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For What Reasons Can You Find Out Which Codec Is Needed And How To Fix It


If you find an error in which codec you need, this article was created to help you.


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    To find out which codec was recovered with a specific file, if possible, read the archive in the player. While playing a file, right-click it in the library and select Properties. On the File tab, see the Audio Codec and Video Codec Sections. Use an efficient third-party codec identification tool.



    Updated July 21, 2017

    find what codec is needed

    A codec is a computer program used to encode and decode video and music on a PC. It usually works with a part, for example, behind your computer’s media player to allow playback of files protected by a specific codec. Every sound, and therefore every video, is a file created with some kind of codec; it keeps the file size small for easy playback. In addition, to decide which codec you need, you can look at the file properties or use a separate program to do it for you.

    Finding Codec Information Manually

    Use your own strategy to determine which codec you need. Right click on the file you probably want to open. Select Properties if the public is on a PC, or Get Info if you are using a Mac. Click the “Summary” tab. The document description should indicate both that particular audio format and the video compression. These are codecs that will be used to unambiguously create the file. Users can download these codecs accordingly from the websites of the companies that created them. Popular codecs are Xvid, DivX and MPEG. Once downloaded, install the codec to open the file in your usual poker player.

    Using Third Party Software

    If you cannot determine the codec information from the document properties, if the file still does not play, or if the codec is installed, users should use third-party software. Popular software includes GSpot and MediaInfo. GSpot is definitely for PC only, but MediaInfo is available for PC and Mac. These methods determine which audio-video and codecs are required to play the files. Just download one of the two programs, install it and / or then select the file for which you might want to get codec information. Then you need to download the codec as described above.

    Another option is to download another media player that includes most of the codecs. Most popThe regular media player is a VLC media player from VideoLAN. It is available for PC and Mac. When you download and upload It Player, it also installs almost many important codecs that the game needs to create audio or video files. Another software that does this is MPlayer.

    The final alternative is to load it in a codec pack, which must contain the codec needed to play the particular file safely. PCWorld magazine has a Windows Essentials codec package available from It contains all the important codecs and you can install them with your current media player as well. A similar package is available for the Mac from Perian, which installs all Quicktime Player compatible codecs.

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    find what codec is needed

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    find what codec is needed



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