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Troubleshooting Owa 403 Access Denied

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You may encounter an error indicating that owa 403 access has been denied. Well, there are several ways to fix this, and we’re going to do it now.


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    To resolve this Key Facts issue, follow these steps: Select Start> IIS Manager> Default Website> OWA. Double click and open SSL settings. Clear the SSL required check box.



    An error message like the one below will almost certainly appear when a user tries to sign in to OWA:

    An entry similar to the following is logged in the IIS log:

    This factor occurs when the Require SSL configuration feature is enabled on both the default website and the virtual directory. Author

    Note that, by default, Required SSL Configuration is enabled on the Extensions website when you install an Exchange Server service pack. In addition, the “Required SSL” formatting included in virtual directories is younger than the standard website.

    For more information on SSL offloading in Exchange Server 2010, usually visit the following Microsoft TechNet website:

    For more information about the issues that you may encounter when using a third-party SSL downloader on a green Exchange Server 2007, click the following article number to place it into your Knowledge BaseMicrosoft:

    I have updated my old server 2013 to the latest version. In addition, users receive

    403 – Forbidden: Access Denied. You are not authorized to view this directory or page with the credentials you provided. The page if the real owa can be reached from However, https: // still works.

    owa 403 access denied

    We would be grateful for any help with the fix.

    Exchange 2013 uses secure HTTP (HTTPS) by default. Hence, you must enter the URL https: / / <. enter wbr> owa. You can fix the problem by manually configuring this transition from http to https. Follow the instructions in this article https: / / en-us / exchange / < wbr> simplifies-the-outlook-web-app-url-exchange-2013-help

    I am checking my OWA website before changing port forwarding through firewall and I get a specific error:

    You are not authorized to use this directory or this page with the accreditation you have provided.

    I am getting an error on your internal and external Our URL. I can very well get to the login screen and get an error when logging in

    owa 403 access denied

    I tried to disable SSL in IIS, which is OWA level as many fence posts on the internet say, but it didn’t work.

    I compared my old permission exchange from 2010 and it is actually the same, so I’m not sure what’s really going on.


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