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Troubleshoot General Microsoft Outlook 2010 Errors: Application Not Found


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    This guide will point out some of the possible causes that might be preventing the application from detecting a generic Microsoft Outlook 2010 error, and then I’ll give a few possible solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

    Many people still use a traditional Windows-based corporate email client to view, write, and organize messages on their computer instead of providing Internet email services such as Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail, Google GMail, or Yahoo Mail. The two most popular Windows email clients are Windows Live Mail in the free version of Windows Essentials 2012 and Microsoft Outlook in the Office suite. Outlook is especially popular when it comes to small businesses.

    Of course, if you allow web email inyour client, you will receive interactive hyperlinked emails that are likely to be interactive, and the fill will open automatically in your default web browser. There is a rather annoying complication that can often arise in an email client: when you click a link in an email, the page does not load in the browser, instead an error message is displayed indicating which URL it is. to be open. Microsoft Outlook users may see an error message pop-up:

    microsoft outlook 2010 general failure application not found

    General error. URL: “”. Application not found

    For those who seem to be using Windows Live Mail, you will receive one last slightly different error message, which may read: Application not found

    Other email clients such as Bat! It could also be related to this process issue, although Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird don’t seem to have the same issue

    microsoft outlook 2010 general failure application not found

    As with most files on Windows, it is recommended to attach a hyperlink to the applicationthat can open and display it. This error site, when this link is broken, helps ensure that you corrupt registry entries that point to an inaccurate or non-existent program to extend an HTTP or HTTPS link. The most common cause of this problem is the installation and / or removal of web browsers. How the problem is solved is very important. Here are some solutions you can try.

    A Simple Solution To A Common Mistake

    The easiest way to get rid of this error is to change the default web browser in Windows. As long as you set your preferred default browser, the product is configured to open whatever URL links you click on.

    Make Internet Explorer The Most Important Default Browser

    If IE is your default browser for mobile phones and a generic error occurs, you can do something else like Chrome, first make Firefox the default browser, and then immediately after that override IE as the default. If Chrome is Firefox or is the default, you can first installIE by default and then do the same. This has the main effect of all factory resets, leaving your windows filled with programs for HTTP URLs.

    1. Open Internet Explorer and click the tip wheel in the upper right corner, then select the Internet option, or press Alt + X and type Y.

    2. Click the Programs tab and drag Set as Default to make IE your current default browser. If this is not your normal default browser, make sure the “Give me your opinion if Internet Explorer is not the wrong web browser” checkbox is cleared.

    3. Open the default browser settings previously selected, for example Chrome, on the other hand Firefox, and hopefully now it will ask you if you want to go back to the default settings, just select “Yes” to decide your problem. Otherwise, you can do it manually below.

    Make Chrome Your Default Browser

    If Internet Explorer or Firefox is installed as your preferred browser, and Chrome is installed, you can temporarily make it your default browser to reset the settingsKi.

    1. In the “Open, stainless steel” section, press the “Menu” button (3 long lines) and select “Settings”. At the bottom, the “Settings” button should be exactly the “Default Browser” button that you want to click.

    Make Firefox Your Default Browser

    Is there a general failure error in outlook?

    General failure. The URL was: “//”. The network cannot find the file specified. This is most likely not an Outlook bug, but a phone bug, but most people will notice it by clicking a link in an Outlook email message.

    As with other windows, you can use Firefox to change the default browser settings so that they can be reconfigured automatically, hoping to fix the problem.

    1. In Firefox, click the three-line button menu and select Options (Alt + T> O). The default browser button is at the bottom of the Advanced> General tab.

    Set Browser Default Settings Manually

    If, for some logical reason, simply setting the above Extension Browser option did not resolve the issue, you can also manually restore the default Open Hyperlink utility through the Windows Control Panel. There are several interconnected possibilities.

    Define Default Parameters Via Browser

    1. Open Control Panel> Default Programs, click Set options togo to default programs and technologies ”, then click“ Customize ”to open the best drop-down menu.

    Why do I get the ” application not found ” error?

    Application not found. This is the case if the default browser is not affected or if the HTML file display and / or the HTTP method display is not set correctly. The same error can occur if you double-click a powerful Internet shortcut (.URL) file throughout your system.

    2. In the “Select default web browser” section, select the browser you want to set as default and click “OK”. Don’t try to select Use My Current Web Browser, mostly when only IE is listed.

    Define Standard Parameters Using Labeling Protocol

    This correctly identifies the standard program to open the HTTP (S) protocol.

    Is there a mail failure in office 2010?

    Office Year – General Mail Errors. Close Microsoft Excel, restart the mail system and try again.

    1. In Control Panel> Default Programs, simply click on Set Default Programs and in the browser you want to return to, click on the list of programs on the left.

    2. You can try the “Set this program as default now” option or click on “Set this program as default”. If you find the latter, in the Protocols aspect, check the boxes for HTTP as well as HTTPS and click Save. If you buy FTP links regularly, the protocol can always be checked. As you can see in the image below, HTTP is connected to an unknown application,therefore the hyperlink is not available.

    Fix Values ​​

    If the registry is still not working with the above fixes, some registry changes may be required. Here are a number of fixes you can try.

    Known Firefox Registry Fix

    This is a known fix to make hyperlinks work again. However, this is only applicable if you have Mozilla Firefox installed. This was much more common in older versions of Firefox, but even now, the problem can appear on its own.

    1. Press To Win + r, open the General Startup box and type regedit or type regedit in the Start Search box.

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT FirefoxURL shell open ddeexec

    Double-click the (default) value in the right pane to open the line edit window. Valuable data, if it is far from being used, delete the content and click OK. More often, you will see data with the value “% 1” ,, 0,0 ,,,,.


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    Alternatively, to play in the registry, you can simply load the compressed .REG file listed below and double-click the file inside, hto import it into this registry.

    Register Browser Via Registry Files

    If for some reason you are deeply rooted in Windows and cannot allow them to change settings through the Control Panel, or the default browser settings may not work, users can always physically import the registry data. Here are 3 registry files we need to create for the most popular Windows (IE, Chrome and Firefox). Two more clicks on it will register the browser as the default HTTP and HTTPS handler to remove Outlook or Live Mail hyperlinks.

    Just download the zip file and run the included .REG file to register the selected visitor. The recording file assumes that you have installed Chrome or Firefox on the default website “C: Program Files”.

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