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Zanussi Jetsystem Error 1200 Troubleshooting Steps


If you get the zanussi jetsystem 1200 error on your computer, we hope this blog post can help you.


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    g.F12 – Eliminate electronics malfunction. Problem: The washing machines are definitely working (turning on).




    If your Zanussi washing machine stops working, you may get lost, but look at the control panel of yourher car again. The washing machine may have an error code that indicates the cause of the problem.

    Errors are codes that keep coming back to help washing machine engineers fix your oven, but if you know the error code matches any Zanussi washing machine problem, you can use them directly to fix your machine yourself and save money!

    Safety first! Before starting repairs, make sure you turn off the device and disconnect it from the power source.

    Identifying Error Codes For Zanussi Washing Machines

    How do you clear a Zanussi error code?

    Turn off the watch face.In addition to holding together, press the start button (the one with the green arrow) and the alternative to the left of it.Turn the program selector 1 “click” clockwise while holding it down (up to this temperature).

    Code errors found Zanussi washing machines are offered in two different ways. If your computer has an LCD screen, you will see the letter E (E stands for Error) followed by two numbers.

    However, if your device does not have an LCD screen, the LED combinations connected to your device will flash.

    – When using some start / pause tools, the button indicator will temporarily change from green to red. Count the feeling nia. Flashing red indicates the true first digit; green flashes to indicate the second group. For example, if two colors flash red and four flashes green, a calculation error code displayed by the washing machine, usually E24, indicates a problem with most of the water draining.

    – On some machines, the start / pause button light and the end of cycle light come on, stop, and then flash again. Count a certain number of intermediate flashes in each pause to activate both LEDs. The exact number of LED flashes at the end of a cycle usually indicates the number of the first error code; the number of flashes of the start / pause LED indicates this second error code. For example, if the End of Cycle LED blinks multiple times and the Start / Pause LED blinks for four months, your machine will display error code E24.

    The letter A is indicated by ten flashes.
    The letter B is indicated by 17 flashes.
    However, errors containing codes containing the letters A or B are problems that are unlikely to occur.chickpeas, including for washing machines designed and used for the UK.

    zanussi jetsystem 1200 error

    It should also be noted that the error codes of the system indicators may differ from model to model. Therefore, refer to your company’s user manual for specific model information.

    Without further ado, the problems underlying the Zanussi washing machine error code go deeper here.


    If your Zanussi washing machine is not filled with precious water properly, error E11 may be displayed. To diagnose problems with filling your washing machine, you need to make sure that the hose that directs water to our machine (inlet hose) is similar and not squashed. This error can be caused by a faulty water inlet valve (the valve keeps water hanging over your machine) or plumbing, so your machine is not turned on enough.


    The E13 error code indicates a leak in your car. If your model of Zanussi machine has water leak detection function, you may see this error. You must find a reason withdrain, remove water from the base and repair the leak to correct this error.

    E21, E23 Or E24

    Errors E2 * refer to codes related to problems with draining water from the shower machine. Check all three error codes, E21, E23, E24, and see if the filter, also known as a pump, is stuck on the sink that connects to the current drain hose; Sometimes, dirt can accumulate in this area and interfere with the proper operation of washing machines.

    If your washing machine pump is one of the requirements, Mat will show you how:

    E33, E35, E37, E36 Or E39

    zanussi jetsystem 1200 error

    All E3 * error promo codes are related to pressure changes – that part of your washing machine that can control the amount of water in the drum as a whole. The switch itself may be defective, or the switch hose chamber and pilot may be blocked, which is a common problem.

    E35 indicates that the water level in your machine may be considered too high. This skill error occurs not only due to a faulty pressure switch, but can also displayIf your machine is very foaming due to the addition of too much detergent.

    E33, E36, E37 and E39 indicate a malfunction in the pressure switch circuit, so pay attention to the switch itself and the wiring connections.

