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The Easiest Way To Fix Flash Builder Error # 2048

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    Hopefully this blog post will help you if you are facing Flash Builder error # 2048.

    I have included a simple Flex app that tries to connect to the server via WebSocket, definitely a protocol. Everything works fine when running the application in the Flash Builder 4.6 debugger. So, I installed the application on my server and after a while I get the error message # 2048. # 2048 seems like a good security bug.

      Security.loadPolicyFile ('http: // myserver: 8081 / crossdomain.xml'); 

    I will see in the web logs a server that seems to be loaded by the client. =

      websocket new WebSocket (url, "*", 'dummy', 5000);// add some event owners ...websocket.connect (); 
      http: // myserver: 8081 
      ws: // myserver: 8081 / data 

    Why is it running locally with Flash Builder and not on my hosting? What am I missing?

    I am testing the Flash Builder for PHP and when deploying to a web server, the error occurs in the following cases:

    I almost never haveI got along with documentation and tutorials. My application works fine for setting up a local Zend server, but when I go to a remote World Wide Web server I am having problems.

    2) amf_config.ini has updated the wonderful Zend framework on the server and gateway.php will be available for sure (direct connection to gateway.php will not cause any errors by itself)

    3) I tried to change the bend over server option in my project, but Flash Builder for PHP doesn’t allow me to change my lifestyle, so I had to change my php endpoint input, gateway.php to. may change webserver

    Is there a specific protocol that can help me troubleshoot a specific error?

    I currently have a web server (tomcat) configured for localhost (8080) that provides Java information.

    I have a Flex Mapping version in Flex configured to connect to this project via BlazeDS. When I launch Flex Builder from within the application, everything is fine. I can expose all my data, get data remotely during RPC, etc.

    However, when I create some kind of Flex application and run it on my toOn my computer, I receive the following error message:
    [RPC Fault faultString = “Send error” faultCode = “Client.Error.Me ssageSend” faultDetail = “Channel.Secur ity.Error error Bug # 2048: Violation of secure test environment: File: /// C: / Users / User / Desk top / export test / LoginMenu.swf cannot find material from http : / load / localhost: 8080 / Framework / messagebroker / amf. URL: ‘오류 #2048 플래시 빌더
    Błąd #2048 Flash Builder
    Ошибка # 2048 Flash Builder
    Fout #2048 Flash Builder
    Erreur #2048 Générateur Flash
    Fel #2048 Flash Builder
    Fehler #2048 Flash Builder
    Error N. ° 2048 En Flash Builder
    Errore #2048 Flash Builder
    Error # 2048 Flash Builder