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Best Way To Fix Norton Ghost 10_symantec Recovery Disk


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    If you have a Norton Ghost 10_symantec recovery disc on your system, this guide may help you.

    About Norton Ghost

    Is Norton Ghost discontinued?

    Although Norton Ghost has been discontinued since 2013, its legacy seems to dominate – no surprise considering it was used throughout much of the 1990s, a time of your own that resembles the very fast years of home computers.

    Norton Ghost is a Disk One cloning tool that was first developed in the 1990s. It can help you back up your entire harddisk, a selected area of ​​the wall, or just the files that interest you the most. If something goes wrong, Norton Ghost can restore your computer to a previous working state. It can also help you clone a hard drive to make sure you have a different hard drive.

    In short, if your whole family wants to rearrange or clone a new hard drive while you’re on your computer, Norton Ghost is a good choice. However, Norton Ghost is no longer for home users. Symantec discontinued it in 2013. While you can still use the latest version of Norton, Ghost Twenty, it only offers 30 days of free trial and you’ll have to pay for it.

    How To Use Norton Ghost 15 Step By Step

    This guide provides detailed instructions on how to use Norton Ghost 15. To get the tool, simply type “Download Norton Ghost 15” in your web browser. As we mentioned above, it only offers a 30-day free trial. If you prefer a free backup tool, restoreIf you are looking for or possibly cloning your hard drive, check out the next part for the best free alternative to Norton Ghost.

    How Norton Ghost Is Used To Create An Image

    How do I restore Norton Ghost backup files?

    Open Norton Ghost.Click Repair Disk in Basic View, or select Tools -> Repair Disk in Advanced View.Select the backup image you are recovering from and click Next.In the “Restore Destination” window, select the drive you want to restore the backup to and look at “Next”.

    1. Install and open Norton Ghost. A walkthrough wizard appears when customers first open it. Finally, you will see a simple setup interface that you can use to create a backup immediately. You can also revert the Cancel option and stop the shutdown later.

    2. On the main screen, you can create a backup task by clicking “Configure backup wizards” or “Run or manage backup”. Here we choose the latter.

    • You can also click OK to accept the default settings, or click the setting you want to change.

    • Or, most users can click “Configure …” to create a backup according to their needs.

    How To Use Norton Ghost To Recover An Image

    Click “Recover My Files” if youYou want to restore files or a directory, or click “Restore My Computer” to do so.

    1. On the My Recovery Files screen, you will find the formats that you want to recover using the file and therefore the folders and recovery points.

    2. Regardless of your choice, the audience can enter the file name they are looking for in the box under the heading “Find files to recover” and click “Find” to find them.

    3. After scanning, select the desired file and click Recover files … Recover


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    On the My Computer screen, select the correct System Restore key and click Recover Now to create it.

    How do I create a Norton Ghost recovery disk?

    Plug in any storage gadgets and network devices that you want to make available and turn them on.Start Norton Ghost.Insert the Symantec Recovery Disk CD into the drive.Click Tasks> Create Your Own Recovery CD.Click Next.Including the following:Click Next.

    Note. If your desktop computer is not running Windows normally, you can use the Symantec Recovery Disk CD to help you start your computer. Depending on the version of the product you purchased, the Symantec Recovery Disk is either on the product CD or on this separate CD. If you don’t have a weak drive, you can create a bootable Norton Ghost USB drive instead.

    How To Use Norton Ghost To Clone A Disk

    2. Click “Copy My Drive” on any tool page and follow the instructions in the wizard to copy the hard drive.

    Note. The drivers used to run the hardware on the computer or laptop will most likely not match the drivers on the second computer. Therefore, it is best not to use the Copy Disc function to create a hard drive that will be used on another computer.

    Norton’s Best Free Ghost Alternative

    AOMEI Backupper Standard is a backup, enhancement and cloning software designed for Windows buyers. Supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 11/10 / 8.1 / 8/7. It has more powerful features than Norton Ghost and is free.

    Back Up Image

    norton ghost 10_symantec recovery disk

    There are 4 backup options to choose from: system backup, file backup, disk backup, and file backup. You can also create a personal backup using the calendar. ThenIt can automatically perform daily / weekly / monthly backups.

    1. You can save the backup image to your hard drive, external hard drive, USB stick, or network drive.

    2. If your precious computer cannot boot normally, you can create bootable media with CD / DVD or USB drive in advance to boot your favorite computer. If your computer is not working properly, owners can use the computer with an accurate bootable media and perform a system restore to get everything back to normal.

    3. If you and your family want to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 without losing files, this software is really very useful. It backs up anything you and your family want, whether it’s a partition system or maybe an entire hard drive, and you can use the files or recovery systems as you see fit.

    Recover Hard Drive And Files

    If you created a backup consisting of AOMEI Backupper, you can easily restore it to anyfight time / p>

    With AOMEI Universal Recovery, you will be sure to restore a system image backup from a computer with different hardware installed. It can also help you reinstall your computer if you are planning to replace hardware like motherboard, processor, etc.

    Clone Hard Drive

    The Clone Hard Drive feature allows you to directly clone one hard drive to another, if necessary. All data on the hard drive, including system, usage, configuration settings, all partitions, etc., is transferred to the destination. You can even clone a larger hard drive to a less massive SSD.

    The Clone System feature can only help you clone systems that are new to Hard Pump, but this feature is available in later versions. If you’re curious, anyone can upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Pro to keep them happy.


    That’s it for using Norton Ghost 15. Ghost Norton is a great tool for backing up, restoringrenewal and duplication of computers, but you will have to pay for the software. Fortunately, there is another option, the AOMEI Backupper Standard. This free alternative offers comprehensive data backup options to keep your data protected at all times.

    norton ghost 10_symantec recovery disk

    Speed up your computer today with this simple download.

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