> Miscellaneous.
    • Scroll down and select the Server-> Server option on the Select Mage screen as shown below.
    • Click Next.
    • In the Define New Server window, enter JBoss when choosing a server type.
    • selectGo to JBoss 7.1 and click Next.
    • In the JBoss Runtime, find the root directory in the directory that has the Mobicents Sip Server type installed.
    • In the screenshot below, the root directory is mss-2.0.0.FINAL-jboss-as-7.1.2.Final
    • Right-click the server and select Start.
    • If it started successfully, it will look like the new screenshot below. The console also tells someone if it started correctly.

    You can also use a series of from commands to start the server by navigating to the $ JBOSS_HOME / bin directory. $ JBOSS_HOME represents the root directory of what is usually the MSS server.

    • sudo ./ -c standalone-sip.xml

    STEP 2 Import – Mobicents Sip Sample Project In Eclipse

    You need to unpack the HelloSipWorld example servlet that you already downloaded here.

    • Go to File Maven-> Import-> Maven-> Existing Project often.
    • Click Next
    • Find most of the root of the my-sipapp directory, which includes the HelloSipWorld servlet.
    • eclipse selects the pom.xml file in the root directory
    • click Finish.

    mobicent sip servlet examples

    After completing the aboveFor this step, the servlet will appear in the Explorer project, although it is shown in the screenshot below

    STEP 10 – Basic SIP Java Methods

    In this tutorial, only Java Sip techniques have been used in therapy, which are necessary to help you understand the basics of SIP. In Eclipse under Servlet

    • When my-sipapp installs a servlet with Mobicents, the init () tool is called
    • When you switch from a mobile phone from a sip phone to another phone for drinks, the doInvite () method is called
    • The doResponse () method processes all responses sent to and from the user agent during a SIP communication. DoRegister ()
    • The method handles the registration of user agents (Sip phones) on the Sip server or possibly a proxy server.
    • The doBye () method intervenes if your call is interrupted.

    The above can be simplified to make it easier to analyze how these functions work.

    STEP Docs – File Configuration


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    The sip address of Mobicents Server refers to specific servlets that perform different functions. You must tell the Sip server which servlet to use when answering SIP calls. ConfigThe walkie-talkie should be examined in the $ JBOSS_HOME / standalone / configuration / dars / file.

    Change the content pointing to the file to point to the HelloSipWorld servlet as shown below:

    INVITE: (“”, “DAR: From”, “ORIGINATING”, “”, “NO_ROUTE”, “0”)
    SUBSCRIBE: (“”, “DAR: From”, “ORIGINATING”, “”, “NO_ROUTE”, “0”)
    OPTIONS: (“”, “DAR: From”, “ORIGINATING”, “”, “NO_ROUTE”, Will “0”)


    You need to restart Mobicents for the changes to take effect. $ JBOSS_HOME became the root of the Mobicents directory that you purchased and registered. This is how the boot server works if it was not always started

    • $ JBOSS_HOME / bin /
    • sudo ./ -c standalone-sip.xml

    STEP 9 – Delivering My-sipapp.war

    For a small example of the HelloSipWorld servlet, you need to provide all the my-sipapp.war files. It can be found deep under my-sipapp / target / my-sipapp.war

    If you are making any changes to the file using Eclipse or another text editor, you need to do a fresh, correct installation of Maven and copy the file type my-sipapp.war to the $ JBOSS_HOME / standalone / Deplows folder. directory – File. forchanges to be applied.

    STEP 6 – Test HelloSipWorld If Servlet

    Although you can use the Eclipse IDE, the command-style console makes analysis and troubleshooting easy. Be sure to start a separate Mobicents server with any command in the network interface as follows:

    • $ JBOSS_HOME / bin /
    • sudo ./ -c standalone-sip.xml

    If the server starts correctly, you will know the final console information similar to the one below

    [warning type = “success”] INFORMATION [] (controller boot stream) JBAS015874: JBoss AS 7.1.2. Final “Steropes” inside started 9833 ms – started 139 on 225 Services (85 passive services plus on request). [/ Alert]

    Make a phone call using a SIP device. In this example, we are using Linphone. When you start Linphone and configure it to use a proxy with handle, it automatically tries to register. The doRegister () method responds and stores the phone URI in a non-persistent list.

    The screenshot below shows the agent driver, the SIP phone has essentially registered successfully an using the doRegister () method

    Before making a call, you need to register two SIP phones. If the SIP phones are not registered successfully, everyone gets the “USER NOT FOUND” message.

    To run multiple instances of a specific SIP phone, in this case Linphone,

    When you call from one SIP phone to another, doInvite () will be sure to be enabled, and it will determine who will answer the call. You will see an INVITE console similar to the following source.

    To: ; tag = 10028354_04aaf0e5_c423d74d-f20d-4345-bf12-b42c0fd02d6a
    Via: SIP / 2.0 / UDP;rport=5062;branche=z9hG4bK991800391;received=
    Phone number: 1190782799
    From: ; tag = 1035072737
    Content length: 0
    When you hang up a new call and hang up, the SIP phone sends a BYE and this is handled by the doBYE () method. Also see Console output that looks like this:

    INFO [] (Mobicents-SIP-Servlets-UDPMessageChannelThread-9) Most HelloSipWorld got BYE …
    23: 36: 32 806 INFORMATION [gov.nist.javax.sip.stack.SIPTransactionStack] (Mobicents-SIP-Servlets-UDPMessageChannelThread-9) from = â €â € ³
    to = â € 5062â € ³
    Hour = â € 1363152992804â € ³
    isSender = “true”
    TransactionId = â € z9hg4bk872892839â € ³
    callId = â € 550252073â € ³
    firstLine = “SIP / 2.0 two hundred OK”
    To: ; tag = 73727890_04aaf0e5_265d4e5b-6ea4-4000-b9f3-cb5f105db14f
    Via: SIP / 2.0 / UDP;rport=5062;branche=z9hG4bK872892839;received=
    CSeq: 21 BYE
    Phone number: 550252073
    From: ; tag = 629652697
    Content length: 0

    In this file, you will notice a twist in the () function. This is a better way to write information to the console than using the standard Java command. Another benefit of () has always been the function of last writing information to the log file, which you can refer to later for troubleshooting.

    SIP offers much more than what is presented here. Having said that, this is a good place to start.



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