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Steps To Fix Rtkhdaud Sys Blue Screen Issues

If you see rtkhdaud sys blue screen error on your computer, you should check out these troubleshooting ideas.


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    Hello I am using Windows XP on a laptop and for a while I had a problem with RtkHDaud.sys. Whenever I go to skype there is a good chance that the computer system will give me a blue death sign and when I restart it will tell me RtkHDaud.sys so that the cause of the error and give me a full link to the message on the Realtek website that as far as I know, it helps me rather than helps. My computer also occasionally accumulates when I play Warcraft III, but so far I have not purchased this error for any other computer on the network. It crashes for this reason, just like I turn off the sound for the whole game, everything works fine.

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      blue screen rtkhdaud sys

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    Your RealTek audio drivers are grossly damaged – and as such, they are probably the number one cause of crashes.
    Uninstall audio software and components, then download and install the latest manufacturer software for your system.

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    blue screen rtkhdaud sys

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    It is likely that your RealTek audio drivers are corrupted – and therefore are likely the cause of your crashes.
    Uninstall your software and audio hardware and then install the latest core software from the manufacturer of your amazing system.


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    I experienced a similar issue while updating my laptop and Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have tried installing the latest drivers without a patch. Then I deleted all the files and car owners my sound card was using and put the OLD version of the drivers (muscles rebuilt from 2.14 to 2.10) which fixed the problem y.

    I recently refurbished a computer with a built-in Realtek HD audio codec. Was I a little suspicious about using onboard audio, given the output quality and driver issues? The solution is actually not bad, but the owners regularly pounce on me in games. If you dig a little bit, parts of rtkhdaud.sys will get corrupted, drivers are not thread safe as the suggested null dereferencing happens after testing. I did a really nasty hacker that adds a second null pointer test before writing to memory, which seems to fix the rtkhdaud.sys stop errors I thought I got. Maybe it will suit you, but maybe not :).

    You must use Realtek drivers ( and not OEMs. The driver version must be R2.14 (Jan 2009). Usually for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 32 bit. Replace rtkhdaud.sys in the windows / system32 / drivers / directory with the following: (2.39 MiB). Use at your own risk.

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      I’m having problems reinstalling my audio device to the high definition audio bus. Every time I install my Realtek High Audio explanatory driver it needs system recovery information and then I try to complete the installation. At the end of the installation, it will lead anyone to a blue screen of death that simply says …

      An issue has been detected in conjunction with shutting down Windows to prevent damage and make sure you are using your computer.

      If this is the first time you see this Stop error screen, wake up your computer. If you still see this screen, do the following:

      Make sure you have enough space. If a passenger is listed in the Stop message, uninstall the driver or contact the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing the video clip adapter.

      Check with your hardware vendor for BIOS updates. If you need safe consumption mode to remove or disable components, modify your computer, press F8 to selecthost great configuration options, and then choose the efficient mode.

      *** RTKHDAUD.SYS – F40C1A5E base address for F4062000, timestamp 465D685C

      Whenever I try to restart a specific computer, it automatically tries to install it and does not complete the installation. So I can go online and check for problems. I have no sound at all. Can someone help me please?

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        Thanks, I will use it, but I don’t have mmc.To exe, even open the device manager which is included in all the steps to do this. Now I really have a different problem.

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