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How To Fix Win32 Print API

If you’re getting a Win32 Print API error, today’s tutorial is here to help you.


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    Windows provides applications and a complete set of these features that support printing to a variety of devices such as fractional laser printers, vector plotters, dot matrix printers, and faxes. Application

    Desktop Printing

    Windows programmers can choose from several different printing technologies from all of their applications.

    Technology Description
    Document Printing API Provides a screen for a batch that allows an application to access and manage a batch of documents for printing. This API is available on Windows 8 and later versions of Windows.
    Print API Provides a port for the print spooler so that requests can process printers and print jobs.
    Applications use the Print Spooler API to start, stop, track, and configure print jobs sent via. the print spooler starts independentlyWhether you are using the Print Package API or the GDI Print API to print content.
    Ticket Printing API Provides print ticket ordering and conversion to applications functionality.
    GDI Print API Provides a device-independent printing interface to an application.

    [! Note]
    Developers writing applications for Windows Vista or later versions of Windows should consider using the XPS Document API in that particular application.

    GDI Print Is API is suitable for applications that must run on Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows.

    The following figure provides an overview of the relationships between several different printing APIs.


    Print Package APIs in this section describe the main print package and preview user interfaces that can be used with many versions of Windows and later from the Windows desktop.

    More information about printingfrom Windows Store apps written in JavaScript and HTML, see Printing (Windows Store apps written in JavaScript and HTML) . For more information about printing to Canvas Windows from Store apps built in C #, Microsoft Visual Basic, or C ++ and XAML, see Printing (Windows Store apps with C) .

    XPS Document API


    two-way communication (Hardware Development Center)

    Win2PDF connects to your application using standard Windows printer APIs. Use standard Win2pdf Windows APIs whenever possible, rather than defining other interfaces. You can print to a Win2PDF printer just like a paper printer and thus control page size, resolution and orientation using standard APIs.

    You can set the name of the PDF list from VB.NET or C # using its .NET Framework Printersettings.PrintFileName property. Make sure the PrinterSettings.PrintToFile property is set to true:

    If your company is a Win32 software developer and is developing an application that uses Win2PDF, you can also control andI output file using the standard Win32 API. To specify your own file name, you usually need to use the Microsoft-defined DOCINFO structure and the StartDoc function. Set the lpszOutput field to Ones DOCINFO to structure the full step name of the file, and then get DOCINFO to structure the Win32 StartDoc function. With this method, each file can be created with a unique name.

    You can control alignment, resolution, and other functionality using the Win32 API and the DEVMODE framework as defined in the Microsoft Platform SDK. Microsoft article:

    Description ms.assetid Title ms theme msdate

    These sections describe the Windows documentation and print functions that you can use to save, view, and print applications.



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    Documents and Printing

    win32 print api


    May 31, 2018

    This content describes Windows documents and print attributes and with which applications can be saved, viewed and printed.

    In Your Area

    Topic Description
    Press News Printing in Windows 8 can be handled for Windows Store apps using JavaScript, and HTML and printing for Windows Store mobile apps using C # / VB / C ++ and XAML.
    At the same time, Windows 8 includes a new unique COM-based API that can provide full Open for XPS support and access to parts of the new trucker printer supported by Windows 8. For more information on the new API, see the Print API section of the doc. …
    The inbound Windows printer driver programs ensure that Windows 8 will request a high percentage of support for some common printers.
    XPS Documents Information about the XPS Document API and XPS Digital Signatures.

    • XPS API Document
      The XPS API Document is a regular Windows API supported by XPS -OM. The XPS Document API was introduced in Windows 7 and can be used in user-mode programs and printer driversXPSDrv.
    • XPS Digital Signature API
      XPS Signature Scanners are used to sign and verify the identity history of the signer, indicating whether an XPS document has been delivered modified since it was signed.
    Print Information about the printing functions supported by Windows. These benefits and features include:

    • Print Batch API
      Provides an interface to software that provides control associated with a print batch.
    • Print Spooler API
      Print Spooler product interface so that many applications can manage printers and art print jobs. Ticket
    • Printing API
      Provides functions for managing and converting printed tickets into applications.
    • GDI Print API
      Provides applications with a device-independent print screen.
    • XPS Print API
      Provides a consumer interface, a print spooler, that applications can use to send XPS documents to a printer.

      API nXPS printing is not supported and / or may change or not be available in the future. Instead, client applications must use the Print Package API.

    Print Scheme Print layout and related technologies describe the functions of computer printers and determine the print settings for each type of document for printing and display applications. Print template specification a is downloadable information that contains information about the print template and its use in data files and in printing. On the Internet, the information undoubtedly contained in this section is provided only for your information and may not reflect the current version of the plane information of the print schema specification. Aria-hidden = “true”

    Additional Resources

    Marketplace Print Apps Samples Samples show how to print from a new Windows Store app from Windows 8.

    The deployments described in this section are from legacy Windows programming. Learn more about using similar functions.NET (managed) programming techniques, see the Windows Presentation Foundation docs.

    win32 print api

    XPS docs are based on the packaging API. Check out the API Packages for full access to the content of your XPS document.

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