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Troubleshooting Tips For Error 30870


In the past few days, some of our users have encountered error message 30870. There are many factors that can cause this issue. We’ll cover them below.


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    When can we buy this dialog? Is this your first time running 7.0.1? Which version did you have before?

    So many foreigners. One of our technical support staff will most likely contact you directly by Monday at the latest.

    I have successfully launched version 7.0.1 (and more recently 7.0) after upgrading from 6.4. This was new to me, but I was able to fix the problem by reinstalling the 7.0.1 update and rebooting. I will contact you if the situation reoccurs.

    By the way, I’m using OS X 10.4.6 on a MacBook Pro combined with 2GB of RAM. I also checked the entire console for additional data, but did not find anything related to printing or configuration. Exactly

    When does this dialog appear? Is this your first time running 7.0.1? Which version did you have before?

    Usually there are a lot of foreigners. A member of our technical support team will contact you directly by Monday at the latest.

    After my owner account was reanimated over the weekend after a terrible crash, everything seems to be fine with the exception ofthe fact that I can no longer print documents on my office printer or in PDF format (Acrobat).

    BBEdit returns a typical typo (-30870) that should even get me involved in a print discussion. Here are the console lines when I try to print from OmniOutliner, which at least gives me access to the dialog:

    2006-10-18 12: 12: 23.437 OmniOutliner [2429] InkChecker cannot get ppd for English.

    Post Office

    2006-10-18 12: 12: 28.090 OmniOutliner Error [2429] PMSessionValidatePrintSettings (error code -50)
    18-10-2006 12: 12: 29.319 OmniOutliner [2429] Invalid PMPrint parameters in list information

    2006-10-18 12: 16: 25.922 OmniOutliner [2429] InkChecker may not receive ppd for Adobe.


    10-18-2006 12: 16: 27.528 OmniOutliner Error [2429] PMSessionValidatePrintSettings (error code means -50)
    18-10-2006 12: 16: 28.988 OmniOutliner [2429] Invalid PMPrint parameters for printing information

    I am In particular, I think it might be a permissions issue as I had to fix some of them immediately, so I recreated my user account. I have used restore permissions via Disk Utility, etc. Can anyone suggestrevive the step of using?

    G4 500 MHz DP Mac OS X (10.4.8)

    error 30870

    This is a bad start to 2007 because my M100i won’t start! The icon is now flashing in the dock and then I get error 30870. I also discovered the problem a while ago and it went away (cryptic!) And then it came back.

    error 30870

    I can load the M100 from a travel save so there is no hardware problem. I have tried checking permissions and cleaning / optimizing the whole system using Onyx, with no success.


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    Everything was fine a few days ago and I’ve noticed everything since then except encoding some videos in MPEGStreamclip and Compressor and using DVDSP several times.

    I’d love to know why this is happening. It looks like something is not currently showing or not initialized properly.

    This error has been bothering me for several months:

    Print error due to PMSessionBeginCGDocumentNoDialog () -30870. Print

    . returned

    if (even when using the print dialog) on ​​days a dialog appears warning that printing It failed and the above error is constantly logged in the console. No other scan information is saved. This caused some problems on my website in a dedicated application that generated print jobs every few seconds, I like RIP.

    [“Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU054”, “Label”: “Systems with / TPS”, “Product”: “Code”: “SSVEF8”, “Platform”: [“Code”: “PF053 “,” Label “:” Power Systems “],” Version “:” 720 “,” Line Behind Business “:” code “:” LOB08 “,” label “:” Cognitive Systems “]

    APAR Status

    • Closed Due To Speed Error.

    Error Description


    •  / usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv command displays the error immediately after:Syntax error on line / usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv 38, inext to "-> import qw /: lvl setGlobal getGlobal /"BEGIN not sure after errors - compilation was interrupted byThe line / usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv 39.

    Local Correction


    Problem Summary

    • error 30870
       / usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv are sold for shows with the following error:SyntaxThere is a mistake in / usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv, line 38, inext to "-> import qw /: lvl setGlobal getGlobal /"BEGIN is less than safe after errors - compilation was interrupted by/ usr / suma / bin / suma_swinv selection 39.

    Problem Solving

    •  Fix import Fix 



      APAR Statement

    Temporary Information

    • APARs Are Often Routed By One Or More Of The Following System Routes:

    • APAR Is Sent To One Or More Of The Following:

      IJ31195 IJ31210 IJ31370 IJ31487

    Correcting Information

    • Fixed Component Name

      AIX V7.2

    • Fixed Component Identifier


    Allowed Servings

    • R720 PSY U877576

      UP21.08.30 I 1000

    Map PTFs To A Set Of Files

    • U877576 Bos.suma

    • APAR Number


    • Name Of The Received Request

      AIX V7.2

    • Reported Component ID


    • Message Sent


    • Status


    • PE

      No PE

    • HIPER

      No HIPER

    • Submission Date


    • Closing Date


    • Last Modified Date




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