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How To Resolve Windows Server 2003 Mrxsmb.sys Blue Screen


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    g.The file mrxsmb. Sys Experience is also known as Microsoft Windows SMB Network File and is a product that is part of the Microsoft Windows Sprint system and was created by Microsoft Corporation. This service can be initialized and terminated in the control panel, and therefore using other programs.


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    Is Windows Server 2003 still supported?

    Microsoft will stop strengthening the Windows Server 2003 community in J. [1] After this date, the product type will no longer be supported: security zones that help protect PCs from malware, spyware, and other malware.

    Try searching Microsoft Support for each solution

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    < td> application / octet-stream


    < td> 190464





    File Information Description

    483 KB
    File modification date / time: 2020: 03: 04 15: 23: 47 + 00 : 00
    File type: Win64 EXE
    MIME type:
    Warning: Possible Corrupted Version Resource
    Computer Type : AMD AMD64
    Timestamp: 2006: 06: 30 18: 20: 42 + 00: 00
    PE Type: PE32 +
    Link Editor Version: 14 .
    Code size: 298496
    Initialized data size:
    Uninitialized data size: 0
    Entry point: 0x630
    Operating system version: 10.0
    Image version: 10.0
    Subsystem version: 10.0
    Subsystem: Own < / td>
    File version number: 10.0. 16299.726
    Product version number: 10.0.16299.726
    File indicator mask: 0x003f
    File indicators: (none)
    File operating system: Windows NT 32-bit
    File Type Object Driver
    File subtype: 7
    Language code: English (US
    Character set: Unicode
    Company name: Microsoft Corporation
    File description: Windows NT SMB Minirdr
    File version: 10.0.16299.726 (WinBuild .160101.0800)
    Internal name: MRxSmb.sys
    Legal copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    Product Version: 10.0.16299.

    What failed MRXSMB sys?

    In most cases, your company will encounter errors related to the mrxsmb. BSOD Sys error due to new hardware or software installed (Microsoft Office Access 2010) or did not complete the Windows update. In other cases, software corruption caused by malware infection can cause the mrxsmb. sys blue screen of death problems.

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