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How To Fix High Definition 6 Channel 5.1 Audio Codec Errors



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    Occasionally, your system may display a message about High Definition 6 Channel 5.1 Audio Codec. There can be many reasons for this problem.



    Product Features

    92HD73C As you can see, the codec is a low-power, high-quality 6-channel audio codec compatible with Intel High Definition (HD) audio interface. The 92HD73C
    codec offers 24-bit stereo resolution with bit rates up to
    192 kHz. Dual SPDIF provides connectivity for WLP compliant consumer electronics devices. The 92HD73C
    high offers first-class high definition audio features for multimedia notebooks as well as desktop applications.

    • vi channels (3 stereo DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) with 24-bit resolution
    • Microsoft 5.1 sound support • Adapted WLP 3/4 Premium logo as defined in WLP 3.09
    • Optimized and flexible control with less clicks / clicks
    • 2 independent S / PDIF output converters with WLP compliant HDMI / SPDIF support.
    • Supports approximately 1, 5 and 3.3 V HDA signal during playback • Choice of digital microphone input (mono, hi-fi or quad array)
    • 4 adjustable VREF output pins for microphone preload
    • ¢ High performance analogue mixer

    • 9 analog stereo connectors with presence detection
    • Bipolar volume control
    • Digital and analog PC audio on all outputs
    • Built-in headphone amplifier (3)
    • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
    • +3.3 V, + Analog power supply 4 V, +4.75 V +5 and V
    • Packag e
    • TEMP package with 48 RoHS QFP pins. INDUSTRIAL

    The 92HD73 audio codec is also available in a separate 8- or 10-channel version.
    Please contact us for more information.


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    High Definition Audio, also known as HD Audio, is usually an audio standard created by Intel for use on its chipsets, which means that software is the standard for high quality car speakers. HD Audio was intended to replace the Audio Codec 97 (AC’97) standard currently released by Intel in 1997, and to increase the maximum number of playable samples to 48 kHz for compatibility with the DVD audio format. With great success DVD movies encoded in Dolby Digital and multichannel audio format dts, Americans are used to hearing full surround sound from six or eight speakers. AC’97 technology struggled to keep up with advances. After AC’97 v2.3 Intel finally switched to the HD sound standard.

    Intel HD Audio offers many other enhancements to the previous generation onboard sound and reverb cards. Intel HD audio equipment successfully supports Sound and Prime up to eight channels at 192 kHz / 32 bit, while the AC’97 specification only supports six channels of 24 kHz / 20 bit. HD Audio is also designed to minimize the risk of accidental crashes or cracks that can occur with certain audio solutions by allocating the entire system bandwidth to critical audio functions. All Intel PCI bus based chipsets such as Express 955x, 945g, then 945p are designed to support high definition audio. The HD audio standard is multi-streaming, i.e. H. allows users to play two different audio tracks at the same time on the rear panel.

    Intel HD Audio also helps improve signal capture by providingUsing massive microphones, providing users with more accurate voice input. While various other audio implementations have limited support that is easy to use with microphone arrays, HD Audio supports wider-range microphones. It also supports outlet remapping where the computer can configure the entire outlet to match the connected device. For example, if a speaker is plugged directly into the microphone connector, the computer will simply reconfigure the connector to use as the presenter connector.

    Intel also worked with Dolby Laboratories to develop a PC with three “levels” of audio for high-definition audio reception:

    1. Dolby Sound Room: This is really for entry-level users, and Arch supports 5.1-channel 2-channel audio with only 2 public speakers. Does it have a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of at least 75 dB. Home
    2. Dolby Theater: Designed for mid-range users and supports 5th 1-6ch audio with a S / N ratio of at least 85dB.
    3. Dolby Master Studio: designed for the patientIt is high-end and supports 8-channel 7.1 audio with an absolute signal-to-noise ratio of at least 95. It also supports Wi-Fi music streaming.

