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Best Way To Remove Read-only Chmod-sdcard Filesystem

Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error code that does not support a read-only chmod sdcard filesystem. Several factors can cause this problem. Now we will deal with them.


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    Two possibilities. Firstly, there is a lot of material, because the Micro SDHC requires a small notch that you can easily see, which matches the other notch in the book lover program, and it does not activate it mostly in read-only mode. … If you can’t just switch to dA different reader, or you and your family can stick a piece of silicone or perhaps duct tape over the notch, the easiest way is to use a different reader.

    The second possibility is that it is actually a file permissions issue where the client case might do the following:Use these commands on the device:

      gksudo nautilus 


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    This dumps Nautilus into a root shell and bypasses all permissions.OR:

      sudo fdisk -l 

    unable to chmod sdcard read-only file system

    This will give you a list of the drives on your system so you can find out which drive is on the list. The easiest way to find the blocks is because that’s the right place. It will probably be / dev / sdb and / dev / sdc , then

      sudo chown   
      sudo chmod -R 777  

    However, simply running the first command line sudo nautilus saves you the hassle, but you have to run it every time you use SDHC.

      sudo mount remount, rw --options  

    I started with@ user2002993 and it helped me a lot, but this is a place I need to tweak a bit to edit, and this is what worked for me in Android Studio, the Android emulator.

    Go to the ADB folder, right-click an empty area and select “Open admin window here”, if ADB is installed with the ADB installer, open cmd and enter the following commands:

    unable to chmod sdcard read-only file system

      adb devices 

    It should show the package and details about your emulator. Then track your order here:

      adb shell 
      see belowmount -o rw, mount rootfschmod 777 / mnt / sd cardgo outgo out 

    Yes, double completion is required, now the adb send request is gone. Place the file in adb folder and submit this request and see if it is fixed.

      adb gets "your filename as: 1.jpg" / sdcard / 
      adb generates "your filename as (empty) 1.jpg" / storage / sdcard / 

    Now each person’s transmission time should be displayed in cmd instead of the scary read-only topic 😊

    I have a full Raspberry Pi andreal new 16GB class 10 SD license. I am using Linux Mint and. Mister. I am trying to download the Raspbian Debian 7 (Wheezy) operating system image to the card, but every time I try

      dd bs = 4M if = 2013-05-25-wheezy-raspbian.img of = / dev / sdc 
      dd: open `/ dev / sdc ': read-only file system 

    I’ve tried every possible way to change the resolution using

      chmod a = rwx / dev / sdc 
      UUID = 9016-4EF8 / media / matt / SDcard vfat user, uid = 1000, gid = 100, dmask = 027, fmask = 137 7 0 

    How do I change permissions on a read only file?

    Right click on the manual file or folder icon.Just uncheck the read-only checkbox in our file’s properties dialog. Attributes are honored at the bottom of the General tab.Click on OK.

      mat-Aspire-5552 SD card # blkid/ dev / sda1: LABEL = "PQSERVICE" UUID = "8806A1F106A1E104" TYPE = "ntfs"/ dev / sda2: LABEL = "SYSTEM RESERVED" UUID = "EABAA321BAA2E971" TYPE = "ntfs"/ dev / sda3: LABEL = "Acer" UUID = "6A5AE8025AE7C8C1" TYPE = "ntfs"/ dev / sda5: UUID = "a27e3081-abad-432d-8ffa-a24245684cd8" TYPE = "ext4"/ dev / sdc1: UUID = "9016-4EF8" TYPE = "vfat" 
      mat-Aspire-5552 SD card number fdisk -lDisk / dev / sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes255 brains, 63 sectors per track, 38,913 cylinders, total 625,142,448 sectorsUnits are equal to sectors 1 * means 512 512 bytesSector size (logical / physical): 512 bytes versus 4096 bytesI / O size (minimum / optimal): 4096 bytes by 4096 bytesData carrier identification: 0x2bd2c32a   Boot identification systemblock when loading the device/ dev / sda1 * 2048 41945087 20971520 29 NTFS hidden WinRE/ dev / sda2 41945088 42149887 102400 7 HPFS / NTFS / exFAT/ dev / sda3 42149888 371296943 164573528 7 HPFS / NTFS / exFAT/ dev / sda4 371298302 625141759 126921729 5 extendedPartition 4 no longer boots at the physical sector boundary./ dev / sda5 371298304 625141759 126921728 eighty three LinuxStorage medium / dev / sdc: 15. GB, 8 15811477504 bytes255 heads, 63 sectors per track, 1,922 cylinders in all 30,881,792 sectorsDisks = 1 sectors 3,512 = 512 bytesSector size (logical / physical): 512 bytes versus 512 bytesI / O size (minimum / optimal): 512 bytes per 512 bytesData carrier identification: 0x00000000   Boot block identification system when the device is loaded/ dev / sdc1 8192 30881791 15436800 with W95 FAT32 (LBA) 

    How do I change my SD card from read only?

    Most memory cards for Android or Nintendo Switch usually have a bio-write protection tab. If you find a similar tab on your map, simply move it to the unlocked position to remove the primary reading attribute.

    And I even tried changing the permissions tab in the properties of the SD card mount folder to read / write and it didn’t change anything.

    How do I change permissions on a read only file in Linux?

    To change a directory with read / write access for everyone, use “u” for users, “g” for groups, “o” for others, and “ugo” or “a” (for the world). chmod ugo + rwx folder name to read, write and execute so you can do everything. chmod a = r folder name, usually to give everyone read permission.

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