    E40, E41, E42, E43 Or E44 E45


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    If the error code on our device starts with E4 *, this indicates a problem with the door lock. It will take you some time to check the lock door itself, as well as all the wiring and connections between the lock channel and the main control board, so that you find errors at the end of this series.>

    The most common excuse for this error code is a faulty door lock, but it can also be caused by an unlocked door or faulty wiring.

    E41 – This error indicates that your washing machine’s door code may be open, so make sure it is closed! If the E42 error persists, check the operation of the door lock

    – Check the door installation and wiring as above.

    E43 – This error indicates a malfunction of the part of the control panel, whichOraya operates the door lock. Check connections and electricity between them.

    E44 – There is likely to be a problem in determining whether the door is closed or not. So check the wiring and friendship at the door lock as above.

    E45 – As with error E43, this fault suggests a fault between the main retaining panel and the door lock.

    If you are sure you need to replace the door handle of your washing machine, watch our video below:

    E51, E52, E53 Or E54

    E5 * Zanussi Laundry Cart Error Codes refer to errors in the coils of your washing machine. You will need this to check the motor itself, the motor brushes, then the cable connections and the motor to find out the cause of the motor malfunction. Here’s what each issue says:

    E51 – Motor Triac Error: The soldering on the motor control board (PCB), which unfortunately controls the spin speed, is also faulty.

    E52 – Major malfunction of the engine speedometer: the part of the engine that registers the rotational speed is out of order or standstillgave errors.

    E53 – E51 as this error code now indicates another problem with the motor triac.

    € “e54 The drive mechanism of the washing machine is activated when it is inactive. Check the nature of the connections between the motor and the load map and, if correct, suspect each map.

    E61, E62, E66 Or Or E71

    The e6 * E7 * error codes refer to a problem with the heating system of your Zanussi washing machine. You need to check the heating and cooling element of the house, the temperature sensor and friends, and their wiring. Each error is associated with a specific problem with the temperature system.

    E61 Yours – the machine does not heat water efficiently, usually this is only due to a faulty heating element.

    E62 – The water in the washing machine has overheated, possibly due to an incorrect control panel.

    E66 – This error indicates a problem with the connection to the heating element.

    E71 Temperature sensor – your machine is showing as incorrect, check the sensor and wiring to help you.

    E82, E93, E83, E94, E95, E96, Possibly E97

    The E8 * and E9 * error codes are ultimately associated with a programming error in the suppressor board of your machine. Many Zanussi modules are “customized” with keystrokes to compete with your device.

    EA1 + (10 Separate Flashes)

    This error code only applies to top loading washing machines and indicates a drum positioning error. If you live in your own country, you probably have a front-loading cleaning machine, so you won’t see this error.

    EB1, EB2 And EB3 (11 + 1, 13 + 2 Or 11 + 3 Erroneous Blinks)

    The EB * codes refer to an issue now identified with the AC power source for your device. You are unlikely to see all the error codes you are in, unless you are using your washing machine in a country other than the specific country where it is supposed to work wonders.

    zanussi jetsystem 1200 error

    After determining the cause of a serious malfunction of the washing machine, you can begin to eliminate it. Without a doubt, when you find that you need a working part for your car, you need to be careful Also, usually by selecting the correct part for your model number. If you have any problems, please use our handy model number finder. Then all you have to do is install a new floor in the washing machine. If your family needs help, our washing machine diagnostic video playlist has step-by-step instructions to help you diagnose and repair your machine.



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    How do you reset a Zanussi Jetsystem 1200?

    Press and hold the Build button and the Skip / Reset button. While holding it, turn on the washing machine. Hold the buttons until the lights move down, then continue. Now press the fabric button several times until the 40 degree LED lights up normally.

    Where do I find my Zanussi error code?

    The error codes on Zanussi ensure that machines are displayed in two different ways. If your device has an LCD screen, you will see the letter E (E stands for error) followed by a second digit. However, if your machine is not equipped with an LCD display, LED combinations will flash on our machine.




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