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Troubleshooting Nintendo DS Error Code 52200

It looks like some of our readers have encountered a known error with Nintendo DS Error Code 52200. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now.


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    g.The access point you are trying to connect from directly is not connected to the Internet and / or a firewall might be blocking the Wii’s connection to the Internet. If you regularly get an error while playing at home, it is most likely a connection issue related to your firewall settings.


    I’m visiting my parents for the holidays, and I also brought my DS with me. I have no problem logging into WFC here. Same DS box, different router, but different ISP.

    So it looks like the problem is in the DI-524 router) (the problem could be d-link or ISP (SBC DSL). What confuses me mostly is that sometimes – as I said, about 10% of the time it works fine. I can’t judge why it should work intermittently.

    At best I’ll note that I have version A. My router model which I have according to Nintendo .site is incompatible with WFC. Perhaps this is really the end of the story – see the photo here: groupee_common / emoticons / icon_frown.gif –

    but when i do the cxn test .I can usually ask DS and router to help me withknit; this is a site connection that is getting in the way of “ somehow incompatible routers won’t communicate with DS at all, as I argued that almost every router should be able to communicate over the internet.)

    error code 52200 nintendo ds

    Ok, I’m still got lost (but on the way to the city for a few days there is no way to experience something, so now). Any other idea would be great …

    I visit my parents on the road and took my DS with me. Here I have no problem connecting WFC. Same DS unit, different modem and different ISP. This

    It looks like my router (D-Link DI-524) or my ISP (SBC DSL) might be the cause of the problem. What really amazes me is that sometimes – almost like I said, about 10% of the time – it works fine. I don’t understand why this should work intermittently.

    As a guide, I have a revision of my router model which, according to the Nintendo website, is also not WFC compatible. Maybe this is the end – see photabout here:–

    , gif, but if I do a cxn test, I still get DS and a modem to communicate; it is somehow difficult to connect to each of our Internet sites. (My concept was that incompatible routers would not broadcast with DS at all, as I assumed that almost all routers would have to do this in order to actually be able to communicate over the Internet.)

    Well, I’m still lost (but in the city for a few nights, so there is no way to experiment with food yet). Any other idea would probably be great …

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    error code 52200 nintendo ds

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