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Troubleshooting Android 2.2 Installation Error 18



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    If you’re getting error code 18 while installing Android 2.2, today’s guide is here to help.



    A few days ago I encountered the “We are 18” error while installing the Google Play Store. It was so frustrating because no matter how many times you downloaded itAnother application, the same message appears at an exhibition when you try to install a software application. It is reported that the application cannot be loaded, resulting in error 18. Such errors can easily appear on popular mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat. I also found out that this error also occurs when updating the application. A lot of people have encountered this error, so I know what it does when your company can’t install a desired application in order. Google Play Store Error Fix Error Code 20

    I finally fixed this bug when I was 18 years old. In my case, unmounting the SD card was problematic, but surely it could be the same for you. Here I will also show you how to fix Google Play Store Error 18. Before doing this, check out some basic methods that might fix your problem.

    1) Free memory: error eighteen occurs due to insufficient memory on the device duringloading. I would recommend deleting unwanted content or some apps to free up more space when you are low on memory. Now try installing the specific application that gave you the error message. This might fix your mistake.


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    2) Restart the device: Sometimes restarting the correct device can fix the problem. So don’t even try to do it. To reboot your own device:

    • Unblock devices.
    • Press and hold our own Power button until the menu appears.
    • Select Disable.
    • Wait for the device to turn off.
    • Wait 10 minutes, then press and hold the button and select the Enable option to turn the device back on.
    • Then try downloading the application again. This might fix your bug problem.
    • method

    Essential To Fix Error Code 18 On The Google Play Store

    Cleaning Method 7: Cache And Data

    • Go to settings >> Go to application settings (on some devices, application settings have a name, although there are applications).
    • Go to anyone with apps >> Search Google Play Store >>> Clear Cache & Clear Data
    • When you’ve uninstalled everything and everyone, the next thing to do is force the application to close.
    • Similarly, you can find google service >> read data and clear cache.
    • Also search Google Services Framework >> Open Google Services Framework >> Clear Cache and Data
    • Also, clear the “Download Manager” results.
    • Now restart your device and load the app.

    android 2.2 installation error 18

    This is a daily method of fixing almost all bugs in the Google Play Store. Hopefully this method will fix some bugs. If an actual continuation error occurs, go to the next method.

    • Go to Settings >> Go to App Settings (on many devices, app settings are almost called apps).
    • Go to All Apps >> Search Google Play Store >> Uninstall Updates.

    After uninstalling Google Play Store updates (return to available version). Restart your device and try downloading the appropriate app. If that didn’t work for anyone, try updating the Google Play Store again so that it’s the latest version available in your update versions. This should finally fix the computer error -18.

    Alternative Method To Resolve Error Code 24 In The Google Play Store

    Many visitors have resolved Google Play Store error 22 using this alternative method. They say google play store error -18 occurs when smdl2tmp1.asec file gets corrupted nWhen removed, and now this file also fixes the problem. It also says that the file will be recreated from the Android OS.

    Step 1: Take out the SD card from our device and insert the micro SD card into the card reader on your laptop (PC), or connect the phone directly to your main laptop (if you don’t have a card reader from the debit version).

    android 2.2 installation error 18

    Now restart your device and try downloading the app. This should fix the errors.

    Here are some methods to help you fix error 18 on the Google Play Store. Hope your problem is now resolved. Let us know which method really worked for you and that you have a new style, then let us know.



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