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Having An Unrecognized Problem Connecting To Your Dreamweaver Database?

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing an unrecognized error connecting to the Dreamweaver database on your computer.




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    I don’t know if you did it or not, but I’ll add my 2 cents.

    I have the same problem and after publishing the “test server” I was able to connect to my local MySQL database

    So, if you only use it for factor testing when the website starts up, or you want to update the MySQL data on the remote server, you can simply export from localhost to phpmyadmin to provide you phpmyadmin support from the remote server.

    I think … MAYBE … I found my problem here. But first, someBackground:
    I bought DW with one idea: application objects. AdobeRemoved GL for dynamic content before I could use it and it wasgreat disappointment. So I bought DW ONLY a referral baseWorks and uses with GL to manage my websites.

    Because of this, I got a few _mmServerScriptsFile for this type of site. I finally moved the DW code toHttpsdocs directory (note the letter S!). I have hidden _mmServerScripts on the leftThe folder lagged behind in httpdocs for a while, since I saw it there.

    unidentified error dreamweaver database connection

    Having figured out everything on the https page, I went toAlto clear all these folders from this http page. I removed themThe _mmServerScripts folder was not damaged because I havedidn’t use DW, just a browser. I found out that DW is the only oneThing using these 4 files, so I guess this is the reason for everythingworked fine with the browser.

    Anyway … one man’s solution:
    In the basic definition of the site – (I hardly found it inExtended?!?) – on page 6 “What URL would you use when browsingin the root directory of your site? ” I answered : (WITHOUT the letter “S”)BUT EVERYWHERE IS DIFFERENT I answered (hintS All!) The forms and scripts I created with DW are inhttpsdocs here. Everything works with the browser at https: //!

    Then I manually copied your current _mmServerScripts folder to:,changed the mapping of properties in other files (not sure if I had this)but i did) and now all domains are working.

    So, I have two _mmServerScripts folders. One at httpsdocs andone in httpdocs. When I remove one httpsdocs it comes back whenI am testing DB connection. Me, and when i delete this in httpdocs i create404 file not found when I experiment I am. Put it back and put it back, the idea works!

    unidentified error dreamweaver database connection

    If I add S support to the Browse URL I getagain unknown error. Take out and it works! i can editFast notes like more, etc., etc.

    I spent several days on this. Maybe this will help someoneanother.

    (The internet has added an underline to this post. Please ignore the underline.)

    1) Dreamweaver, navigate to Sites / Manage Sites / Advanced on the “test server”, configure the URL prefix: http: // localhost / …. See Checking the URL prefix in a site definition. at (Note that the URL prefix should almost never be http: // localhost /. For now, we are only implementing localhost as the troubleshooting website. The main thing is the URL prefix , for example, for the root address test a website document with You Speak.)

    2) Make sure the MySql extension is currently enabled in php.ini. Recording; went to the left side of the line to activate: extension = php_mysql.dll

    3) Make sure = extension_dir à ¢ â € œc: php extà ¢ in It is disabled via php.ini and points to every correct directory where php_mysql.dll is usually located.
    For PHP5: extension_dir = à ⠀ œc: php extà ¢ â €
    For PHP4: extension_dir equals € œc: php “Use this if you have successfully followed the PHP4 installation instructions and copied all plugins from c: php extensions to c: php have.

    4) Make sure PHP is running on Apache server. Does going to your http: //localhost/phpinfo.php page display PHP graphics and data?

    In the Dreamweaver tutorial, you can write PHP code on two web pages: comments-view.php and comments-add.php. A problem that always came up after following the instructions in the guide, both pages are displayed as blank pages in your internet browser.
    If you interact with these pages in Dreamweaver and click Live Data View directly, you receive the following error code:

    The test server did not run scripts throughout the document. Possible explanations:
    1) The filter server is not running.
    2) The test page ignores files with the “.php” extension.
    3) Your document does not contain a script.

    This is due to a PHP parsing issue; H. php code g You and your apache server gives you an awesome blank page. The solution is to allow modification of the php.ini file. Change short_open_tag = on to read house: short_open_tag = off



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