    5.1 Surround Sound One “) (” Five-dot is a really common name for surround sound systems for new music. 5.1 is the most common layout in home theaters. [1] channel bandwidth and bass enhancement channel (point one). [2] Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro II, Logic DTS, SDDS and THX are conventional 5.1 systems 5.1 is also standard surround sound. sound system for digital television and music. [3]

    All fifth-person systems use the same channels and speaker structure, with the left and right front panels defined by the center channel, two surround channels (left and right), and a low frequency effects channel dedicated to the subwoofer.


    A prototype of five-channel surround sound, then called “quintaphone sound”, was created in the 1975 film “Tommy”. [4]

    5.1 high definition 6 channel audio codec

    5.1 goes back to 1976, [5] , when Dolby Labs changed its usage track to six analog soundtracks and one magnetic track on 70mm film photographs of Todd AO. The 1976 Dolby Optical Matrix software application (output for the movie “Logan’s Run”) did not use split surround and therefore was not 5.1. Dolby pioneered split surround sound on 70mm film, especially since 1979, when Apocalypse Now was released. Instead of five defined on-screen channels and one surround channel, Todd-AO’s Dolby Stereo 75mm Six Track format provided three on-screen programs, two high-pass surround channels, and one true low-frequency surround. Monaural channel with only two surround sounds – The channels were mixed.

    When Sound Digital was applied to publish 35mm prints, with Batman Returns in 1992, the 5.1 layout was adopted. The ability to reproduce sound in 5.1 format was just one of the main reasons for using 70mm for prestigious demonstrations. Providing all 5.1 digital audio on the p The 35mm spacing has greatly reduced the use of the 70mm thumb format in general. Digital sound and 5.1 formatting were introduced in 1990 by KODAK in addition to the Optical Corporation, which spread with the publications Days of Thunder and The Doors using the main CDS (Cinema Digital Sound) format.

    5. Digital 1 surround sound in the form of Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS appeared on several versions of LaserDisc in the mid-1990s, including Clear and Present Danger and Jurassic Park (the latter with AC3 and DTS versions). Many DVD versions have Dolby Digital tracks up to 5.1 channels, which is usually associated with the implementation of Dolby Digital to enhance the DVD format. In some cases DVDs have DTS tracks, in most cases they are 5.1-channel mixes (unfortunately some versions have a 6.1-inch matrix or even separate 6.1-tracks). Blu-ray and digital cinema, both eight-channel, have capacity that can be used to provide reasonable 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. 7.1 is an extension to 5.1 that uses four surround zones, two on all sides and two on the back.

    In 1987, the Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge used a 5.1 digital surround sound system createdBy French engineer Dominique Bertrand. To create a completely new system in 1985, a dedicated mixer based on the 6000 series was developed in collaboration with Solid State Logic, as well as special speakers in collaboration with APG. [6] The console contains lines ABCDEF. Each: A on the left, B on the right, C in the middle, D on the left behind, E immediately behind, F at the bottom. The same engineer had already developed a similar 3.1 system in 1973, which was used during the official International Summit of Francophone States in Dakar.


    Line Order

    The order of channels in a 5.1 file differs depending on the file format. The order of the wav files (not complete): front left, front right, center, low frequency effects, left surround, right surround. [7]


    5.1 high definition 6 channel audio codec

    In music, the primary goal of 5.1 surround sound is to properly localize and consistently locate all sound sources for the audience just in the middle. Therefore, ideally, you should use five eligible advertisers.

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommends the following configInstructions (ITU-R BS 775) for playing your favorite 5.1 songs: [8]

    • five speakers of the same size for front, center and surround
    • equal audience distance for most of the five speakers.
    • Tilt adjustment in relation to viewing direction in relation to the audience: center 0 °, front ± 22.5 ° for movies ± 30 ° for music, surround ± 110 °

    See Also

    • Ambisonics
    • Timeline of audio formats
    • Stereophony


    The most common speaker configuration for 5.1; Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS, THX and Pro Logic II are used. Each black and white square represents a speaker. The center speakers in the top row of the rectangle are used for dialogue. The left or right speakers to the side of one of the center speakers are used to create 2-channel stereo sound for music and other sound effects in a movie. Surround left and ok speakers create a surround sound effect.



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