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Best Way To Resolve Player Troubleshooting Issues

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Over the past week, some users have had audio issue to troubleshoot player issues. This problem occurs due to several factors. Now we will deal with them.


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    I have written several articles on the subject of hardware system noise, but this well-written physics by Jim Hagerman focuses on resonance problems in vinyl record systems. With his permission, we have resubmitted an account on our website.

    Through his company, Audio hagerman Labs, Jim offers a wide range of superior plastic reproduction products and accessories. Enjoy the article, contact Hagerman Audio Labs and find out about their products! – Galen Carol

    Further reducing background noise to an acceptable level can often be an effective, time consuming and challenging task in vinyl reproduction systems. Even the quietest of them can emit audible signals They are just like a real bee if not set properly. Fortunately, these solutions to the noise problem can be found and eliminated by applying best practices.

    The first thing to keep in mind is the idea that the signal levels of a cartridge (turntable) are typically a thousand times lower than those of a CD player or DAC. It is for this reason that noise problems are so preferable. A typical moving magnet phono stage has an intrinsic gain of 40 dB at 1 kHz. Typically, this is a gain of 100. Due to RIAA equalization, the 60Hz (mains frequency) gain is 10 times higher, or 1000. 0.000005V input interrupt is audible. When you move around with cans, the problem is even ten times worse. So what can we do? Identify possible culprits and suggest working solutions. Many systems have many other problems, so eliminating noise can be compared to peeling an onion.


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    NOISE are sources
    There are countless sources of noise, the most common of which are power line disruptions. Sounds can be received either using magnetic induction, or from force fields. And not only at the phono stage; the noise can be related to the cable, tonearm, or the microphone itself.

    turntable troubleshooting noise

    The following table shows the various noise problems and their causes. It only covers amplified electrical noise – not, for example, the beeps from the mains transformer (loose bolt or DC in the primary) or, I would say, the high pitched tone coming from a wall wart.

    Whistle Normal. This is what we are trying to help you achieve this goal. In good condition, the system standard for electrical noise is lower than normal for groove noise.
    Tick Registration of course. Phono feedback tends to accentuate this as much of the excessive sweep speeds result in a perfect open loop condition from which the Accrortre must then recover.
    crackling Bad electrical connection. This is caused by a loose plug, insert or socket (especially ifwould). The soldered joint may also be broken.
    Pump Pulse signal generated when the electronics are turned on or off.
    Mechanically two clicks of steps or dust cover.
    Amount Magnetic induction. Usually arises from a nearby transformer and also from low frequency fields combined with wire crimping, which effectively act as secondary windings. Surprisingly, there are too many reasons for this. There are many invisible loops created with ground wires, return lines, and power cables. Buzzing can also be caused by lack of mass, but this condition usually ends up manifesting itself as buzzing.
    Amount Ground wire missing. Often found in audio systems that are not grounded (usually via a 3-pin plug).
    Ripple WLAN, mobile phone. Modern digital wireless text messages can be combined with audio systems as they are transmitted in low frequency bursts.
    cry dvthe player is nearby. Refrigerators and / or other motorized devices can mate sounds whenever they are plugged into the same branch.
    Whistle  Insulation breaks down, often in a pipe. Usually with a higher voltage.
    Voice HF, radio interference. This is very common with solid-state phono stage because the parasitic semiconductor rectification of the RF signals at the front end performs demodulation. Metal shields can be especially helpful with input cables for which coaxial types and designs are better suited.
    Holiness Return channel. The soundstage will disappear.
    Popcorn Damage caused by static discharge of semiconductors. Usually at the inputs of operational amplifiers
    Howl Acoustic feedback. The speakers are too close together to fit on a turntable or bottom shelf.
    dirt The drag load is too large. MM cartridges must be loaded with impedance from 47 kOhm to 100kOhm.


    turntable troubleshooting noise

    Cartridge capacitive rebound is too strong. An old rule of thumb is to add capacitance resonance when there is pickup inductance, which causes the rear treble to spike to increase bandwidth. Unfortunately, the audio degradation caused by the capacitor itself outweighs any benefits. The best approach when you need to reduce the total amount
    Minimum occupancy.

    turntable troubleshooting noise

    Troubleshooting can be difficult, especially when multiple problems need to be detected. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can use to track down criminals.

    • Try to touch grounded metal parts with your finger. For example, the ground terminals, the tonearm itself, junction boxes, chassis, etc. If this particular noise level changes, you find a certain weak point, usually a missing ground wire.
    • Separate the phono inputs. Does the noise go away?
    • Swap cables between channels. If it helps determinewhere on the system the procedure failed.
    • Change the position and slope of the background cascade. Does the hum level change? Sometimes you may find that a device is the culprit, usually with a large muscle transformer.
    • Move the power cord to a different outlet.
    • Turn off all fluorescent lights. Is the hype going away?
    • Try re-routing the connections so that they are perpendicular rather than parallel to the power cables.
    • For systems with 2-pole power cables, make sure there is a ground connection (center screw in any outlet).
    • Try to isolate the phono stage. Remove any nearby wireless routers, tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

    Don’t forget to add the turntable to an important part of your audio system. It would be wise to start from scratch with the analog interface in mind. If so, then you may be chasing noise forever.
    Start by placing your turntables and phono stage away from power amplifiers and speakers. Give to the whole group solid platform. Connect all sources with tape or line filter to the same jack. Continue to grip the system in this way, following the signal path from start to finish. Distance is your friend. Noise keeps sources as far away from the front analog electronics as possible.



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    When it comes to turntables, there are two main reasons for phone calls: ground loops and feedback. Hum due to grounding problems can be corrected very easily and directly. The cables supplied with your turntable include a ground wire.




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