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Fix Owa Error 12019


You may receive an owa error 12019 error message. There are several steps you can take to resolve this issue. We will talk about this shortly.


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    As noted, there are network connectivity issues or possibly high network latency during owa access.

    1. Does this happen to all users? Yes, then all problems with OWA publishing and external DNS name resolution

    2. Does this happen for a specific site? If so, the problem is most likely related to the network server CAS issue in the fact page

    3. If it is a lone smoker, then the problem is most likely related to the user-machine network.

    As advised by the Prime MVP, you can let us know if your issue is not resolved.

    1. If you enter the url owa, the authentication will show

    Article Exchange 2010 – Some, but not all, of our users receive an error message when accessing the OWA site. Error 12019 – If we had a fully expired self-signed certificate and a new one could be entered (not by me).

    When I look at the certificates on the boxes, I see both the new ones generated and the old ones (in the meantime) expired. I’m really sure customers are having trouble accessing the site via An expired certificate, but I’m just not sure if I should revoke this old certificate or how I’m going to do it.

    owa error 12019

    I launched Exchange Server last year, and I have several prospects connected directly through Outlook, as well as many others using OWA to receive their emails. It has been stable for many years, but now some users occasionally complain that they might send one or two emails and then receive the following error message:

    Your connection to the network system is unavailable. If the problem persists, contact support using this HTTP status code: 12019.

    Your network connections seem to be reasonably stable (you can easily use other live services on the Internet). This is different for shoppers in different locations on and off the site (LAN and WAN connectivity). The problem seems to be getting worse, but it can no longer be fixed for location, machine, operating system, or anything else.

    I went over with the MS Ex troubleshooterchange and didn’t really experience any issues other than most of the EXMon tracing enabled. At that time it turned out that 98% of each of our processors were in use by 6 users, and the access times were slightly slower than recommended for CD / DVDs, everything looked good.

    I also checked the Exchange Server logs and this is how the tool found an Error 1 event related to all processes (without a more detailed description of the error), but only one error is of course unrelated.

    Any other thought or opinion that needs to be taken into account is usually appreciated.
    Thank you,

    We only have very long queries in our SSRS SharePoint environment in integrated mode. After a few minutes of processing, you may see the following error:

    Sys.WebForms.An pagerequestmanagerservererrorException: An unexpected error occurred while processing the request on the server. We returned status code: Server 12019

    Interestingly, this problem only occurs when using IE. The page continues to work in Chrome and works fine.

    In our state, we have F5 and BigIP ase special load balancers in front of SharePoint. All we had to do was set the idle timeout to 3600 (by default, probably 300) in the web server’s TCP profile.

    Imagine the situation. You are simply deploying with AD FS 2016 and Web Application Proxy (WAP) in a highly available environment, with the load on the AD FS namespace varying internally and externally. There are several AD FS servers and WAP servers. This is an interesting project, and everything will be fine. Once you have verified that the AD Core FS and WAP features are working as expected, you can use WAP to publish Exchange to the Internet. Use single sign-on.

    Instead of seeing the OWA splash screen at Starbucks, you are greeted on a rather sad page:

    owa error 12019

    Hmm. OWA may not be running on the published Exchange server – let’s try ECP instead.

    Everything is in order inside and is going according to plan. DNS is resolved to the correct endpoints by WAP servers. OWA and ECP can also appear on the WAP server while they are expected on the WAP server.


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    The problem is really only in external publishing. . Usually there is something wrong with WAP.

    Check Your WAP Configuration

    All required Exchange CAS namespaces are published for WAP. Below is the console for processing remote access on the WAP-2016-1 server. The OWA shared application will be highlighted and then you will see that your view is deployed for OWA.

    We can use the Remote Access Management Console to find out the properties of a published application, perhaps using PowerShell. The PowerShell method is shown below.

     Get-WebApplicationProxyApplication "" | List of formats 

    It’s okay. The correct certificate was also chosen, the certificate is valid in all respects.

    Since everything looks fine, let’s test the WAP to see how the methods are executed

    Troubleshoot WAP Problems

    At the first check, it may seem that everything is fine in this WAP world. No errors logged in:

    “The federation proxy was successfully acquired and its configuration was updated by the federation service” “

    As before, the idpinitiatedSignon page worked as expected without anyAny problems. In this case, the url was:

    owa error 12019

    In particular, today we see EventID 12019, where an error usually occurs when creating a WAP listener.

    Web Application Proxy failed to target the following URL: .
    Cause: Invalid file name, directory name, or volume label format.

    Resolve WAP Application Publishing Error 2016

    The name that the error recommends as invalid is highlighted below.

    It is undoubtedly very common to copy the published URL and then paste it into all the appropriate fields. It is effective and also prevents typos.

    However, if the URL is pasted into the name field above, you are in big trouble and you are probably reading everything … ..

    The problem is caused by an incorrect “/” character in the name field. It is enough to acquire a special offensive character in order to solve the problem. To do this, we will probably right click on the published WAP application and select EDIT.

    Note that in the following example, the Name field has been changed to contain OWA

    Shut down mactera to save changes. Allows WAP-based saving and updating of the final configuration.

    This can also be done in PowerShell using the Set-WebApplicationProxyApplication cmdlet. For example:

     Set-WebApplicationProxyApplication -BackendServerUrl "" -ExternalCertificateThumbprint 'BD4074969105149328DBA6BC8F7F0FFC9509C74F' -ExternalU '' -52Fl-69-ED1

    This has been repeated for all published applications. Note the flickering of the highlighted names: all published apps now require simplified names.

    It's time to experiment and you should get back to business!

    Please note that this issue is specific to WAP 2016 and was not foreseen for WAP 2012 R2.
    Well done,



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