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HP Bonjour Name Service Solutions


If your system has the HP Bonjour service name, we hope this guide will help you.


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    Bonjour is an automatic network discovery service for accessing printers. Bonjour is the standard “network” protocol that comes with most printers out of the box. Bonjour sends summary information about printer items over a local network and makes most of this information available to every computer on that network.



    Bonjour is a fantastic auto network discovery service for printers. It’s just IPP combined with laser printer recognition.Bonjour is a standard network with many protocols ready for use with most printers.Bonjour sends detailed laser printer summaries over the local network and makes this information available to any connected computer. If the user needs a very detailed printer profile, they can send the best query directly to the printer and this type information will be sent to the users.Administrators often disable this legacy feature on the router, although this is not always very important since printers tend to be on a different network than computers and mobile users.Bonjour still has problems using the information stored on the printer. If the user wants to use the corresponding saved printer profile on the same subnet as the Bonjour broadcast printer, there will likely be an endconflict that could cause print jobs to fail. On the other hand, the user would not have a tedious way to find the printer via Bonjour if they were on different networks.PrinterOn can help you with this.

    For PDGs, printer understanding is information about using the Bonjour network. Printer This summary comes from PrinterOn Enterprise Central Print Services, not from the printer. When someone submits a print job, they simply send the printer information from Bonjour.The PDG instance must be on the physical network of every location where print requests can be sent.PDG can act as a true software alternative to Bonjour hardware, providing highly customizable printer information to any printer on any network. PDG can also use the network to help protocols bypass printer profile restrictions where the user and the printer can be on the same subnets.Someone in a remote role can print to a printer in an additional location using the same capabilities as a Bonjour printer with more control.When to useWhen the customer submits a paper copy of his work, he accepts the printer resource summary sent by the CEO via Bonjour.The printer information cached in the PDG is literally synchronized on a regular basis with the CPS, which operates through a central repository for all printer updates in the solution. CPS also keeps all copies of these printer definitions, which are usually updated with manual PDG synchronization.

    hp bonjour service name

    Critical printer information is manually configured in CPS or can be imported as a CSV application export from an enterprise asset management system.Finishing options were sometimes controlled using printer definitions created with CPS. For example, if a printer supports color, but administrators want to allow users to print only in black and white when creating jobs, a printer definition can be created on purpose without enabling color support.

    hp bonjour service name

    What are the overall benefits of using Bonjour for executives over printers?

    Network administrators can luBetter to control printer information sent over their home network. PDG also offers the ability to share printers on their own networks to limit our damage in the event of an IoT malware attack.

    To support AirPrint delivery, there are very specific rules for the behavior of the device and the information that the device must provide. While PrinterOn cannot take all incompatible printers and make them AirPrint certified, PrinterOn can use the CEO to enforce AirPrint regulations and standards and act as the current AirPrint printer.

    Using PrinterOn, administrators can create printer profiles that override the default printer properties. This allows for better control over who can connect what features to a given printer.


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    Although it is preferable to use Bonjour and print profiles on the same subnet, problems may arise with regular Bonjour. PrinterOn gives managers more control over profiles, while Bonjour uses the corporate network. Apologize

    I just like uhthat rudeness, but you obviously do not understand my question. Changing the name of a specific Windows printer on my PC shouldn’t change its appearance as I am trying to print wirelessly from my smartphone. You

    If you use a browser to connect to the IP address of a computer printer (for example,, you can change the printer yourself. Changing the “hostname”, which is also displayed here, does not change the call to the printer on the WLAN. However, if you go to the Network tab and also select Hello in the Advanced Settings section, it will appear. At least for printing on an iPhone.

    hp bonjour service name

    For your information, it seems to me that I can find OTHER printers on my cell tower wireless network and successfully change the Bonjour service name using these browser settings (and successfully observe the new name if I choose real WiFi). A printer). But it still doesn’t work on this particular printer. I can change the Bonjour domain name correctly (although that doesn’t solve my problem … just gives more information).

    I am especially confused by the fact that he shows me specialThere is a green check mark that says “Wobble updated successfully”, but the switch is not working … if you look again, this is the same story as the Name printer.

    Something must be right with this particular printer, even if we have the same printer model elsewhere on the network.

    Again, anyone who has seen this, or if there is any other way to successfully change the printer name as it grows on the WIRELESS would love your news.



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    What is Bonjour on an HP printer?

    Bonjour is an automatic network discovery service for printers. It’s just IPP combined with printer discovery. Bonjour is the standard networking protocol most commonly associated withComes with a box on most printers.

    How do I enable Bonjour on my HP printer?

    Open your favorite cell phone> enter the mailing IP address of the printer in the address bar / url.Network tab.Advanced settings.Bonjour> Click the switch to enable Bonjour.

    What is Bonjour service in printer?

    Bonjour, also known as a zero-configuration network, supports the automatic discovery of computers, devices, and features over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Bonjour uses standard IP protocols, so potential devices are automatically discovered as long as you need to enter IP details or configure DNS servers.




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