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Bug Fixes And Installation Of The Old Ubuntu Kernel


Occasionally, your computer may display a message stating that you are installing an older Ubuntu kernel. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.


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    On Ubuntu, go to> using a web browser.Scroll down the list; Choose your entire kernel. Download the following (the xxxxxx files will be replaced with numbers indicating the kernel model if you have a 64-bit operating system):


    install old kernel ubuntu



    Move every bit of these files to a Immediately.Install all of these packages by running

      sudo dpkg -one * .deb 

    Update: Since this is Ubuntu, you can get links manually and optionally use wget to download packages


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    If you want an official Ubuntu kernel (not a mainstream kernel) after an unsupported version, see below.

    I had to install an even older kernel ( than the standard modules in order to work with the ritual kernel. Since no hardware was working, I had to download it manually.

    install old kernel ubuntu

    You can get manually defined kernels here from

    install old kernel ubuntu

    Mainly in I need a kernel because of your cpu headers, common headers (all) and the actual kernel image for your cpu.

    1. In the following strategies, replace x.x.xx-xx with the kernel option and amd64 with the processor type. Please note that this refers to the general core and that no additional features such as PAE are used.

    2. Go to (I think almost all, if not all, old kernel packages will be listed here)

    3. On your page search for CTRL + F headers-x.x.xx-xx-generic and check the box
      1. linux-headers-x.x.xx-xx-generic_x.x.xx-xx.yy_amd64.deb
      2. linux-x.x.xx-xx-generic_x.x.xx-xx.yy_all.deb headers
    4. On the CTRL + F page you will find image-x.x.xx-xx-generic and download

      1. linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic_2.6.32-21.32_amd64.deb
    5. Place all found packages in a folder and run from this file ( cd in)

      1. sudo dpkg -i * .deb

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    How do I install an older version of kernel?

    Install Ubuntu. Just download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (it’s 16.04 for me now) from this really official site and install it with your own VMware or whatever.Install the old kernel.Boot into the “new” kernel.

    How do I go back to previous kernel in Ubuntu?

    Temporary solution. While booting Ubuntu, hold down the Shift key, select Advanced Products for Ubuntu from the Grub screen, and optionally load the kernel version. NOTE. This book also applies to virtual machinesus Ubuntu running in Virtualbox. NOTE. This change does not last long as it will revert to the most popular kernel on reboot.

    How do I boot my old kernel?

    On the GRUB screen, select Advanced Options for Ubuntu and press Enter. A new purple screen with a list of cores may well appear. Use the and ↓ keys to determine which entry will be highlighted. Press Enter to launch the selected kernel, “e” for preloading commands, or “c” for the appropriate command line.




    Installa Il Vecchio Kernel Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Mit Altem Kernel Installieren
    Installeer Oude Kernel Ubuntu
    이전 커널 Ubuntu 설치
    Installer L’ancien Noyau Ubuntu
    Instale O Kernel Antigo Do Ubuntu
    Installera Old Kernel Ubuntu
    Установите старое ядро ​​Ubuntu
    Zainstaluj Stare Jądro Ubuntu
    Instalar El Núcleo Antiguo De Ubuntu