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What Is BIOS Password Recovery And How To Fix It?


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    Here are some simple methods that can help solve the BIOS password recovery problem.

    restoring bios password

    ROM BIOS, also known as BIOS, is an integral part of a personal computer. Every time we turn on the computer, it actually shows the amount of memory. Suddenly, the NUM blocking type turns on, at the end, a beep sounds, then you see the well-known Windows logo. For computer geeks, there is a certain behavior that is normal for computers that start up after being powered on. However, this is usually not the case for others, so those who are not familiar with computer hardware often use it for everyday tasks. They may keep trying to figure out exactly what is happening when the computer is probably on. Here is the role, but also the importance of the BIOS. This is a type of microchip that is found on the system board of a computer’s motherboard. It contains all the information about the hardware of the host computer. They assume that you added a spare hard drive to your computer to free up space, and that hard drive is usually not recognized in the BIOS.

    Will you try using this drive as soon as users log into Windows? Answer т – no; The BIOS has to recognize the hard drive first, since it contains all the media related to the hardware settings, then everything will be recognized by the control system. BIOS contains all information about DIY settings, system date and time. Also responsible for starting POST, which performs a self-test of the system itself.

    Part 1. How To Decrypt BIOS Password?

    There are some frustrating scenarios, especially when you want to change some websites or locations and find no password has been received. You can get a browser like this.

    Also, it can be a problem if you bought your computer from someone in sight and the vendor hasn’t announced a BIOS password. Someone who uses the same computer most of the time might also set a different password in the BIOS. We will continue to try our best guessed security passwords. But after several attempts, nothing came out either, what should I do next? If I cannot enter BIOS, then I cannot change the settings.


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    In this case, it is often necessary to crack the BIOS password. There are several ways to hackb BIOS password. Here are some steps that helped you:

    Step 1 The first option should be to change the password jumper settings in the BIOS. There is a new jumper on the motherboard that is suitable for this. However, it is recommended that you give them a chance to read the product manual before attempting this step, as the location of the jumper is likely to differ from one motherboard to the next.

    Some Steps To do this, turn off your computer and make sure the power cord is unplugged. Loosen the screws on the side of the processor.

    Step, or perhaps you can determine the location of the BIOS jumpers on the motherboard simply by referring to the product documentation and resetting it.

    A jumper can be marked as CLEARCMOS or JCMOS1. However, it is best to always check the product documentation.

    Step 4 When finished, restart your computer and check if the password has been removed. As soon as the password is removed, turn off the computer and return the jumper to the main position.

    If you can’t do anything with the first method,try the back door. In the case of a desktop computer, this should be done by setting the CMOS jumper.

    For PC Users:

    restoring bios password

    This process will only be different for laptop users as they can use the backdoor password option. Enter the wrong password three times on the touch screen, an error message will appear on the screen.

    Pay attention to the code that usually appears. Then you can find a tool for cracking the BIOS information, for example on this page: Enter the displayed code and code, then the code will be generated in relatively few minutes.

    Part 2: How To Bypass BIOS Password

    Another situation similar to the above scenarios can be resolved by passing the BIOS password. Most likely, methods similar to those used in previous scenarios will be used here. In addition, we can make good use of these other methods:

    This method is common on some older motherboards and / or may not work on newer systems. It’s upis achieved by running a subroutine without using a mouse, keyboard or special BIOS architecture; it can work by quickly pressing the ESC key.

    Part 3: How To Reset The BIOS That Can Be Installed With A Password¼Ÿ

    If you tried to crack the BIOS password but it didn’t work, you can reset the BIOS password.

    Method 1: Remove The Battery

    The CMOS-CMOS battery is flat, circular in size and shape. CMOS is an integral part of the motherboard BIOS, and all motherboards always have a CMOS battery. Is it easy to recognize on the motherboard, since this type is round, flattened and shaped like a coin. It stores BIOS settings, including basic device settings, date, time, and other selective system information. To remove the CMOS battery, you must first turn off the system to make sure the power cord is completely unplugged.

    With the system completely turned off, remove the CMOS battery. Wait 15-20. Reinstall the CMOS battery and power on the system.

    After step 2, you can bypass the BIOS password and / or successfully connect to the computer ru. In this note, you can add new code from BIOS again. If you have forgotten your password permanently, go to step 1 and optional 2 to reset your password.

    Video tutorial: How to open BIOS in Windows 2:10

    Command Execution Method Via MS-Dos Prompt

    This method only works if you have access to the installed operating system. Once we are logged in to authorize them on our we desktop, you need to launch the MS Dos program and follow the instructions below in the same order as here:

    This command resets the BIOS areas containing the BIOS password as in real life. This is done using my MS-Dos debugging tool. 3:

    Method Using Third-party Software

    There are many third-party software available today that can reset BIOS passwords but require operating system input. Some use popular BIOS password cracking utilities such as CmosPwd and Kiosk.

    Another Method: Use The BIOS Backdoor Password

    Backdoor BIOS Security is a set of passwords that allow you toProvide passwords provided by the BIOS vendor. These tabs are generic and vendor specific. In other words, all manufacturers usually maintain a set of master passwords that can often be used independently of the user-defined code. These are security passwords that are easy to find and easily accessible through the manufacturer’s website.

    Video Tutorial: Computer Freeze at BIOS Screen? [Solved!]

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