You are currently viewing The Best Way To Troubleshoot Mstsc Application Error See Instructions At

The Best Way To Troubleshoot Mstsc Application Error See Instructions At


Sometimes your system may generate an error indicating that the mstsc instruction indicates application errors. There can be many reasons for this error.


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    I am a user who has not been ready to connect to our terminal server since last night … the current one now receives the following message:

    Preparation at “0x4d86bcfa” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. Memory could not be “read”

    For some time she was able to log in using this Run As option and her own vendor credentials, but she didn’t have to log in for a long time as an email solution.

    This person complained so much about it that I had to open “Run As” positively.

    Reasons for the error message and possible solutions:

    • Invalid provisioning code. Report a bug to notify the app developer and try to install the latest version.
    • This is possible when there is not enough memory for each of our applications. Free up memory by temporarily uninstalling certain applications or services.
    • The hardware component of your computer may not be working properly. ProvCheck different parts of your computer, paying particular attention to the RAM modules.

    Mstsc.exe Application Error


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    The instruction in “0x ??????????” Memory reference to “0x00000000”. The memory may not have been read.

    Error message delivery and possible solution:

    • The DLL file required to use mstsc.exe is missing or no longer exists. Reinstall the app.

    Mstsc.exe Error

    mstsc application error the instruction at

    The program cannot start because ???. Dll is often missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the entire program to fix this problem.

    Possible solutions for the error message:

    • Antivirus software may be blocking access to the mstsc.exe file. Check the log and quarantine of your antivirus software.
    • You do not have permission to run mstsc.exe. Change the read / write access to the file.
    • The mstsc.exe file may be corrupted. Reinstall the app.

    Mstsc.exe – Access Denied

    Reason for reportingPossible solution:

    • The mstsc.exe file is not installed. Install the app.

    Mstsc.exe> ​​Error

    Instead, mstsc.exe is recognized as an internal or surface command, executable program, or batch file.

    Information about the causes of the error and possible solutions:

    • mstsc.exe uses a single set of instructions that is not supported by the new processor. Install the correct version for your computer.
    • It is encouraging that the hardware components of these computers are not working as expected. Check the hardware parameters of your computer with a dedicated CPU cooling aid.

    Mstsc.exe Application Error

    mstsc application error the instruction at

    Illegal indication of an exception. An attempt was made to execute an invalid command.

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    When disconnecting from the server or exiting the mstsc-iphone application, my client gets an application error.
    “The disk at ‘0x00e802b7’ has accessed memory at ‘0x00000008 “. The memory cannot be “read”. Click “OK” to exit the program.
    It has XP SP3 with mstsc version 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
    I tried renaming the mstsc.exe and / or mstscax.dll files to .bak and restarting, but it didn’t help. I also deleted the most important bcache2.bmc file. I have also tried re-registering the DLL file. Do I need to uninstall XP3 to use the older RDP package?
    Thanks for any help!

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